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* CTtpollard ponders where the best place to add the instructions for the new genivi-demo-project repo should go on the wiki10:37
CTtpollardinitially I was thinking giving it its own section as to not repeat it for every board, but it might be missed by people who click through for their specific demo case10:40
CTtpollardI'll go for the 'on each board type' approach10:53
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jeremiahCTtpollard: I wonder if there's an "include" function which might allow one to write once, add everywhere. :-)11:41
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CTtpollardjeremiah: yes there is, but i'm not the biggest fan!12:50
CTtpollardI prefer a page to have its own contents, but that might just be me12:54
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jonathanmaw_Am I correct in thinking that the meta-ivi-common layer is solely meant for packages that have come from meta-ivi?13:35
waltminerno. They could be from meta-ivi, but in general they are considered common for any automotive distro13:36
waltminerand no I cannot site any examples at this time13:37
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jonathanmaw_waltminer: ah, thanks. I've been asked for input about adding some recipes (that live in poky) into the packagegroup "packagegroup-ivi-common-os-commonlibs", and I'm trying to decide whether they fit there, or would be better-suited in meta-agl's recipes-ivi or recipes-core, instead.13:41
waltminerI understand you will be at the AMM next week13:42
jonathanmaw_my gut intuition is that since none of those packages seem ivi-specific, and are provided by poky, they should be added to the packagegroup packagegroup-agl-core-os-commonlibs13:42
jonathanmaw_waltminer: that is correct. I wonder if you understood that before I did :)13:43
waltminerI think so too. if they are already in poky they probably don’t belong in meta-ivi-common13:43
waltminerWell I understood you being voluntold to to go13:44
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw_: you understood before waltminer13:46
waltminerI wondered when paulsherwood would pipe in13:47
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paulsherwood== AGL Layer Design/Committers Meeting Starts ==14:03
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paulsherwoodsome audio problems14:06
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paulsherwoodjan-simon is planning to setup jenkins server later this week14:08
paulsherwoodwill add LDAP later. initially it will just serve14:10
jonathanmaw_there are a number of outstanding reviews, now any registered user can review (instead of just committers)14:11
paulsherwoodAGL welcomes reviews from registered users14:13
* paulsherwood notes it was a holiday in uk yesterday14:14
dl9pf_jenkins setup will happen thu/fri . primary goal is to support the workflow in jenkins with verified+1/-1 .14:15
dl9pf_LDAP and SSO will be added later. Anonymous read-only view by default.14:15
paulsherwoodsome discussion about having devel builds containing gplv314:21
paulsherwoodwhereas 'production' builds must not14:21
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paulsherwoodwalt wants to further refine merging/tagging for AMM presentation next week14:22
paulsherwooddiscussion about integration of Qt5. Gerd submitted insturctions but not patches14:33
* paulsherwood undertook to reply onlist asking for patches14:33
paulsherwooddiscussion about layers14:36
paulsherwoodthere is still some confusion on this, in my opinion. hopefully we can get clearer together at the AMM next week14:37
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paulsherwoodwe all understand the need to not re-do the work that GENIVI is doing... but there are some signs that it may happen in spite of our best intentions14:38
jonathanmaw_meta-ivi-common's os-common is a placeholder for now. GENIVI's lifecycle projects would go in there if they are selected, but AGL may choose to do something else.14:39
paulsherwoodwhy would AGL do something else for that?14:39
paulsherwoodwaltminer: ^^?14:40
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paulsherwooddiscussion about lifecycle - genivi documentation is not public enough14:46
* paulsherwood undertakes to request this strongly in GENIVI14:46
paulsherwooddiscussion about tizen lifecycle approach - no sponsors of this in AGL so far14:47
paulsherwoodthe other potential is qt lifecycle14:48
paulsherwoodthis will be discussed at AMM next week14:48
paulsherwoodwaltminer is more concerned about other genivi components than lifecycle14:50
paulsherwoodquestion about whether jonathanmaw_ can feasibly contribute to both common-os and multimedia14:53
paulsherwoodit would be best if wr could contribute also here14:54
waltminer== AGL Layer Design/Committers Meeting Ends ==14:56
