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Tarnykohi folks08:42
Tarnykojust pushed a patch to let the "agl-demo-platform" QEMU image build against latest Yocto ( ; feel free to tell me what you think08:43
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jeremiahTarnyko: Looks like your using dizzy. Isn't the latest version Fido?09:21
CTtpollardhello jeremiah :)09:22
Tarnykohi jeremiah09:22
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Tarnykoyes it's Fido, but I tend to use master to test the latest stuff09:24
CTtpollardjeremiah: any news on getting push access to the web browser poc repo?09:25
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Tarnykome mentioning Dizzy, comes from the fact that;a=blob; specifies it (and in fact, using Dizzy is required, because more recent versions break the build)09:25
jeremiahCTtpollard: Let's fix that now! :-)09:26
jeremiahTarnyko: Ah, okay.09:26
* jeremiah looks at the ACLs on browser-poc09:26
jeremiahCTtpollard: You should have a commit bit set for the browser poc09:27
jeremiahPlease push to master since I don't believe we have an active maintainer at the moment.09:27
CTtpollardjeremiah: ace! ok09:28
CTtpollardthere's no logic change, just a minor cosmetic alteration09:28
jeremiahSo full of w00t09:28
jeremiahCTtpollard: Do you think it worth sending an email to the relevant list?09:28
jeremiahOr are we over-thinking this?09:29
CTtpollardjeremiah: I don't think so personally, I've just changed the background of the app to not be transparent anymore, so the cursor can be correctly draw against it09:30
jeremiahGreat. Thanks for the patch!09:30
* jeremiah goes back to his cave for a while.09:32
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CTtpollardjeremiah: I got denied when trying to push11:03
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CTtpollardjust queried the git user with my ssh key and it identifies me11:08
CTtpollardinfo shows I only have R on it, need W :)11:11
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waltminer=== AGL Dev Meeting Starting ===12:03
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jeremiahCTtpollard: I'll try and fix, but that is weird since you should have push.12:04
jeremiahCTtpollard: Are you using the ssh URI or the https?12:05
waltminerReviewing action items from last week12:06
waltminerJan-Simon - update of Jenkins server to 2.11 will be scheduled12:06
waltminerDiscussing systemd patch pushed by Tanikawa.12:10
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waltminerTanikawa found that the committer group is too large to be added as reviewers12:15
waltminerJan-Simon looking into whether this is a defect in gerrit or if we need to create a smaller reviewer group12:15
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waltminerTanikawa building Qt 5 and running into problems12:17
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waltminerLouai suggests that problem may lie with using desktop OpenGL instead of openGL ES12:19
waltminerHe will look at the package settings and respond to mail list12:19
jeremiahWhat about bringing in things like Qtwayland?12:19
jeremiahIt might make life easier?12:19
louaijeremiah: the platform plugin lives in QtWayland anyway - you need it to be able to run Qt apps as wayland clients12:20
jeremiahlouai: Ah, okay. Excellent. :-)12:20
dl9pf_Note on systemd discussion:  the patch suggests a distro conf poky-agl-systemd.conf .  This breaks the existing documentation.12:21
dl9pf_If we would make the existing poky-agl.conf to use systemd as it is the default now and create a poky-agl-sysvinit.conf for legacy, we keep the same naming intact.12:21
dl9pf_I see the heritage wrt genivi and their poky-genivi-systemd.conf.  Just pondering if we break now or keep the naming.12:21
jeremiahOh jeez. It was genivi that started that naming scheme? Yuck.12:22
jeremiahIn that case, I suppose the consensus decision from AGL should be the valid one.12:22
dl9pf_just playing deviils advocate and "keep it simple" - one distro conf might be enough.12:23
* waltminer asked a question about SDK for Demo Apps and whether one will be provided12:23
jeremiahdl9pf_: I agree, keep it simple is almost always the best design decision! :-)12:25
waltminerSDK using the Yocto facilties will be provided after Qt 5 patch12:25
waltminerLouai deferred question about whether Qt Creator will be made available for AGL to next week12:26
jeremiahlouai notes that Qt Creator is open source.12:27
louaiQt Creator is open in any case - we do have some extra integration that we might be able to contribute, we are discussing this internally at the moment12:28
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waltminerDiscussing adding GENIVI Media manager to build and whether Pioneer will be doing that12:29
waltminerHoliday in Japan so we will push back to the mail list12:29
