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paulsherwoodhi :)07:35
Tarnykojeremiah: hi, replied to you on Gerrit (I meant "qtwebkit" of course :) )07:49
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Tarnykohi folks, Weston IVI-Shell has just been merged in "meta-agl", thanks to everyone who reviewed and happens to read this12:30
Tarnykoanyone knows what is required to edit/create wiki pages ? I'd like to create one on IVI-Shell, reference/tutorial-style12:31
paulsherwoodyou need to create an accoutn at https://dev.automotivelinux.org12:39
Tarnykopaulsherwood: hi Paul ! Thanks for the pointer ; I already have an account and can login to the Wiki, though I do not seem able to edit pages, and creating one redirects me to Administrator12:42
Tarnykooh silly me... I missed the link ! Found it. Sorry for the noise.12:44
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* paulsherwood thinks noise is good :)12:46
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fredcadetedoes anyone have an opinion on how a graphical application's redraws should be handled when it is in background?13:10
rjekMy first thought is that they shouldn't be redrawn while they're in the background13:10
fredcadeteI can try to fix that in the framework (qt)13:11
fredcadetebut if you were an application developer and I told you "if you redraw and you are in background, tough luck, the compositor will not reply with a release of the buffer until you are visible again"13:12
fredcadetewould you curse at me under your breath?13:12
rjekI would also hope that most application developers need not concern themselves with details of the compositor's workings13:12
Figurefrom application developer perspective it should be so that they can draw their offscreen buffer when ever they like to13:13
Figurethen it's up to compositor to decide if the ofb is rendered to display or not13:13
fredcadetewell, they can draw and commit it, only the compositor will not reply13:13
Figureand for manufacturers to make sure that they have enough juice to render as many apps as they allow to be open at one time13:14
Figurefrom my opinion the compositor should behave as if the application would be on foreground e.g. reply but just not update the fbo to actual screen13:16
Figureand when the application is activated again it should redraw the latest fbo13:17
Figurefredcadete: btw in here is that compositor weston?13:17
fredcadeteFigure: sure, it's weston13:18
Figurehas anyone given a tought of having a custom compositor based on qtwayland?13:18
fredcadeteit's basically the same environment as GDP13:18
TarnykoFigure: tried qml-compositor with Qt55 on my Koelsch board, fails with both "kms" and "egl" plugins (screen not found), did not investigate further though13:21
Tarnykoqml-compositor's current drawback is that it doesn't have an IVI-Shell protocol support ; staging patches exist in bugtracker, though13:22
Tarnykoif I manage to get it running, I'll try to pull the patches and see how well it plays13:31
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fredcadetethat's a funny name for "animal farm smell defense button"14:07
fredcadeteit does sound better when presenting it14:08
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Tarnykook guys, I have "wayland-ivi-extension" running on top of "ivi-shell" on agl-demo-platform ( ; it needs the latest versions though, so I'll likely wait for the coming-soon release14:42
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Tarnykothanks !15:03
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TarnykoAGL wiki documentation regarding IVI-Shell added :
Tarnykogood evening17:34
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