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* CTtpollard is interested to see GDP on RasPi10:12
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fredcadete* wishes he had time to spend on GDP on RPi11:37
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paulsherwoodgenivi tools to meeting here in 20 minutes12:39
* paulsherwood is typing via voice12:40
* paulsherwood has broken his elbow12:40
* rjek expects hilarious typos12:40
rjekpaulsherwood: !  How did you manage that?12:40
rjekThat looks like a very dangerous toy :)12:41
paulsherwoodfor tall overweight people, Yes12:41
rjekActually, I've seen kids around on them12:42
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rjekI imagine being short is a significant advantage due to the centre of gravity12:42
rjekpaulsherwood: Partial or complete fracture?12:43
paulsherwooden player12:43
paulsherwoodhilarious typo number one12:43
paulsherwoodtable is typo apparently12:43
paulsherwoodor vice versa12:44
rjekWell, let's hope it's only a partial as I could imagine a complete fracture could be troublesome to heal on a joint.12:44
gmacariopaulsherwood: Sorry to hear about your injury :-(12:45
paulsherwoodgmacario: thanks, I'm still breathing :)12:47
gmacarioI like your optimistic view of the world!12:47
paulsherwoodit makes Coding a bit difficult12:47
paulsherwoodgmacario: thanks for adding to the agenda12:48
gmacarioWe do need wonderful code generators to let machine code for us :P12:48
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* gunnarx is reconsidering the idea to get one of those hoverboard things... :-O 12:58
gunnarxpaulsherwood: :-(12:58
paulsherwoodgunnarx: don't do it12:58
gmacariopaulsherwood: Do you mean "don't reconsider"?12:59
rjekMarty McFly was short.12:59
paulsherwood== jeni V tools team meeting starts :) ==13:00
paulsherwoodHi all13:00
gunnarxgmacario - always good with details13:00
paulsherwoodI'm hoping others will type today13:00
paulsherwoodany volunteers to lead?13:00
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* paulsherwood notices he takes faster by voice, though13:00
gunnarxI can type...13:01
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paulsherwoodshall we do the new agenda item first gmacario ?13:01
gmacarioNo problem, I have no urgency on that13:01
paulsherwoodCommonAPI 3.1.x setup using gunnarx/franca_install_automation13:01
gunnarxShould I walk through an agenda Paul?13:02
gunnarxgmacario, you can start.13:02
gmacarioOK so just wanted to get a confirmation about the proper working of CommonAPI C++ 3.1.3 setup using gunnarx/franca_install_automation13:02
paulsherwoodwhat is the issue?13:03
gmacarioI am successfully using Franca 0.10 tools using a slightly forked version of gunnarx/franca_install_automation to make it work on my corporate laptop using Windows 713:03
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gunnarxgmacario, OK, hang on let me check.13:03
gmacarioUnfortunately gunnarx/franca_install_automation does not currently support Winows (yet), I have submitted a couple of PR to Gunnar to fix the master branch13:04
gunnarxI think the cpp_common_api branch should be working now13:04
klausbirkenI did some tests a while ago… it worked then. But when I tested, the automation only installed the CommonAPI generators into Eclipse. It doesn't install all the runtime libs etc.13:04
gunnarxgmacario, sorry I've only seen the bug you found (missing URL for franca examples).  Haven't looked into Windows issues.13:05
klausbirkenI think this isn't the scope of the automation project, anyway.13:05
gmacarioBut then I realized that cpp_common_api relies on franca 0.9.1 and Eclipse luna13:05
gmacarioRather than franca 0.10 and Eclipse mars13:05
gunnarxklausbirken, runtime libs are on target, no?  Or what use case are you considering_13:05
klausbirkenCompatibility map:
gmacarioSo questions (for Klaus and/or Manfred) are the following:13:05