waltminerAMB - Kevron still maintaining in personal time.12:31
waltminerWho will add to the AGL build?12:31
waltminerNed stated that we might be able to reuse the GDB recipe.12:32
waltminerMichael asked to clarify that HVAC will be AMB based. Walt confirmed that is the plan12:34
waltminerMichael asked if MOST based audio is part of the plan. Walt is not sure12:34
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waltminerNed confirmed that AMV is in GDB and volunteered to move it into the AGL build12:38
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louai+1 for repo12:43
jbocklageWhy not use git submodules?12:43
jeremiahGENIVI's demo platform uses the submodule approach12:43
jeremiahi.e. git checkout {porter,koelsch, ...}12:44
louaie.g. for Boot2Qt we use both12:44
jeremiahI agree Michael, a bunch of hashes is hard to manage12:44
jeremiahlouai: Then you know which way is better! :-)12:44
jbocklagethe should really only cover "How to build" and not "How to setup the folder structure/commits" and so on. And it's easier for Jenkins...12:45
jbocklage(I guess I type too slow ;))12:45
jeremiahThis is what the submodule approach looks like:;a=summary12:46
waltminerJan-Simon will create a git repo for the “repo” manifests12:51
louaifwiw this is a sample manifest file:
waltminerTanikawa offered to make inital version of the manifests12:52
jeremiahThis is the tool, right louai? -->
louaijeremiah: yeah that is afaik the official upstream repo12:52
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louaias you can see the ability to define groups is useful once you have more than one target board12:53
waltminerEarly next week for Tanikawa to create the manifests depending on other work12:53
NuohanI would like to talk about test framework12:53
jeremiahYes, this is a good time for me. :-)12:54
jbocklage+1 for time12:54
jeremiahTwo hours later is bad for GENIVI members since there is a meeting at 15:30 CET12:54
louaieither works for me although I do prefer this time12:54
NuohanAre we going to use jenkins as the test framework12:54
NuohanI would like to give a proposal for JTA12:55
Nuohanyeah, about LTSI12:55
Nuohansorry about the slow type12:55
NuohanI would like to figure out is there a plan for it12:56
waltminerJeremiah will look into hooking existing LAVA farm and get back toi us12:58
Nuohanthanks jeremiah12:58
jeremiahSure, my pleasure. I think that the combo of Jenkins (LTSI test suite) and LAVA will be very powerful12:59
NuohanYes, as I talked in mail, I just want to merge some test cases related to LTP12:59
jeremiahyep, should be no problem.12:59
Nuohanthank you all guys13:00
jeremiahThank yoU!13:00
* jeremiah goes back to cave13:00
louaijeremiah: before your cave trip, are you going to be in berlin? :)13:00
waltminer=== AGL Dev Meeting Ends ===13:00
jeremiahCTtpollard: Before I disappear, are you still not able to push?13:00
waltminerThanks everyone13:00
jeremiahlouai: I'm not but members of my company are, like Johan Thelin13:01
CTtpollardjeremiah: '/browserpatch/demoui/qml/demoui$ git push origin master FATAL: W any browser-poc tompollard DENIED by fallthru13:01
CTtpollard(or you mis-spelled the reponame)13:01
CTtpollardfatal: Could not read from remote repository.13:01
CTtpollardI definitely don't have W on it13:01
jeremiahAH, okay13:01
jeremiahlouai: Berlin looks like it will be a very interesting summit.13:01
louaijeremiah: oh, I am expecting a large Pelagicore presence, but was wondering whether you'd be there too - maybe next time13:02
louaijeremiah: indeed, I should start working on my talk...13:02
jeremiahlouai: I have to be in Dublin for ELCE.13:02
jeremiahWhich should be fun, not *as* fun, but . . .13:03
jbocklageBerlin? I cannot find info here:
jeremiahCTtpollard: can you show me your remotes? like 'git remote -v show' or similar13:03
louaijeremiah: right, I need a clone machine... Dublin is also tempting13:03
jeremiahjbocklage: http://www.qtworldsummit.com13:04
CTtpollardjeremiah: git remote -v13:04
CTtpollardoriginssh:// (fetch)13:04
CTtpollardoriginssh:// (push)13:04
CTtpollard I know I don't have W on the repo, the ssh user tells me that :)13:04
jeremiahI'm sure you're right, but I explicitly put you in the Network EG which has write on that. Hmm.13:04
louaioh I forgot, in Santa Clara I mentioned our git extensions, they are here:
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louaithe g in git-gpush is short for gerrit13:06
jeremiahCTtpollard: May I ask you to try now?13:08
CTtpollardjeremiah: \o/13:09
CTtpollardthanks jeremiah13:10
jeremiahSorry it too so long. ;/13:10
CTtpollardjeremiah: no worries :)13:10
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jeremiahlouai: Thanks for the link to the repo tools, I'll definitely check those out. I find the web interface to gerrit, um, klunky.13:15
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waltminerNew high water mark. First time I have seen more than 50 on the channel14:02
