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louaihey all, I replied to the e-mail by Tanikawa-san about the issue he has with Qt and wayland, but it looks like my e-mail isn't reaching the mailing list06:39
louaiany idea? is this a moderated list?06:40
louaiI guess the list has to be in the to: field, I had it as cc: previously06:47
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fredcadetelouai: I have been sending stuff with GENIVI lists in cc: and it goes through well06:58
louaifredcadete: well I managed to spam the list with a duplicate mail as the first thing I did there ;)06:58
louaipeople are bound to read my mail now06:59
louaithank you, my birthday's on Friday so this shall be an early present06:59
fredcadetelouai: whoa, I had fallen into this bug a long time ago07:01
fredcadeteand worked around with a -Llibpvrsomethingsomething07:01
fredcadeteit's good to see such a clear explanation of what's behind it07:02
louaifredcadete: yeah that's something that might work too, but we had to be able to link on regular Linux systems too with the same setup otherwise... which is the case here as well07:02
louaineed to leave for a moment ->07:02
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RzRlouai,  hi where is this qtwayland problem reported , I can have a look ?07:26
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RzRlouai, ok this seems a hardware specific problem ... I don't have access to this renesas hardware , do you know about PVR support for GL on wayland ?08:27
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louaiRzR: I know that it can be made to work09:25
louaiRzR: when last I had a Renesas device the EGL stack had a lot of problems though09:25
louaiRzR: let me dig through some old files, one moment09:26
RzRlouai, yea I used to boot tizen w/ dg kernel but it was using fbdev09:26
louaiRzR: this is the setup where we did have Wayland + EGL working:
louaithat was around this time last year, if I recall correctly that was on an H109:28
louaiRzR: one big issue we had was that eglDestroySurface consistently crashed for us if we used gbm to create the underlying surface09:30
louaiRzR: that is, the call sequence gbm_surface_create -> eglCreateWindowSurface -> eglDestroySurface always crashed on the destroy call, so one had to be very careful...09:31
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ToxicGumbo-workMorning, jlrmagnus15:06
jlrmagnusMartin Winterkorn has resigned as VW CEO.15:51
jlrmagnusThat went from zero to catastrophic very quickly.15:51
rjekIf he really knew nothing, I think it's a pretty classy move15:52
rjekNext there will be questions for Bosch, who made the ECU, I suspect15:52
jlrmagnusIf the issue pops up in other VAG product lines, or worse, other OEMs, then things will get really ugly.15:53
rjekI also imagine the EPA will no longer use rolling roads for their emissions testing!15:53
CTtpollardgood job I have a petrol VW....15:53
jlrmagnusI can imagine an engine engineer panicking prior to delivery and installing a defeater to meet requirements for a specific release. But if it is across a product line with different engines, then it is systemic.15:54
* rjek has a diesel VW :)15:54
jlrmagnusrjek, You are an environmental monster.15:54
rjekIn more ways than one.15:54
rjekI also eat meat and have a cat.15:54
jlrmagnusI think EPA will run two tests, one with the OBD-II diagnostic equipment connected, and one without.15:55
rjekSeems likely now, doesn't it?15:56
rjekThat, and I think /everyone/ will now make an effort to make sure the results are the same, rather than making sure the results are not different.  IYSWIM.15:56
ulf`rjek: I hope you don't live in the US or you are in BIG trouble. Gitmo, baby! :)15:58
jlrmagnusToo late. I've already reported him to the EPA. The choppers are on their way.15:58
ulf`jlrmagnus: lol15:58
rjekAre all omnivorous cat fanciers terrorists?15:58
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rjekIt's a fair cop.15:59
rjek</money python>15:59
rjekerr, monty15:59
rjekI think it's home time16:00
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ToxicGumbo-workAm I correct that the R-Car M2 board is approximately $1500 USD?16:26
myselfHeh. I couldn't get a price on it, and Nvidia wouldn't return calls about the Jetson Pro or Drive PX, so we're just using a TK1 for development. Hate hate hate hate the phrase "contact us for details".16:29
fredcadeteToxicGumbo-work: that price is in line with what I've heard16:30
fredcadeteToxicGumbo-work: you could consider the "porter" board, which is the community version of M2. I believe it's between $200 and $300. Though it may be out of stock right now16:31
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ToxicGumbo-workThanks to you both.  I'm still walking through the wiki, lists, and conversation to figure some of this out.  The TK1 looks interesting.  Is that the same as the "Porter" board?16:49
fredcadeteno. TK1 -> nvidia. Porter -> renesas16:50
ToxicGumbo-workI see.  Thanks.16:51
fredcadeteyou're welcome16:51
ToxicGumbo-workQuite literally, Porter = the "community version of M2" and not a a clone or other brand board using similar core components.16:53
fredcadeteit is made by Renesas, it's not a clone16:55
fredcadeteit's a different board from koelsch (the $1500 Rcar-M2 board). It may not have all the features and stuff16:56
fredcadetean important difference is also that you don't get drivers for some blocks, such as multimedia HW accelerators16:57
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ToxicGumbo-workAh.  That's definitely an important difference.16:57
ToxicGumbo-workIs the TK1 in heavy use by people here or just a few?  Seems like the Porter board or Koelsch are ideal.16:58
ToxicGumbo-workPlus they're officially on the list:
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fredcadeteit depends on what's your goal. as far as I know, the TK1 is supported on the Baserock baseline, while Renesas boards and Minnowboard are on the Yocto baseline17:05
fredcadeteit gets trippy17:05
fredcadeteand it's time to go home17:05
myselftrippy and frustrating17:05
myselfbecause baserock apparently hasn't figured out the magic of cross-compiling17:05
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ToxicGumbo-workThis is all good info and is leading me in good directions.  Appreciated.17:09
fredcadetegreat. see you tomorrow17:11
ToxicGumbo-workTake care.17:11
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steve_lone correction to fredcadete's comment on Porter. Porter does have multimedia h/w acceleration available.17:16
myselfwhat's the licensing for the blob say, though?17:17
steve_lM2 Koelsch is the Evaluation/Pro board. Higher cost, smaller units built, available only from Renesas, full support.17:17
steve_lIt's designed for evaluation of the SoC by tier1/OEMs/SIs etc and is also typically used for early development by them whilst they develop their own A-Sample or B-Sample17:18
steve_lM2 Porter is the community board. Significantly lower cost, distributed by disti, much wider distribution and used by Renesas in community work such as Genivi and AGL17:20
steve_lGfx and multimedia h/w acceleration available for Porter through a click through license.17:21
steve_lYou can find more details about the Porter board on the elinux site
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steve_lmyself: that you abide by the license :) You can find the text in the click through download. Eval version has different terms17:23
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ToxicGumbo-workExcellent info.  Thanks.18:42
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