KlausUhlYes, that is true. The CommonAPI tools have not been ported/migrated to Franca > 0.9.1 (i.e. 0.10 in particular).13:05
gmacario1. According to, CommonAPI C++ 3.1.3 requires Franca 0.9.1. Is 0.9.2 supported as well?13:06
gmacario2. How about franca 0.10? If not, which release of CommonAPI C++ will support it?13:06
klausbirkenI try to maintain a compatibility map on the Franca site.13:06
KlausUhlFranca 0.9.2 has broken some APIs.13:06
gunnarxgmacario, "which release ... will support it" -- ask on genivi-ipc.  Not sure we have the CAPI devs here to answer?13:06
paulsherwoodokay are there some actionsfrom this?13:07
paulsherwoodfor tools team13:07
KlausUhlgunnarx: Manfred should be able to answer that. But I am not sure if he is here.13:07
gunnarxOK, so to get some structure to the meeting again (helping paulsherwood), try finishing up the discussion within 1 minute...13:07
paulsherwoodManfred is not here today13:07
klausbirkengunnarx: You need an environment to build the code generated by CommonAPI. This includes installed dbus, CommonAPI libs/includes, etc.13:07
gmacariogunnarx: If you are interested in adding support to Windows 7 & Cygwin for gunnarx/franca_install_automation I may submit you a PR - or just pull from here:
paulsherwoodthanks gunnarx :)13:08
gunnarxgmacario, can you ask on genivi-ipc the remaining questions?13:08
gmacarioSure I can13:08
gunnarxYes, thanks when I have time I will take a look.13:08
klausbirkengmacario: Check out the link to the compatibility matrix above…13:08
gunnarx-- next topic ---13:08
* steve_l draws a rats nest that looks like the threads of this discussion13:08
paulsherwoodgunnarx: ok rest of agenda from here
gunnarxsteve_l, it's a firehose, feel free to join in.  Next topic coming up...13:09
* paulsherwood sees some people have been updating conference13:09
gunnarx-- Confluence progress --13:09
gunnarxjreplogle here?  No.13:10
paulsherwoodJoel is not here was anything said at PMO13:10
gunnarxdon't remember.  let me check minutes13:10
steve_lrecall Joel showed a new (final?) layout proposal13:10
paulsherwood ?13:11
gunnarxMinutes state that we are doing:  (full) migration from media wiki / triggering of wiki populating13:11
paulsherwoodI think that will take some time13:11
gunnarxSo, next step might be, assign an action for someone to go through the current wiki, contact maintainers (creators) of each page, in case they have not yet transferred and ask if they can.13:11
gunnarxpaulsherwood, we don't have automated migration right?13:12
paulsherwoodI don't know about you folks I've already spent too much time on this migration13:12
paulsherwoodno not automated13:12
gunnarxnot constructive ;)13:12
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paulsherwoodme or the wiki?13:13
gunnarxOK, any takers for the action I outlined above?13:13
paulsherwoodI can't do it this week I have to prepare for elce13:13
gunnarxNo takers.  Shall I ask Jeremiah for this?13:14
paulsherwoodI think it should be Joel :)13:14
gunnarxI think you're right actually13:14
gunnarxOK, I'll ask Joel via email or tomorrow's meeting13:14
gunnarxNext topic...13:14
gunnarx--- Build Tools13:14
gunnarxI'll give this one a few minutes and jump back to klausbirken comment.13:15
gunnarxmanfred_, klausbirken : Klaus you mentioned common API runtime is needed.  You seem to envision testing out the code on the host / SDK system rather than target then?13:15
klausbirkenI do the build on the SDK system. But if you test it on target, you still have to run the build.13:16
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gunnarxmanfred_, could you clarify what the SDK/host system needs?13:16
gunnarx(or klausbirken)13:17
klausbirkenIf the build does cross compile on the SDK system, the CommonAPI installation will be needed, too.13:17
gunnarxpaulsherwood, while we wait, is CIAT under this topic or "Automated Testing"?13:17
paulsherwoodI don't know13:17
