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jeremiahConnected a screen, but no luck.07:56
jeremiahI'll try Steve's advice and connect a mouse and keyboard.07:56
CTtpollardjeremiah: what is your problem?07:57
jeremiahCTtpollard: can't start weston / HMI07:58
jeremiahBut a bunch of other things fail along the way, like correct config of sshd (likely due to hostnamectl failing?)07:58
CTtpollardjeremiah: is this the gdp on porter? sorry I had a very intermittent connection yesterday afternoon07:58
jeremiahGDP on porter. :-)07:58
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jeremiahCTtpollard: Does this look familiar? --> Couldn't stat device /dev/pts/ptmx09:07
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jeremiahThis is preventing hostnamectl from running (I think)09:07
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CTtpollardjeremiah: I have not seen it, I'll aim to boot a porter build today to take a look09:09
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jeremiahCTtpollard: Cool. It looks to be pseudo terminal stuff connected to namespaces.09:12
jeremiahNo rush, this is not a blocker BTW09:12
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CTtpollardI've put forward this question before in other channels, personally I think the irc logger should not record joins / quits. I think this is especially true for ease of reading of meetings09:44
CTtpollardor if we want to log joins etc, then something like should be used for meetings09:45
jeremiahCTtpollard: +109:52
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CTtpollardI've been in openstack meetings that use meetbot and have found it highly useful10:07
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jeremiahmeetbot works great10:55
jeremiahWe used to use it in MeeGo10:55
CTtpollardok booting the porter now10:58
CTtpollardthe systemd unit for the hostname service is failing for me at boot10:59
jeremiahyeah, it does that.11:17
jeremiahAnd it doesn't like to come up.11:17
CTtpollardok, capture the systemctl status of it11:17
jeremiahI looked at that too, but there's not much info there.11:17
jeremiahnor in the logs11:17
jeremiahThe logging set up is remarkably sparse11:18
jeremiahneard is failing on boot too11:20
CTtpollardsystemd-hostname doesn't as far as I can see have a .service file like I would have expected11:23
jeremiahI think its called systemd-hostnamed11:25
jeremiahWhich is, umm, counter-intuitive.11:25
jeremiahI think it may be the private network setting that's at issue, at least so says Google.11:25
CTtpollardjeremiah: yes, but that is a binary :)11:26
jeremiahWell, not the service file. :-)11:28
jeremiahi.e. /lib/systemd/system/systemd-hostnamed.service11:28
CTtpollardthe service file is what I was expecting to find11:28
jeremiahChange #PrivateNetwork from yes to no11:29
CTtpollardmy build does not have the service file11:29
CTtpollardand find isn't pulling the location either11:30
CTtpollardsorry I'm on the Koelsch now not the porter11:33
CTtpollardalthough if you have a service file and I don't that is boggling11:33
CTtpollardjonathanmaw: could you see if you have the service file as jeremiah does?11:36
CTtpollardI'll reboot in the meantime11:37
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jonathanmawmy systemd-hostnamed has PrivateNetwork=yes11:37
jeremiahjonathanmaw: Do you get hostnamectl failuers?11:39
jeremiahFailures even11:39
jonathanmawjeremiah: yep, it seems I have failures as well11:41
jeremiahYeah, config out the PrivateNetwork and that goes away, fwiw11:42
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gunnarxping CTtpollard12:13
gunnarxJust wondering if you have looked at
gunnarxExcept for the BSP it's the only diff from koelsch to minnowboard.  It's based on the Wiki instructions for minnowboard.12:19
gunnarxAs of now I've moved back gdp-submodules completely to the standard URLs for the layers and also minnowboard is now set to the same meta-genivi-demo commit as koelsch/porter, meaning the diff I point out here is _not_ included.12:20
gunnarxweston_ini.patch (previously used by minnowboard build) includes some useful things, like the correct names of the graphics files that are stored in the dir.  Koelsch/porter build must have these wrong, afaict.12:22
gunnarxThe minnowboard build patches weston.ini whereas the koelsch build installs its own weston.ini.  The latter seems a cleaner approach, i.e. keep an exact copy of the weston.ini we want among the layer files and just install it.12:23