waltminerThanks everyone14:56
CTtpollardthanks for reporting it15:00
gunnarxCTtpollard: Got a question about hosting binary GDP build for QEMU.  Have you built/tried a QEMU build (i.e. could we push such a branch to the project?)15:01
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CTtpollardgunnarx: it builds, and runs 'ok' under kvm-qemu15:02
gunnarxcool. Is it time to push the branch?15:03
CTtpollardgunnarx: I can't see any reason why not, I've just added instructions to the Renesas page of the gdp wiki for using the repo15:04
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CTtpollardgunnarx: it's a simple machine flag in local.conf and no changes to the bblayers15:11
gunnarxCTtpollard, sorry got busy.15:11
gunnarxCTtpollard, that's nice - I think it's nice to have named branches for each platform just to show that it's there and with the new approach there is little documentation needed.15:12
gunnarxthe list of branches are their own docs in a way15:13
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gunnarxwhy not push a branch anyway, even if it's just the one line change?15:13
gunnarxand meta-renesas and meta-intel BSP layers would also disappear I suppose15:14
CTtpollardgunnarx: totally, as we don't have a 'master' (yet), do you think it's best to branch from koelsh / porter and work off that?15:14
gunnarxright, we come back to the shared master discussion  :)  it becomes more relevant the more different branches we are to maintain.15:17
CTtpollardyes, hmm15:18
gunnarxActually this should not matter much, you can likely branch off any of them.  Assuming we create a master branch which is common, it should merge cleanly into the branch you created off of koelsch/porter/minnowboard15:19
gunnarx(I think :)15:19
CTtpollardcreate one where it's just a checkout of all the main required repos (so not renesas / intel etc) and rebase the current branches off it?15:19
gunnarxyes I think that's right.  But that's likely the same result as if you simply take their common root and call that master15:20
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gunnarxassuming there is a common commit somewhere15:21
gunnarxthing is you can't really rebase them since they have been published15:21
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CTtpollardthat would have got my vote15:25
gunnarxCTtpollard, sorry didn't understand, you want to rebase?15:27
CTtpollardyes, but not rebasing after publishing branches is something to avoid as you say15:28
CTtpollardI'd not taken that into account15:28
gunnarxok, got it.  yes especially when people are not that used to git, they will do a git pull on their existing repo and likely get some weird error msgs15:29
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* CTtpollard takes a look at the tree15:31
gunnarxThe instructions (like how to run kvm-qemu) should probably go into the README on that branch.  But a not bad alternative is to have the same README on all branches which is a superset of all the instructions (assuming they are manageable size)15:32
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CTtpollardI think a single readme with subsections15:34
gunnarxworks for me15:34
CTtpollardalthough, then tweaks to it will require all branches to be rebased each time15:35
gunnarxit's a good idea to edit that on the master branch then and merge it in ;)15:35
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gunnarxref to previous discussion I think you have to merge from master instead of rebase15:37
* CTtpollard tries to think back15:39
gunnarxthink forward! :)15:43
CTtpollardI'm not sure why it would be merge15:44
gunnarxYou mean it won't affect the commit hash of already existing changes?15:45
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CTtpollardgunnarx: yes it will change the sha's15:51
CTtpollardbut my uncertainty is to if that is really an issue in this use case15:53
CTtpollardthe interal sha's on the modules will remain the same15:53
CTtpollardit would get interesting with users checking out branches and then rebasing and then it later being rebased15:55
gunnarxThat sounds advanced :)   I think they get trouble even on the first pull don't they, if the history changes15:56
gunnarxyou could try it anyway. if you can't push the change without -f flag you have changed the history.15:57
CTtpollardmerge shall suffice :)16:00
CTtpollardthe benefit of the simplified histories from using rebase isn't worth it in this case16:05
CTtpollardanyway, I'm off for the evening16:09
CTtpollardbye gunnarx and everyone else16:09
CTtpollardI'll probably branch of koelsch tomorrow, for the time being16:13
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jlrmagnusWeekly RVI  meeting. In case there is an interest.17:59
jlrmagnusShort meeting. Completed.18:11
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