paulsherwoodpreviously automated testing I think13:17
paulsherwoodbut it involves building obviously13:18
gunnarxklausbirken, OK.  But then all we need is really the full yocto SDK, it should cover CommonAPI as well as everything else cross compile relatred13:18
gunnarxdo you agree?13:18
klausbirkenYes, agree. At least you need a lot of stuff which might be already included in yocto SDK.13:18
gunnarxOK, fair enough.  I'd say it's on the roadmap. pull requests welcome :-)13:19
gunnarxIs nick manfred_ = Common API developer Manfred?13:19
gunnarxComments on the question?    Anyway it's time to move on soon...13:19
manfred_* just having a phone call and an irc chat in parallel13:19
gunnarxOK, then we move on13:19
gunnarxcomments/questions?  next topic in 10s13:20
klausbirkengunnarx: You mentioned roadmap..13:20
gunnarxyes? :)13:20
klausbirkenon the francax_installation_automation roadmap? Or yocto SDK?13:20
gunnarxfranca automation - I mean it ought to install an SDK ideally13:20
gunnarxcould be just someone else's project that is brought reused in this context...13:21
klausbirkenOk… this would be fine. I can provide a list of manual steps which I had to do in order to get a running build.13:21
manfred_ok host system requirements are jdk 7, gcc > 4.7 etc as documented in the public confluence wiki13:21
paulsherwoodklausbirken: why not a script to do the steps?13:21
gunnarxklausbirken, please send them to me.13:21
klausbirkengunnarx: ok.13:21
gunnarxpaulsherwood, that's what I mean is the roadmap.  Next topic?13:22
gunnarx-- CIAT --13:22
manfred_pleas have a look at build howto  at
gunnarxpaulsherwood, codethink have set up a baserock continuous build13:22
gunnarxanyone, feedback on codethink's initiative so far?13:23
steve_lgood to see practical example13:24
steve_lnot looked at details.13:24
paulsherwoodgunnarx: I'm expecting you don't actually have time to work on this at code level?13:25
steve_lLooking forward wonder to what extent CIAT can be done largely under single approach for both baselines or if the different requirements will in effect require 2 systems13:25
paulsherwoodI think that depends on bitbake contributors13:26
gunnarxpaulsherwood, you're probably right.  more concepts, like I did for the GENIVI project maybe.13:27
paulsherwoodwhich genivi project?13:27
gunnarxnot sure if now is the time to flesh out details - input from others on the approach for doing this with bitbake13:27
gunnarxs/GENIVI project/GDP project/13:27
CTtpollardI'd like to see the genivi-demo-platform be handled by CIAT in some form13:28
steve_lnot sure what is considered to be missing. bitbake build is known and mirroring has been described. Are we saying we need ppl to implement yocto side?13:28
paulsherwoodit already is13:28
paulsherwoodthe baserock version13:29
paulsherwoodsteve_l: yes13:29
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: I was referring to the sub modules yocto repo13:29
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: that's what you meant that you said :)13:29
gunnarxCTtpollard, absolutely, that's a goal.  Anyone have input on this?13:30
gunnarxpaulsherwood, should we defer a longer discussion to after the meeting so we can get through the agenda?13:30
gunnarx(if you have time)13:30
paulsherwoodmaybe a voice call :)13:30
gunnarxOK, when meeting ends we repeat / flesh out the CIAT details.  Yes a telephone conference not a bad idea maybe.13:31
gunnarxNext topic in 10s....13:31
gunnarx-- UML modeling --13:31
klausbirkenNo major news from Franca, preparation for Eclipse-migration ongoing.13:32
gunnarxOK thanks.  Don't remember if we had any actions here.  The floor is open for anyone to jump in.13:32
klausbirkenAny news on EA, Franca validation, CommonAPI, ...?13:32
gunnarxmanfred_ maybe?13:32
manfred_approval is at my boss...13:33
manfred_i would expect it a quick one13:33
pavelkapproval for what?13:34
manfred_the Franca Validator patches, Franca UML MDG and some more JScripts for EA13:34
