IRC logs for #baserock for Friday, 2018-07-27

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ironfootjjardon: did you retrigger this one for any particular reason?
ironfootis this like a daily trigger that comes under your name?10:06
ironfootthe thing is that it got stuck, and i wanted to cancel it, but also wondered10:07
jjardonironfoot: daily trigger10:08
ironfooti see, thanks!10:08
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noisecellironfoot, do you have access to these runners?11:16
noisecellI am interested to see if these things that got stuck have issues with SafeHardLinks11:16
noisecellironfoot, ^^11:17
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ironfootnoisecell: they got stuck pretty early in the build. When downloading the docker container11:37
noisecelloh, ok, unrelated to what Im looking at. thanks ironfoot11:38
ironfootI don't have access to the runners though, so I can't tell11:42
benbrown_ironfoot: You don't?11:43
ironfootbenbrown_: tbf I've never tried11:43
ironfootI didn't set them up and I don't expect my ssh keys to be in there11:43
benbrown_Oh wow, DO has changed a lot since I last looked11:45
benbrown_Huh, that looks very wrong11:46
benbrown_50 running droplets?11:46
* benbrown_ wonders how long some of these have been hanging around11:46
benbrown_One has been there since June 26th11:47
benbrown_These definitely need tidying up :/11:47
benbrown_There are two managers11:48
benbrown_I don't know what each are for11:48
ironfootdouble hm..#11:48
benbrown_jjardon: ?11:48
benbrown_jjardon: Also, has the host key changed for the old one?11:51
benbrown_Hrm, potentially an entirely new host11:53
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