gunnarxI'd propose to: Include the koelsch installation of weston.ini also for minnowboard (this is what should happen now since they use the same layer definition).  Step 2.  Put the right graphics names from the weston_ini.patch into the weston.ini that is checked in.  Step 3.  Consider if there are different graphics settings and other differences required in weston_ini for the two boards (I have not looked into that).  If differences re12:27
gunnarxquired, either use yocto magic to make sure the right file is installed depending on the machine you build for, or create two branches in meta-genivi-demo where weston.ini differs. (minnowboard/porter (or intel/renesas))12:27
gunnarx"Include the koelsch installation" means "Include the installation of weston.ivi, just like it is done right now on the koelsch branch"12:28
fredcadeteis the same weston.ini expected to work independently of the screen used by each developer?12:30
radiofreethough the weston.ini in this meta-genivi-demo sets the keyboard layout to german12:32
jeremiahI think the porter and koelsch use the same graphics drivers so dropping in a correct weston.ini should "just work"?12:32
radiofreejeremiah: yes, you change the graphics backend when launching weston12:32
radiofree(though you can also do it in the weston.ini)12:33
jeremiahSo I ought't just monkeypatch my running weston.ini on the porter since I'm not getting any graphic output.12:33
radiofreejeremiah: run weston with --log=/tmp/weston.log and pastebin the output12:34
radiofreeseems renesas have implemented their own rendered as well -
radiofreeso i guess there's going to be some work to forward port that to a newer weston12:35
radiofreewhich will need to happen at some point, considering master of wayland-ivi-extension doesn't work with any weston < 1.8.012:35
jeremiahradiofree: Yeah, there's been talk of upgrading but I think the hope it to make it through October with older versions12:37
rjekAfternoon, automotivites.12:38
paulsherwoodradiofree: would it be *easier* to move forwards?12:38
radiofreepaulsherwood: whats the deadline?12:38
CTtpollardsorry gunnarx I was afk12:39
radiofreejeremiah: are you manually running weston there?12:39
radiofreejeremiah: and there's a monitor attached12:39
jeremiahrjek: Hey there!12:39
jeremiahradiofree: yep12:39
radiofreeare you running that command via serial/ssh?12:40
radiofreethe weston one sorry12:40
jeremiahyeah, via ssh12:40
jeremiahAlthough weston-launch runs on boot, successfully according to systemctl12:40
radiofreesystemclt stop weston12:41
radiofree(or whatever the service name is)12:41
radiofreethen weston --tty=1 ........ --log=/tmp/weston.log12:41
jeremiahyep, its weston and stopped.12:41
jeremiahYep, I'll give it a tty12:41
jonathanmawmy investigation as to why the "back" button in gdp-hmi-panel isn't working has eventually led me to the conclusion that weston's systemd unit finishes too soon (hence gdp-hmi-launcher tries to start, and fails; hence gdp-hmi-panel gets started and stores the old PID; then gdp-hmi-launcher gets re-launched with a different PID; hence gdp-hmi-panel's signalling doesn't work)12:42
radiofreejonathanmaw: how are they notifying systemd that it's ready?12:43
jeremiahthat gets me a kernel module: loaded module: libgbm_kms.so12:43
jonathanmawradiofree: Type=simple, so straight away, I think12:43
jonathanmawI am currently looking into whether I can change that to sd_notify successfully.12:43
radiofreeit's a relatively quick fix to have the apps use sd_notify(READY) and change the type to "notify"12:43
radiofreeof course you'll have to decide at what point the app is "ready"12:44
radiofreeah, already thinking that12:44
radiofreejeremiah: ok that's a good sign12:45
radiofreewhat does the weston log say?12:45
radiofreesuccess with ivi-controller is, unhelpfully here, a black screen :)12:45
jeremiahLet me get a paste . . .12:46
jeremiahlots of output12:46
jeremiahNow it only really seems to complain about the backlight.12:47
CTtpollardgunnarx: on first read-through of your suggestion, my initial feeling is we don't want board specific branches of genivi demo. However it would fit nicer into the submodule approach12:47
radiofreejeremiah: assuming you killed it, then it worked!12:48
radiofreelooks like you'll need to modify the weston startup service to do the same as your command line12:48
radiofreewith weston-launch you do it12:48
jeremiahradiofree: I did kill it.12:48
radiofreeweston-launch - --log=/tmp/weston.log ........12:48
jeremiahOkay, I'll hack on the service file12:49
jeremiahradiofree: Thanks for your help.12:49