pavelkAh, ok, thanks for the clarification13:35
gunnarxOK, sounds interesting.  Then we'll wait with anticipation.    Next topic?13:35
gunnarxAny more on UML,... 3,2,1...13:35
gunnarx--- Debugging and Analysis ---13:35
gunnarxAgain not sure if we have open actions.  paulsherwood the trello cards?13:36
paulsherwoodI didn't copy them so far I don't think so13:36
paulsherwoodthis topic wasn't on the agenda when we used trello13:36
paulsherwoodbut it's in the charter13:36
gunnarxThe only thing I can share is similar to before, I've been toying with the idea of some tools going into the SDK image, e.g. static analysis and such...13:37
paulsherwoodmakes sense13:37
gunnarxklausbirken, manfred_, and others if you have any good eclipse setup to share - it's just adding it to the automated setup.  Any eclipse package can be added...13:37
gunnarxObviously, don't wait for me to implement it all - you will wait too long.   Contributions welcome :)13:38
gunnarxFollow gmacario's example, try it and send bug reports and pull requests...13:38
klausbirkenYes, I already provided pull reqs for this and will do that again in future (when there is something which should be in there).13:38
gunnarxOK, moving on?13:38
gunnarx--- - Automated Testing - ---13:39
paulsherwoodCIAT is now doing this13:39
gunnarxI think action, or report lies with Jeremiah?13:40
paulsherwoodso next step could be to integrate Jeremiahs template for tests13:40
gunnarxGreat, what tests are being run (summary)?13:40
steve_lThink Jeremiah has been looking more towards AGL infra due to lack of Yocto bring up in TT13:40
gunnarxI guess that's visible somewhere13:40
gunnarxthe tests that run I mean13:40
paulsherwoodjust basic boot tests13:40
paulsherwoodno framework yet13:40
paulsherwoodbut the idea is multiple frameworks iirc13:41
gunnarxsteve_l, can you define lack of Yocto bring up in TT?13:41
steve_lno Yocto based CIAT13:41
gunnarxpaulsherwood, OK, got it.  Still quite useful.13:41
paulsherwoodsteve_l: AGL doesn't have one either13:41
gunnarxAlright, all topics boil down to the same thing :)13:42
steve_lthe only work seems to be occuring on Baserock side13:42
steve_lhave not looked at it but ML traffic suggests otherwise13:42
paulsherwoodthe work is generic it's only the build tooling that baserock-only so far iiuc13:42
steve_lgood to hear13:42
gunnarxwe all agree to share solutions in this area too...13:43
gunnarxIf some small race or competition leads to solutions appearing faster, that's great.  But we should of course share the tech.13:43
paulsherwoodAGL has a jenkins now for ci, not sure about testing sofar13:43
paulsherwoodI don't want to use Jenkins again13:43
paulsherwoodmyself :)13:43
gunnarxOK, I'm ready to move on?13:43
gunnarxI feel the same for Gerrit. I really want to use the same tech as AGL, yet I also don't really like the feel of Gerrit :13:44
paulsherwoodno realistic alternative today13:45
paulsherwoodbut soon... :)13:45
gunnarxI smell another deferred discussion? :)13:45
gunnarxMoving on?13:45
paulsherwoodcommandline tools for Gerrit are okay13:45
gunnarxNext topic is Source Mirroring, I propose to defer it to the post-meeting discussion.13:46
gunnarxThat's the final topic.  franca_install_automation was covered.13:46
paulsherwoodjust a note ELCE is next week... See you folks there?13:47
paulsherwoodtools meeting may not happen13:47
gunnarxYeah, I missed, waiting for paulsherwood to write up on code review tools :)  (or maybe it'll be dictation now... :-/ )13:47
gunnarxOK, maybe TT postponed.  I won't be at ELCE though.  It sucks I know :(13:48
gunnarxAny other other business?13:48
paulsherwoodnot for me13:48
gunnarxOK, quick backtrack to confluence as last topic, joelreplogle joined.13:48
paulsherwoodjoelreplogle: any news on confluence?13:49
gunnarxjoelreplogle:  Could we (you?) go through the old Wiki and help encourage each page to be transferred?13:49
