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jjardonnoisecell: did you noticed the cache server not working when you were doing some work recently?13:40
flatmushThe pipelines are all between 8 and 10 hours, so I'm guessing caching has not been working for a while13:44
noisecelljjardon, I didn't, they were flatmush's pushes13:45
jjardonnoisecell: I meant some weeks ago: last commit in master is from you13:47
noisecelljjardon, no, I didn't notice it.13:48
noisecelljjardon, did I change anything that broke the cache? could updating bst to 1.1.3 cause to break the cache?13:49
noisecellI think it is the only change that could break that in my patch series13:49
flatmushlooks like it broke around the 1.1.3 update13:49
noisecelljjardon, in any case 1.0.1 had the issue of the cache key calculation also definitions wasn't working for 1.0.1, if you remember13:50
jjardonnoisecell: the fact is the commit before merging your branch was fine: -> (24 min) vs 8h now13:58
jjardonnoisecell: can you try and revert to the upgrade to 1.1.3 and see if that's the problem?13:58
noisecelljjardon, you want me to send a branch pointing to -> ??14:01
jjardonnoisecell:  somehow seems some of your changes make the cache to stop working: I think revert only the commit to upgrade bst would be enough but you can try and revert the whole thing if you want14:02
jjardonor do both: simply push the branches and see what happen in the CI14:03
noisecelljjardon, ok, I will send both branches14:03
noisecelljjardon, and
jjardonthanks, let's see14:08
jjardonseems reverting the 1.1.3 upgrade did the trick:
jjardonnoisecell: flatmush I guess you have two options: revert or investigate why is failing to work with 1.1.314:13
noisecelljjardon, can you check the cache?14:13
noisecellI mean did someone got pushed?14:13
noisecellbecause that only shows that it is getting the cache14:14
jjardonyeah, that the only thing we need14:14
noisecellas downloading the artifacts14:14
jjardonbefore is not getting anything14:14
jjardonbefore was not getting anything14:14
noisecelljjardon, no, we need to see if anything got pushed as well14:14
noisecelljjardon, can you see any artifacts pushed from master when my changes got into master?14:15
noisecellwhere we can check the cache?14:15
jjardonnoisecell: why anything would be pushed if it's getting everyinthg from the cache>14:15
noisecellwhere is the cache? it is local?14:15
noisecellare the runners not separated?14:15
jjardonbst cache is in a server in DigitalOcean14:16
noisecellso the cache comes from a server?14:16
noisecellthen, we need to see if there are artifacts in that cache14:16
* jjardon confused14:16
jjardonwhy would need to do that? we already proof that downgrading bst the runner manage to download the cache, right?14:17
noisecelljjardon, I want to check if there are any artifact in DigitalOcean server from my 1.1.3 master patches14:17
noisecelljjardon, to check that up is not broken14:17
noisecellyou have only tested that download the cache is not broken not that upload the cache is doing what is should do14:17
jjardonnoisecell: do you have a ssh public key? I can give you access14:19
jjardonnoisecell: can you try to ssh@ ?14:23
noisecelljjardon, permission denied ... I use ssh as user is that right?14:24
jjardonnoisecell: no sorry!14:25
jjardonuse root14:25
noisecelljjardon, do you know where this cache artifacts could be stored?14:26
jjardonmmm, let me see14:29
noisecelljjardon, seems empty to me...but Im not sure what Im looking at14:30
* jjardon confused (again)14:34
jjardon says it should be in /srv14:34
noisecellthat folder is empty14:35
noisecelljjardon, that service is not in the system14:38
noisecelland therefore it hasn't run ever14:38
jjardonnoisecell: yeah, I think we are looking to the incorrect server /o\14:43
noisecellheh :)14:43
jjardonthis is the one with the gitlab cache, not bst cache XD14:43 is the one!14:44
jjardonI do not have access to that one though; maybe ironfoot ?14:45
noisecelljjardon, you can navigate through the URL14:45
noisecelljjardon, -- if you look at core-python3/ for example hasn't been updated since 2017-Dec-0414:46
noisecellso it seems not to be pushing the cache up14:47
jjardonnoisecell: yup14:49
jjardonstill strange there is no errors in the build logs14:49
jjardonlet me recheck14:49
noisecellwith 1.1.3 --- I think it was working for 1.0.114:49
jjardonI think14:51
jjardonthe problem can be14:51
jjardonthat we need to update the bsst version on the srever as well14:51
jjardonmaybe some incompatibility14:52
noisecelljjardon, do you know how to do that?14:52
jjardonyeah, but I do not have access to that server :(14:52
noisecellironfoot, ^^ ? :/14:53
jjardon(It's as simply as installing buildstream in your machine: pip3  install .14:53
jjardonwith ansible everything is autodocumented :)14:54
noisecelljjardon, yeah, that's nice :)14:55
noisecellbut... is that running from master?14:55
noisecellor from 1.0.1?14:56
jjardonflatmush: so recommendation for you: revert the upgrade to 1.1.3 for now14:56
noisecellI can not see the version14:56
jjardonseems it is : bf8fc373d7711861129ab841a74ecf32b3d8b2dd14:56
ironfoothi all, haven't read those pings yet. Give me a few mins :)14:57
jjardonbut better double check what is actually in the server14:57
flatmushjjardon: will do14:57
ironfootah, upgrading ostree?14:57
ironfooti have access to that server if that's what we want14:57
jjardonironfoot: no, buildstream14:57
ironfootyes, sorry, upgrading bst in ostree14:57
jjardon(maybe you need a ostree update as well)14:57
ironfootI'll look into it14:58
ironfootto what version? 1.1.3?14:58
noisecellironfoot, yes14:58
noisecellI assume at some point we will need to think about setting up the CAS cache14:58
jjardonyeah, we are working in the ansible for freedesktop-sdk, so we can share it when done14:59
noisecelljjardon, thank you14:59
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ironfootupgrading it, ansible script seems to be doing well. Where can we test the result?15:32
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gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (pedro/ostre-upgrade-bst->master: baserock_ostree: Upgrade Buildstream to version 1.1.3) #29 changed state ("opened"):
ironfootRight, upgraded. I'd like to know if it works before merging anything15:40
ironfooti guess we can see if uploads anything15:42
ironfoot[00:00:01][a7c9a680][build:gnu-toolchain/stage1-binutils.bst] SUCCESS Caching artifact15:45
jjardonironfoot: AFAIK that means locally cached, not pushed16:00
jjardongtristan: ^ ?16:01
ironfootyeah, probably given that it takes 0s16:05
ironfootindeed, the keyword is "Pushing" the artifact16:17
ironfootI can't see that happening16:17
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gtristanif there is no push queue showing in the status area, only build & fetch, then BuildStream did not successfully connect to (or authenticate ?) the remote server at launch time17:49
gtristanat the very beginning of the log after the pipeline status (all the cache keys)... there should be an attempt to connect if things are configured to17:50
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