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jeremiahthis isn't good: Output LVDS112:55
jeremiahThe output should be HDMI12:55
radiofreei can't for the life of me remember how (or if you can) specify the output to use via the command line12:57
radiofreeyou can do it via weston.ini12:57
jeremiahI'll just hack it via weston.ini12:57
radiofreeassuming the gdp-* services are robust enough, you should be able to test it with `systemctl reload weston`12:58
radiofreeif reload seems to work, but you still see a blank screen, i can give you some commands to test output12:59
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: if you are able to reply to tanikawa-san's email maybe worth adding genivi-projects in cc?12:59
radiofreeproviding `LayerManagerControl get scene` worked12:59
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jonathanmawpaulsherwood: the multimedia requirements one?13:00
gunnarxCTtpollard: Yes it works with submodules, but I agree with you.  As I said there is an alternative to simply put the different file versions in the layer, I was just asking a bit in #yocto.13:00
radiofreejeremiah: if LayerManagerControl get scene worked13:00
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radiofreeshould show you some mock navigation app13:00
gunnarxSince the difference is so small, might as well put it in there directly.13:00
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: his latest, re audio on porter13:01
radiofreegunnarx: difference between gdp and renesas gdp?13:01
gunnarxradiofree:  difference between minnowboard and renesas builds, yes.13:01
radiofreerenesas patch weston13:02
gunnarxIt's all in the link/info I provide above if you can see that far.13:02
radiofreethey use their own renderer
radiofreei think meta-board is fine, as long as it only contains the things needed to apply over the top of the base gdp13:02
radiofreee.g for renesas weston, binary blobs....13:03
gunnarxradiofree:  I don't see this patch in meta-genivi-demo.  Or where is it?  We should be able to see it then - can you look?13:03
radiofreei think it's only in meta-renesas at the moment?13:04
gunnarxradiofree: Ah right.  I forgot the "layered approach" for a moment, lol13:04
gunnarxbut that's as it should be, if it is bsp specific13:04
gunnarxI'm right now discussing (with CTtpollard) to unify the build recipes within meta-genivi-demo for the different boards.13:05
jeremiahgdp-hmi-launcher is segfaulting. *sigh*13:05
jeremiahTime for PMO13:05
gunnarxtime for gdb more like13:05
radiofreeCMU Sphinx has the best piece of advice for debugging "Troubleshooting is not rocket science. For all issues you may blame yourself. You are most likely the reason of failure."13:07
CTtpollardgunnarx: the patch file is very minimal, do we have any record to the reason this was implemented? including the reason for changes that are required to weston.ini?13:07
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CTtpollardyes, I don't know the background to why it was added13:11
CTtpollardand the changes to weston.ini for minnow13:11
gunnarxNo I have no background but it is applied in minnowboard instructions.  First of all it seems to use the _correct_ names for the .png files.  So that needs to be moved over to Koelsch I would assume.13:11
CTtpollardyeh, and a different filepath for weston.ini13:12
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: having read Tanikawa's E-mail, I think the best I can do is make sure meta-ivi and meta-renesas' maintainers are aware of this13:12
gunnarxIt also adds some clients audiomanager and browser looks like13:12
gunnarxNo I guess it's just different startup behavior for weston.  We would have to run/compare what clients are shown and available.  I don't know more but I have the address to the intel guy who wrote the wiki page.13:13
gunnarxCTtpollard:  The final q? for me is the browser_poc_hack.patch, is it renesas unique (as the build defines it today) or can it be applied to both builds...13:16
CTtpollardgunnarx: I think contacting the source of the change is the place we should start, and if you have found yocto magic that would let there be to weston.ini and it would pick the correct one at bitbake time then that seems sound13:17
gunnarxMy understanding is that the yocto magic is there already.  The koelsch subdirectory is there and it provides files that override the other ones if the MACHINE is koelsch13:19
gunnarxSo what I'm told, you just do the same for minnowboard, but that's assuming you need any difference.  I'm not convinced that we do.13:19