gunnarxjoelreplogle, confirm that we have no automatic transfer?13:49
gunnarxmeeting ends in ...13:50
gunnarx== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting End ==13:51
paulsherwoodthank you very much for leading, gunnarx13:51
gunnarxdid my best13:51
paulsherwoodyou did well13:51
gunnarxOK, back to normal irc discipline.  meaning none :)13:51
paulsherwoodwho wants to do a voicecall on ciat now?13:51
gunnarxAre you really speaking into speech control now?13:51
gunnarxspeech recognition?13:52
paulsherwoodyes in general some typing13:52
paulsherwoodjeni V13:52
paulsherwoodfor example13:52
paulsherwoodthere must be a trick to spell out words13:52
paulsherwoodbut I haven't found it yet I started this 10 minutes before the meeting13:52
gunnarxJeni V is sexy as hell.13:52
gunnarxOK, so ciat then13:53
gunnarxhope some others online / listening / joining13:53
paulsherwoodis it just you and me?13:53
*** pavelk has quit IRC13:53
gunnarxdon't know13:53
steve_lcan join but don't have hours for it13:53
paulsherwoodnormal number webEx?13:54
gunnarxgreat steve_l13:54
paulsherwoodI don't have hours either13:54
*** manfred_ has quit IRC13:54
gunnarxso you prefer a voice call?13:54
steve_lsuspect it would be quicker13:55
steve_lif more insular13:55
paulsherwoodhmmm ... the code I have doesn't work13:55
gunnarxit's OK with me, didn't want to now shut out any interested people on #automotive, but since they are not engaging anyhow...13:56
paulsherwoodanyone have a conf line we can use?13:56
steve_lI can see if the BIT one will open13:56
steve_l1 sec..13:56
gunnarxOK we'll have to do it this way. GENIVI members who want to join look up the codes for the GENIVI BIT on internal Wiki and dial in?13:56
paulsherwoodwe can document the discussion onlist after13:57
gunnarxpaulsherwood, yup13:57
steve_lBIT is open for business13:58
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Tarnyko1just got IVI-Shell running on the "agl-demo-platform" image ; sent a mail to have your feedback  (
fredcadeteTarnyko1: I suppose that the weston version in AGL is weston 1.5, and you backported the ivi-shell from master14:30
*** wschaller has quit IRC14:31
fredcadetethat's great work14:31
Tarnyko1fredcadete: hi fred, yes that's what I did14:31
fredcadetein the last few months there were plenty of corrections in ivi-shell so I think you did the write thing in taking the newest version14:33
Tarnyko1thought we would need it at some point ; I'd happily finish the backport to eradicate all bugs :)14:33
Tarnyko1ahah good to know !14:33
Tarnyko1yes there are older versions, but their API is really deprecated, didn't seem to go in the right direction14:33
fredcadetethere could be additional work to make it possible to use some version of wayland-ivi-extension with that exact combo of weston core and ivi-shell14:34
fredcadetebut it is generally function renaming and such14:35
Tarnyko1yes, I'll try to grab the project at GENIVI and see how it works ; less familiar with this beast14:36
fredcadeteTarnyko1: could you do a big favor and forward that mail to ? It can get the discussion started (if that's what you want right now :)14:36
Tarnyko1haha good idea :) doing this. PS : will try to post a definitive patch in Gerrit tomorrow.14:37
fredcadetein GENIVI it is likely there will be the same necessity for such an update because Renesas boards are also important and have weston 1.514:37
fredcadetethanks a lot14:38
*** wschaller has joined #automotive14:39
Tarnyko1you're welcome14:39
radiofreedo renesas patch weston?14:40
radiofreehas anyone tried weston 1.8/1.9 on one of those boards?14:40
fredcadeteradiofree: yes, with optimizations for video output if I understand correctly14:40
radiofreehow invasive are the changes? it might be easy to forward port them14:41
fredcadetenot me, it should work the same for normal applications, maybe slower on video decoding14:41