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fredcadetedesperate question: has anyone tried building the GDP for two variants of R-Car?14:33
fredcadetee.g porter and lager14:33
fredcadeteI am trying to do that using the same work directory and am getting veery obscure errors14:33
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jonathanmawfredcadete: I've built it for the porter and koelsch14:34
jonathanmaw(though the koelsch is a cheat, since it's similar enough to the porter that all the drivers work)14:35
fredcadetejonathanmaw: yes, there will be no problems with the drivers14:35
fredcadetejonathanmaw: but I am also having issues with dependencies coming from the kernel14:36
fredcadeteas in, node-state-manager being rebuilt14:36
fredcadeteamong others14:36
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steve_lfredcadete: Personally I tend to maintain seperate Poky's and re-use the downloads. With a build server and inherit in your local.conf its not a big hardship15:44
steve_lIn the past I also had success re-using the sstate.15:44
steve_lBut not tried in a while15:44
fredcadetesteve_l: thanks a lot15:44
steve_lFor GDP a minor change is required to generalise it for all R-Car Gen 2s.15:45
steve_lI recently did E2 Silk and have a patch to upstream.15:45
fredcadetesteve_l: what do you mean by "inherit in your local.conf"?15:45
fredcadeteE2 vs M2 should be OK, it's when you get to H2 that the gl drivers change and it becomes a bit more complicated15:46
steve_lgl drivers change for E2 as well :)15:46
steve_lonly change for H2 is SGX becomes RGX in local.conf but if I recall correct package names remain the same15:47
steve_lE2, M2, H2 each have different GPUs for their target market15:48
steve_lBy inherit I meant <INHERIT += "rm_work"> in your local.conf to save space15:49
steve_lLBS/FSA/Navit recipes did have an inter-dependency issue that was not properly handled. FSA I think required a file that would be deleted.15:49
steve_lWorkaround is to add navit to the exlude list if you use the inherit, i.e. <RM_WORK_EXCLUDE += "navit">15:50
steve_lRemove the angle brackets of course :)15:50
fredcadeteoh, rm_work, thanks15:51
fredcadeteI try to avoid rm_work on the build servers because then it doubles as a quick reference point for work directories15:52
fredcadeteon developer PC's we all use it, though15:52
steve_lyes, rm_work is more instructive than inherit..15:53
steve_lThe patch I mentioned just replaced the IMAGE_INSTALL appends in /recipes-demo-platform/images/ for koelsch/porter with the override rcar-gen215:54
steve_lmust admit not tried lager yet though..15:54
steve_lwith latest code15:54
fredcadeteI'm not sure if the problems I have come from the BSP or from my distro's stuff15:55
steve_lLooking at the multimedia patches was first on my list but I can try a build sometime.15:55
steve_lI suggest trying with a seperate work dir..15:56
fredcadeteyes, I am getting to that conclusion15:57
fredcadeteat least qt I saw that qmake keeps references to the sysroot where it was first configured15:57
fredcadetewhich is a bit dangerous to say the least15:57
fredcadeteqtbase also tries to autodetect if opengles3 is available15:58
fredcadeteso everything qt can't be shared between different builds anyway15:58
steve_lYes it can become quite a big distro's worth of dependecies. When I started with Yocto I also shared as you are but after talking to various ppl who live Yocto from WRS etc15:58
steve_lthe advice seemed to be use poky per machine15:59
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fredcadetefrom this yocto man-page, they seem to be wanting to share more:
fredcadetethough I'm not sure how much is just for different tunes and how much is for heavier differences16:00
steve_lIt's a good goal I think. Multi-arch kernel for example. I note their warning about dependencies.16:02
steve_lI don't think its a strict no-no just that you may face some unexpected behaviour. That said of course goal should be good recipes16:02
fredcadete:) I saw the warning but I felt strong and optimistic when I started16:03
fredcadetenow I see what they meant16:03
steve_lIdeally we would all be good scouts, find the cause and fix the recipes or at least raise a ticket in their tracker.16:04
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fredcadetesteve_l: by the way, speaking of those IMAGE_INSTALL appends, I proposed a patch in libgbm so that installing libgbm-dev should not be necessary16:21
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steve_lfredcadete: sorry was afk. OK. thanks for the patch. I see Hayama-san already responded. I have another to discuss with him in the next weeks. I'll include this16:33
steve_lyou picked the right upstream btw. I'll be seeing what to pull in downstream16:34
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