gunnarxfor weston.ini that is13:20
gunnarxbrowser_poc_hack remains as the main uncertainty13:20
gunnarxbut what's needed is really to build, test and compare13:21
CTtpollardlooking at the build log of the weston append, the patch was was switched to the complete weston.ini file on Feb 5th 201513:22
CTtpollardif the wiki instructions were made before that, that would explain it13:22
CTtpollardthe instructions don't make it clear if everything in the block is to be added to weston.ini13:24
CTtpollardi.e it's not a diff13:24
CTtpollardI would suspect if you were to the append at the time it was written, it would have already had the patch file inclusion there13:25
gunnarxThat's true but I suspect only koelsch was being worked on at that time.  The proposed minnowboard changes were documented March 26 it looks like13:26
gunnarxIn any case I think a reasonable guess is that the differences are not needed.13:27
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CTtpollardthe .patch file was commited to the repo on Feb 5th also13:27
gunnarxWeird.  I'm not sure there's much knowledge to be acquired here.  I'm mostly concerned with what to bring into the shared version, like the correct png file names for example.  I would just merge all of it together, and it needs to be tested.13:28
CTtpollardbut the append was updated to remove the .patch 7 mins later13:28
CTtpollardso I want to say the patch is redundant13:29
gunnarx:)  If you're drawing some conclusions let me know, because I stopped listening.13:29
jeremiahor reading, as the case may be.13:29
gunnarxbut why does it define graphics, icons, and stuff13:29
gunnarxis that stuff not useful stuff?13:29
gunnarxI'm just trying to avoid leaving behind anything useful is all13:30
CTtpollardgunnarx: I think it's pretty safe to say that the correct file names are included anyway, as it has the correct background.png on koelsh without requesting the patch13:32
fredcadetethe icons stuff are used by the desktop shell or by the example that comes from ivi-shell13:33
gunnarxCTtpollard:  It does? I did not see this in the source.13:35
gunnarx"GDP_Background.png"?  I see it in the SRC_URI of the bb, but how does it get into weston.ini without the patch?13:36
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CTtpollardwell as fredcadete says, if ivi-shell is providing them there is no need to provide them via the weston patch13:42
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CTtpollardI'm not sure if you managed to see what I last commented gunnarx13:46
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CTtpollardthe weston recipe in meta-ivi contains 31.patch files....13:51
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jonathanmawCTtpollard: yep, I think poky defines weston as a tarball of 1.5.0, plus a handful of patches. Then meta-ivi adds 31+ patches, then meta-genivi-demo adds a couple more13:58
jonathanmawso it takes a bit of work to reconstruct what the source tree looks like (though yocto probably has a clever tool to do it for them, somewhere)13:58
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CTtpollardI don't know what the best course of action is without knowing the reason a past maintainer / wiki editor did it in the first place14:05
waltminer*** AGL Layer Desiign Call started for those interested in joining ***14:06
waltminerTopic - How is gerrit process working?14:07
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waltminerTanikawa said we need tag naming rules and branch name rules14:15
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waltminerJan-Simon would be helpful to get automated build running so we can use that as a check in the review process14:17
* CTtpollard notices that the weston patch was removed from the append before the 0001-configure patch was added, so is lost to why the instructions list both 14:17
CTtpollardand systemd14:18
waltminerPaul discussing Jenkins vs other CI systems14:18
waltminerBuildbot from Yocto14:18
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waltminerTanikawa can you add your concern about committer ID14:20
TanikawaCurretly, I used commit ID to sync multiple repositories depend each others and decribes it into README.md14:21
waltminerJan-Simon suggests that we get a jenkins instance up and running for the gerrit workflow14:22
waltminerJSM can configure the server on LF server14:22
TanikawaBut when push multiple patches into multiple repositories, it is a bit troublesome. So I think we should use tag to point and sync multiple repositories.14:22
