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noisecelljjardon, ironfoot, I think the cache is still not working after the build, am I right thinking this?
noisecellas example: build-minimal-system-deploy should get the cache artifacts from build-minimal-system job but it doesn't09:28
noisecellsame for the other jobs :/09:28
ironfoot[17:17:25] <ironfoot> indeed, the keyword is "Pushing" the artifact10:25
ironfoot[17:17:31] <ironfoot> I can't see that happening10:25
ironfootI updated buildstream there using our Ansible scripts10:30
ironfootI don't know if anything else is needed to make it work10:31
ironfoot[fedora@ostree ~]$ bst --version10:31
noisecellironfoot, ok, thanks :/ I assume that we need more investigation10:35
noisecelljjardon, do you know if the ostree cache is working for freedesktop-sdk project and which version of bst are they using?10:52
ironfootsomething seems to be pushing artifacts here10:59
ironfootbut there is no way for me to figure out from where and what10:59
noisecellthe server doesn't have a log? if it is via ssh, is nothing in the journalctl that tells you if a new ssh connection has been created and from where?11:00
noisecellironfoot, ^^11:00
ironfootit goes through a haproxy server, so all the connections come from there11:01
ironfootAccepted publickey for ostree from
ironfootlet's see if bst-artifact-receive produces anything11:02
ironfootso, i re-triggered
ironfootand that is not actively trying to connect to ostree via ssh12:02
ironfootnoisecell: btw, the smallest and quickest thing we can try to send to the cache manually is initramfs/initramfs-scripts.bst12:04
noisecellironfoot, thanks for the info and for continue checking ont this12:33
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (pedro/reenable-push->master: Update buildstream.conf to enable pushing) #81 changed state ("opened"):
ironfootright, that was the bugger13:37
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (pedro/reenable-push->master: Update buildstream.conf to enable pushing) #81 changed state ("opened"):
ironfootseems to enable again the uploads using 1.1.313:38
ironfootwe can wait until at least the deploy minimal job, and see if it worked13:38
ironfootflatmush: you might be interested in getting that fix in your fork13:38
ironfootnoisecell: i guess you can do that too ^13:39
noisecellironfoot, I am going to add it, although in our fork we need to have better runners, though13:39
noisecellI think it is timing out because our runners are not fast enough13:39
noisecellif I am not mistaken13:40
ironfootthen, you are welcome to work on a baserock/definitions branch13:40
noisecellironfoot, ta! :)13:40
noisecellin any case I will add it to the fork, just in case13:40
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ironfootok, that works15:11
ironfootbut this is a bit funny:
ironfootwhat is "sending artifact"15:13
ironfootand also, why pushin something I've just fetched?15:13
ironfootright, I've set it to merge when the CI passes, but that log is funny15:21
noisecellironfoot, might be worth opening an issue in buildstream for this?15:22
noisecellit might be fixed when they add the new cache but who knows15:22
noisecellironfoot, ^^15:28
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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/bst_1_1_3->master: .gitlab-ci.yml: Use buildstream 1.1.3) #78 changed state ("closed"):
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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (pedro/reenable-push->master: Update buildstream.conf to enable pushing) #81 changed state ("merged"):

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