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* CTtpollard begins a minnow gdp build without the patch08:30
* rjek gets confused for a moment because one of his co-lo servers is called minnow.08:31
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CTtpollardPhilippe raises a good point on the list10:58
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CTtpollardare you here jeremiah?11:22
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henning_bHello ^^12:08
henning_bHas anyone made use of automotive linux in their own project cars?12:08
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rjekThe only Linux I've ever used in a car was an Empeg.  It rocked.12:17
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FelixHWe did our own Debian based system before to hear about AGL :/12:20
dzensame here12:20
rjekDebian's not a bad choice at all.12:21
rjekInfact, until reasonably recently, it was probably the best. </biased opinion>12:21
dzenbecause of systemd ?12:21
rjekNo, more that there are more targetted distributions and tools now.12:21
rjekIf I'm going to be in a car running 100 million lines of code, I'd want it to be maintained by the most anal people on Earth, which the Debian Project attracts in droves.12:22
FelixHWe had to chose between Debian and Yocto too, we mainly chose Debian because we are used to it and Yocto can be hard to get into12:22
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* CTtpollard waits... and waits for mkefidisk to do its thing 14:20
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CTtpollard;a=summary exists, thanks jeremiah14:52
CTtpollardhas anyone else deployed the gdp minnowboard image to SD with the from poky?15:04
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jeremiahCTtpollard: Hiya, sorry, bunch of meetings today so I haven't been around much15:19
jeremiahI'm connected via irrsi though. :-)15:20
jeremiahrjek: That's not a biased opinion, clearly based on facts. =D15:21
jeremiahBTW, I've been working on getting most of GENIVI's software packaged as debs so we can just run it on a minimal debian image15:22
jeremiahIts taking way longer than planned because life15:22
jeremiahokay, checking out for home now, see everyone later.15:23
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CTtpollardbye jeremiah_afk, and morning jlrmagnus !15:26
rjekuser equilibrium achieved.15:27
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jlrmagnusMorning CTtpollard15:32
jlrmagnusNew project: Dynamic Agents.15:39
jlrmagnusJust some docs so far, but we are charging ahead with this as the next RVI project.15:40
jlrmagnusFlashy presentation for non-techies provided:15:40
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waltminerping paulsherwood20:42
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