paulsherwood+1, sincie it will provide build validation for all reviews14:22
waltminerWalt to add Jira issue for JSM to perform the work14:22
paulsherwoods/for/to support/14:22
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waltminerTanikawa suggest we have two branches - master and development14:25
waltminerpossibly a third for CI14:26
waltminerCi / release14:26
* paulsherwood notes that linux kernel and other projects don't do it that way14:26
waltminerThis is a more clearcase type of thinking14:27
gunnarxCTtpollard:  sorry, in a meeting, missed the last discussion.  I saw "ivi-shell" providing them.  So is our understanding that the png files are installed by the weston recipe but used from ivi-shell?14:27
CTtpollardgunnarx: i'm trying to work out currently why the minnowguide seems to have cherrypicked what patch of the append it is running on14:32
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CTtpollardthe history of the append shows it move to using weston.ini, and then moving to use systemd,14:33
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CTtpollardthe append for the minnow had the systemd stuff, but not the weston.ini change that came before it14:33
yoshi_itoHow about the risk of "build error" on master branch when we use just 2 branch to manage repository.14:34
yoshi_itoMay we use another branch than master to prepend build error on master branch?14:34
paulsherwoodyoshi_ito: the point would be that gerrit can accept a +1 from the CI, so it should have been built successfully before merge14:34
paulsherwoodfor example in i believe all master commits are gated *only* on the ci14:35
paulsherwoodbut i understand Tanikawa's concerns about meta-data being different from code14:35
yoshi_itoHowever as Tanikawa-san mentioned in voice conf., sometimes meta files affects large scale build error.14:36
gunnarxSorry about my bad connection.  CTtpollard, I guess people have been working on different versions.  We have not had a really shared project.14:36
CTtpollardgunnarx: no worries, I had constant disconnections yesterday afternoon from freenode14:37
gunnarxSpeaking of which, let's discuss the setup of "official" submodule based project, since I think you support that.14:39
CTtpollardI can only suggest we try and build the minnow image from the default append koelsh and porter use, (and qemu) and see if it works14:40
CTtpollardgunarx: sure, I've beem a supporter for quite a while14:41
gunnarxOK so I think it's pretty much ready.  Everything is now based on upstream layers. The readme can be improved.14:44
gunnarxAnd I think we should have a quick mailing list poll about the name maybe?14:44
gunnarxA nicer name, basically just "genivi demo platform" would make sense to me14:44
gunnarxjeremiah can set up the git once we have a name.  I might retain a github fork for some experiments but that's normal14:46
CTtpollardgunnarx: how do you feel about keeping the manual instructions along side instructions for the submodule method?14:46
waltminerIto-san said that gstreamer 1.2.3 should be used to enable hardware codecs14:47
waltminerTanikawa-san said there are no instructions on how to enable the hw codecs14:47
gunnarxit's a matter of maintenance14:49
gunnarxand to some extent the instructions are just duplicating the same info, so I'd say they should probably be rewritten and minimized at least.14:49
gunnarxSome instructions are of course necessary but checking out exact hashes I doubt people will miss that much, but we should ask our community I guess (genivi-projects)14:49
gunnarxand various patches / manual modifications are now being committed instead...14:49
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waltminertanikawa-san has some things to try based on informaiton from Ito-san14:50
CTtpollardgunnarx: +1 on reduction of duplicates14:50
waltminernext up after gstreamer is qt to finish phase 114:52
CTtpollardespecially with porter and koelsch14:52
gunnarxOK, let's present our plans on mail and ask for feedback.  I think this is a proposal from you as maintainer, not from me? ;)14:53
gunnarxI make enough noise...14:53
CTtpollardconstructive noise14:53
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gunnarx+license information ought to be added15:08
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gunnarxCTtpollard:  Something to consider about workflow, I removed the master branch to clarify it should not be relied upon.  However, for changes that are useful for all variants I find it quite  nice to have a branch to put them on, and then merge into each of the specific branches15:10