Tarnyko1yes, somewhat, but my patch isn't impacted ; building 1.9 doesn't work for kernel-related reasons (I have an experimental branch here :
radiofreefor example a patch i made for the jetson has, thus-far, just been a matter of rebasing on top of the latest release tree14:41
Tarnyko1didn't try to update just Weston and not the whole stack, though14:42
radiofreeyeah i would be shocked if weston didn't build for kernel-related reasons14:42
Tarnyko1hehe :) I guess the critical software is libdrm/mesa, then, and you'll end up in framebuffer mode if something goes wrong14:44
fredcadeteradiofree: yes, that may be the saner approach14:44
fredcadeteit may be as simple as that14:44
fredcadetebut I actually have no idea until I try14:44
fredcadeteand no time to try14:44
fredcadeteactually, no time for IRC either14:44
radiofreeTarnyko1: i thought the renesas boards use proprietary blobs14:47
Tarnyko1radiofree: they do, the module is called "pvrsvrkm" on koelsch/porter14:48
Tarnyko1radiofree: it provies DRM capabilities, but does not seem mandatory from framebuffer like it is on other boards14:49
fredcadetethere are blobs for the implementation of egl and gles, from powervr14:54
fredcadetethe patches in weston itself are open, and an upgraded weston could work because afaik the egl interface did not change between 1.5 and 1.914:55
Tarnyko1ho yes you're right, the "real" are proprietary and take precedence on the Mesa ones14:55
fredcadetesteve_l probably knows better, though14:56
Tarnyko1pretty sure that Weston 1.9.0 could work, because it still runs with Mesa 9.2.5 on an old desktop :)14:56
fredcadetegotta go, see you tomorrow14:56
Tarnyko1bye !14:56
Tarnyko1ps : I have some sort of flickering on the HDMI port of my Koelsch board, anyone experiences the same ?14:58
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steve_lThe IVI-Extension issue is complicated. The IVI-Extension work that has been done in recent times was really as an upstream project outside the BIT and SAT processes.15:30
steve_lThe LM team have wanted to update compliance for the last two Genivi versions but have missed the deadlines.15:30
steve_lThis has left us with a highly changed upstream IVI-Extension and an integration issue.15:30
steve_lBoth the Genivi 7 and 8 Yocto Baselines stayed with Weston
steve_lEven for the recent Kronos 9.0 baselines releases the latest IVI-Extension could not be integrated because it breaks backwards compatability. So the last IVI-Extension to not break it, which is v1.3.0, was used.15:31
steve_lOn the Renesas side I have been waiting and asking for a clear IVI-Extension/Weston roadmap to emerge so I could set the internal roadmap.15:32
steve_lThat has taken far longer than I anticapted and actually is still not clear today.15:32
steve_lBecause of the compliance issue we currently have a Kronos 9 Yocto Baseline with Weston 1.6.0 and IVI-Extension 1.3.0, with an upstream reference implementation on Weston 1.8.0 and IVI-Extension 1.4.9/1.5.0. Which to choose..15:33
steve_lGDP can choose to use a later extension version but then it will no longer be compliant which will cause its own issues.15:33
steve_lRealistically true alignment between IVI-Extension and the baselines and therefore GDP will not take place until Genivi 10 (Snow) at the earliest.15:33
steve_l BIT has been talking to them about this and they have a goal of updating compliance for Genivi 10.15:33
steve_lSo that is why we find ourselves where we are.15:34
steve_lIn hindsight I wish I had taken a best guess.. we're talking internally about the roadmap. I expect to update to Weston 1.9.0 but there is no schedule to share.15:34
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:34
steve_lPersonally I would like to see the LM team and the baseline maintainers agree a roadmap for a year in advance.15:36
steve_lSorry for all the text :)15:37
CTtpollardsteve_l: just catching up now15:38
CTtpollardthat's a more verbose explanation of the scenario as I see it15:45
