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CTtpollardgood morning07:39
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paulsherwoodhi there08:03
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CTtpollardI've created a qemu branch on genivi-demo-platform, doing a test build now and will push the branch if successful09:14
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jeremiahI'm getting issues with the gdp git repo though,09:54
jeremiahwarning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.09:55
jeremiahwarning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.09:55
jeremiahSorry, didn't mean to paste twice09:55
CTtpollardhow are you trying to clone it?09:55
jeremiahWith the ssh URI09:56
jeremiahSo I can push09:56
CTtpollardrecursively on a specific branch?09:56
jeremiahNope, just the repo itself09:56
CTtpollardthere is no HEAD on master (no master branch)09:56
jeremiahWe likely ought to update this then:
jeremiahSince it refers to the old repo09:57
jeremiahAnd then we likely ought to provide instructions on how to checkout a given branch09:57
CTtpollardjeremiah: I'm currently creating and testing a qemu branch locally for it09:58
jeremiahI guess the current instructions are available on GitHub in the repo Gunnar points to?09:58
jeremiahCTtpollard: w00t09:58
CTtpollardjeremiah: has quick start instructions for the new repo now09:58
jeremiahOkay, cool09:59
CTtpollardqemu will be very similar, but shorter as it doesn't need the driver step09:59
jeremiahI'm hoping to stuff another repo in there for the test suite, not sure if I should be doing that at precisely this moment?09:59
CTtpollardjeremiah: a completely seperete repo, or a branch to the genivi-demo-platform?10:00
jeremiahA completely separate repo.10:01
jeremiahbut I suppose I can just do10:02
jeremiahgit clone --recursive -b gdp-test-suite10:02
jeremiahadd the code and push?10:02
jeremiahWait, no, that creates a branch10:02
CTtpollardwell do -b of an existing branch10:02
CTtpollardand then once cloned do git checkout -b gdp-test-suite10:03
CTtpollardif you want a new branch10:03
CTtpollardit is probably worthwhile me setting HEAD on a branch10:03
jeremiahI don't want a new branch.10:03
jeremiahBecause I want to be able to test against *any* branch10:04
jeremiahOr at least that's what I think.10:04
jeremiahIn which case, perhaps I need a new submodule?10:05
jeremiahI think I'm going to create a completely separate repo for now, freestanding10:05
CTtpollardif you do that, we can add it as a sub-module later10:06
jeremiahJust for ease of use until it is clearer to me where it should live.10:06
jeremiahCTtpollard: That sounds like a plan. :-)10:06
CTtpollardjeremiah: cool :)10:09
CTtpollardonce their a firm decision on how to model our 'master / 'base' branch, that should probably be set as HEAD10:10
CTtpollardor 'common'10:12
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gunnarxCTtpollard:  When you push the QEmu branch, could you also push :BUG_NAVIT (i.e. remove that tag)?  It's a remnant from my old repo and no longer relevant)10:16
CTtpollardsure gunnarx10:16
CTtpollardI'm currently building off a qemu branch made from koelsch10:17
gunnarxHmm, the "tree" link for the repo gives a 404?10:17
CTtpollardone thing to note, in the local.conf there is a flag for gstreamer set, I've not used that in my build before10:17
gunnarxyeah, the gitweb is broken.  jeremiah did you fiddle with something? :)10:18
CTtpollardgunnarx: I would think cgit is doing that as their is no head?10:18
CTtpollardgitweb / cgit10:18
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gunnarxyou mean it requires a master branch?10:19
CTtpollardgunnarx: or HEAD set for some ref10:19
gunnarxI wouldn't expect it10:19
CTtpollardcurrently, there is not HEAD set10:19
gunnarxI see... how to fix?10:20
CTtpollardwe can set HEAD, to what would be most appropriate10:20
gunnarxright.  well you're the boss :)10:21
* gunnarx avoids the responsibility10:21
CTtpollardjust checked tree works on the meta-genivi-demo, so it looks like it's the lack of a head ref10:21
gunnarxi think you're right10:21
gunnarxyou choose your favorite platform :)  or just use qemu - I would expect it's the most PC choice :)10:22
CTtpollardgunnarx: my opinion is head should be master, and in our case whatever our 'master' / 'core' / 'base' branch will eventually be10:22
gunnarxthat could work if it gives an accurate representation.  I mean it may not be complete/buildable maybe?10:23
CTtpollardit won't build10:24
gunnarxjust so that a casual browsing will yield something useful - anyhow I'm sure it's fine, master could  include pretty much everything except the MACHINE definition and the particular BSPs10:25
CTtpollardthe qemu branch is very clean, if we set machine ?= qemu in local.conf, it could well become our 'master' as other branches can override it with just machine '='10:27
* CTtpollard will set qemu as head for now10:28
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CTtpollardgunnarx: any comments on the gstreamer flag in local.conf?10:34
gunnarxyes qemu should work.10:36
gunnarxno I haven't looked at the gstreamer flag in detail. I've heard Steve L talk about gstreamer configuration in the context of Renesas BSP10:37
CTtpollardI've left it in for now, but it is a difference between the documented instructions, I shall ask him10:39
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c0dd3r5ulf`: Are you online? Or asleep?12:27
c0dd3r5oh. different ulf. nevermind :)12:27
CTtpollardI'd like to make this the preferred method of running the qemu demo, in my experience it is far far more useable that than straight qemu that we promote with the use of the demo script12:41
CTtpollardwe currently have the instructions in the main body, but hidden until we can provide the pre-built image12:43
CTtpollardI'm not entirely sure why this is the case12:43
wschallerCTtpollard, I agree, it should be the default. I don't see any reason to hide it until a prebuilt image is available12:44
radiofreeyou'd expect people to be aware they should really be using vt-x/amd-v when running qemu12:44
radiofreebut yeah, probably best to say "use qemu-kvm"12:44
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radiofreealso i would have just assumed qemu -> qemu-kvm on most systems these days12:45
rjekI recall lots of people saying things were slow because they weren't being explicit.12:46
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CTtpollardqemu demo builds off a demo platform branch :D13:35
radiofreecool, you can use that as the base for anything that uses mesa then13:36
radiofreeminnowboard, jetson, snapdragon board...13:36
CTtpollardradiofree: yup13:46
CTtpollardminnowboard branch is very similar13:48
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CTtpollardjeremiah: the instructions and branch for qemu are now live14:26
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CTtpollardoh yes, gunnar asked me to remove a historic tag, I'll get on that14:32
CTtpollardbah, looks like I will have to do it for each branch14:54
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CTtpollardtag removed15:05
CTtpollardmorning jlrmagnus15:05
jlrmagnusMorning CTtpollard15:05
CTtpollardwell I say morning, 40 minutes of my day left in my part of the world :)15:21
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DthiriezHi Magnus20:24
DthiriezIf you have a moment, I wanted to go over some rvi_core console logs of my raspi to backend20:25
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