CTtpollardgunnarx: the steps to place the propertairy renesas drivers in the correct dirs still needs to be included15:10
CTtpollardgunnarx: master would fit the purpose for global changes I think15:11
CTtpollardwhat do you think?15:11
gunnarxBut to do that you need to have a common parent from which all the build-specific changes have been applied after.  Basically when you merge from master, only the new diff should come along.  If I were to merge from koelsch to minnowboard for example, the minnowboard branch would be messed up with koelsch stuff15:13
gunnarxthat no longer exists :)15:13
gunnarxre: renesas, yes I agree15:13
gunnarxhow about adding a directory where such blobs live (but not committing them)15:13
gunnarxbinary-tmp according to the description.  but it could be called firmware / extras ...15:13
gunnarxresources ?15:13
gunnarxthen you could commit the copying scripts.  The only thing the user needs to do is drop the binaries into the directory.15:13
gunnarxso to recap, recreating a base branch "master" from which all other changes stem might need a little trickery now.15:14
gunnarxnaming: I'd propose calling that one develop or such.  People have different workflows but many assume that something called "master" is buildable, which would not be guaranteed here, IMO15:14
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gunnarxmorning, Mr CAN frames :)15:16
CTtpollardgunnarx: the copying scripts already come with meta-renesas so there is probably no point commiting it in two locations15:16
jlrmagnusTsk. You should know that I know UDP frames as well.15:17
jlrmagnusJag har många strängar på min lyra.15:17
CTtpollardgunnarx: develop / core or suites me15:19
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CTtpollardgunnarx: what changes do you see multiple boards both requiring, as I see it it would be shared changes to local.conf?15:30
gunnarxjust in general.15:31
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gunnarxall I'm saying is that if we wanted to create a devel branch it needs to branch off early in the tree like that, if I'm not totally confused about things, which happens15:36
gunnarxyou could rebase on top of master also each time to avoid the merge commits, but the history would be quite misleading.15:37
CTtpollardyeh it's an interesting approach to think about15:45
gunnarxlike I said that is just a result of the original master having been thrown away really, you would need to find the right place to recreate it15:48
gunnarxotherwise forget that, make common changes on any of the branches and cherryppick it over to the others. It generally works too but does not feel as clean somehow.15:48
CTtpollardtakes away the git magic15:53
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CTtpollardgunnarx: I think we've hashed out enough to put into an email, it'll be the first job on my list for the morning15:59
gunnarxgood man15:59
gunnarxtoday is tuesday, therefore a large burger for dinner.  good night all.16:00
CTtpollardah, it's international burger day on thursday so I shall wait for that16:00
CTtpollardnight gunnarx16:00
*** gunnarx has quit IRC16:01
CTtpollardah, seems to be a UK thing16:01
myselfnot very international!16:01
CTtpollardindeed, 28th May seems to be the international day. I shall celebrate both16:02
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stevel_quick comment before I go home...19:07
*** josemic has quit IRC19:07
stevel_If the koelsch weston.ini comments are referring to the following in the GDP src /recipes-graphics/wayland/weston/koelsch/weston.ini19:07
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stevel_then that is not a requirement of the BSP. Short story is that it was put there by the then maintainer as a workaround for a perceived issue in Layer Manager.19:08
stevel_Feeling was that LM was not consistentally enumerating displays out to the same values and this may be part of the early display issues that were seen.19:09
stevel_As GDP started on Koeslch that  weston.ini was created to disable the other displays so the issue would not appear.19:09
stevel_Personally, although that may or may not be an issue in LM, I don't think that was the cause of the gfx issues and could be safely removed. That appears to be born out by the fact Porter does not have one.19:10
stevel_Although as Tom says would also make sense to follow up with the originator.19:11
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