*** tcouniha has quit IRC15:53
steve_lI have no idea why I called Genivi 10 Snow it's actually Leviathan15:54
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*** jeremiah has joined #automotive16:03
jeremiahdl9pf: Do you have plans to set up source mirror for Yocto sources for AGL?16:04
*** steve_l_ has joined #automotive16:31
*** steve_l has quit IRC16:32
*** steve_l_ is now known as steve_l16:34
ToxicGumbo-workA comment I made here yesterday got lost within those of Guest*; does work for others here?16:41
ToxicGumbo-workWhen I attempt to log in for the first time, I get a Tomcat 403 error16:41
jeremiahToxicGumbo-work: It works for me.16:41
ToxicGumbo-workYet, refreshing the page returns to the error (meaning my credentials were taken)16:42
ToxicGumbo-workOkay, thanks.16:42
jeremiahOr at least, I'm not getting a 4033 . . .16:42
ToxicGumbo-workThe wording suggests it works for anyone with a universal AGL account16:42
ToxicGumbo-workBut it seems to be breaking at the DOOR level16:42
jeremiahIndeed, that is my assumption too16:42
ToxicGumbo-workJust checking16:42
jeremiahI get the 403 too16:42
jeremiahafter I try to login.16:43
ToxicGumbo-workOddly, I just received this error for the first time: "user ID cannot connect to the repository because it is not assigned to a repository group that has permissions to access the repository."16:43
*** apinheiro has quit IRC16:45
ToxicGumbo-workIt always shows up now, didn't before.  Ironic.16:45
ToxicGumbo-work^ the error16:45
ToxicGumbo-workIs this the best place to comment about such issues are is it better to open a ticket?16:45
jeremiahToxicGumbo-work: I get this: Access to the requested resource has been denied16:46
jeremiahI'm using the same user passwd combo that I use for Gerrit, Jira, wiki, etc.16:46
ToxicGumbo-workThat was what I saw, too, up to this morning.16:46
ToxicGumbo-workSame here re: account16:46
jeremiahToxicGumbo-work: Have you ever been able to login?16:47
jeremiahI don't think I've ever tried.16:47
jeremiahThere are some infrastructure folks here sometimes, but perhaps its best to open a ticket in the Jira.16:47
ToxicGumbo-workNo. Just tried yesterday.16:47
ToxicGumbo-workThanks again, jeremiah.  I called you out in the ticket "Access denied (403) to DOORS NG server"17:02
ToxicGumbo-workPriority Major since it's an AGL resource even if not heavily utilized17:03
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jeremiahToxicGumbo-work: Make sense, thanks for filing the bug18:01
*** fernandod has quit IRC18:56
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ToxicGumbo-workjlrmagnus: The V2X board interacts with RVI in what appears to be a very solid way.  Would this board be a more cost-effective and lean solution for RVI development as opposed to Renesas boards?  Is there a need for it to be GENIVI compliant?20:10
jlrmagnusI have mentioned to Philippe that we have a V2X board, and he was open to discussing integrating it into Genivi.20:11
jlrmagnusI haven't explored the Renesas board, so I can't compare it vs. a V2X - RasPi2 combo.20:12
jlrmagnusThe purpose of the board is, as is stated in the presentation, to bring entrepreneurs  and grassroots developers closer to the OEM environment.20:13
ToxicGumbo-workAh, I had the impression that much of the development used the Renesas M2 boards because they had been deemed "standards compliant" (even though those standards are still in the works).20:13
ToxicGumbo-workExactly…and I appreciate that.20:13
ToxicGumbo-workMost of the attention here is to get FreeEMS functioning in very safe and solid manner with testing.  My interest would be to offer tie-ins (interaction & visualization) and I really like what you're doing.20:13
jlrmagnusV2XBoard  is a sideline project, although we would be opportunistic on integrating i with other work.20:13
jlrmagnusFor those who wonder:
*** jlrmagnus has quit IRC22:53
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