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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/license->master: Add MIT license) #80 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/license->master: Add MIT license) #80 changed state ("opened"):
paulsherwoodjjardon: who says MIT was the defacto licence?13:32
jjardonI think it is, but is difficult to know as the project doesnt have license at all13:32
* paulsherwood had thought, but may be wrong, that we concluded that it wasn't worth attempting to apply a licence to yaml?13:32
jjardonthen this project is propietary13:32
* jjardon thinks he explains that before13:33
paulsherwoodinteresting theory. you may be right13:33
* jjardon removes the claim about MIT13:33
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/license->master: Add MIT license) #80 changed state ("opened"):
paulsherwoodnot sure we can just go and (re)licence like that, without checking history to establish provenance13:34
benbrown_many of the extensions are gpl 213:34
jjardonpaulsherwood: what plan of action do you suggest? happy to help fix this13:34
benbrown_actually, have they been removed from master?13:34
* paulsherwood doesn't know... thinking13:35
benbrown_apparently so13:35
jjardonbenbrown_: I have added "If not specified otherwise, all the contents in this repo are licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE file on the root folder)" Not sure that's enough13:35
paulsherwoodjjardon: what's the problem we are fixing, precisely?13:35
jjardonpaulsherwood: be able to use definitions on other projects13:36
jjardonright now looks like it is a FOSS project, but without a license, technically is a propietary one (we keep all the rigths)13:36
jjardonlicense is used to express what rights we give to others13:37
paulsherwoodwell the intention is not to keep rights13:37
jjardonexactly, that's why we need a license, as per default we keep all the rigths13:37
paulsherwoodi think when we checked other similar projects, we found they weren't licencing (e.g. bitbake build recipes) but i may be wrong13:38
* paulsherwood has a faulty memory sometimes13:38
flatmushdoesn't mean they're right though, anything that has no license is copyrighted by default13:39
flatmushif we can't license all of the project, then the YAML files should have a license added to the top, despite it looking horrible and messy13:39
flatmushon OFC it was a good move since it improved the comment ratio on openhub :)13:39
jjardonpaulsherwood: bitbake recipes are MIT13:40
* paulsherwood suggests mailing the list, to ask if anyone objects to applying MIT licence from now on13:40
paulsherwoodand then merging after a suitable grace period13:40
flatmushwouldn't you need explicit permission from any non-codethink contributor to definitions?13:40
flatmushI've done this once in the past and I e-mailed every contributor directly.13:41
paulsherwoodflatmush: perhaps. i think it depends on the scale of the contribution, and whether the contribution was orgiinal or not13:41
paulsherwoodgiven there was no "licence" before, it's just de-facto copyright... if we assert MIT Copyrigh The Baserock Project Contributors i think we'd have it covered13:42
paulsherwoodnot a lawyer, though.13:43
paulsherwoodjjardon: while we're on, is there some trick to allow runners more than 3 hours for a pipeline?13:43
flatmushpaulsherwood: I'm pretty sure you can't MIT something on behalf of someone else13:44
flatmushsince you're making promises about their copyright13:44
paulsherwoodhmmm. of course you may be right13:44
flatmushmay :)13:45
paulsherwoodyup... not sure this would ever trigger an actual disagreement, let alone a definitive ruling13:45
paulsherwoodflatmush: in the previous case, did you get replies from all contributors?13:46
flatmushI did yes, and I hadn't spoken to the people in years13:46
flatmushbut I think there were only 5 people13:46
paulsherwoodjjardon: are you ok to do git blame on master, and email all contribs?13:46
paulsherwoodflatmush: or would you expect this on all previous versions, not just master?13:47
flatmushif we're only MIT'ing master then we only need to care about what's in it13:47
flatmushof course, if we ever plan on merging/cherry-picking branches, then we'd need permission from everyone13:47
* paulsherwood sighs :-)13:48
paulsherwoodjjardon: for completeness, all contribs, all branches13:48
flatmushshould be fine to do master, if we license at the top of every file13:48
flatmushthen any file that's merged without a license header, isn't MIT13:48
flatmushand we could e-mail the contributor if that ever happens13:49
paulsherwoodsimpler to try to do everyone at once. i expect most will be fine with it13:49
flatmushyeah, hard to imagine anyone being too crazy about MIT13:49
flatmushunless richard stallman contributed anything13:49
jjardonpaulsherwood:  sure, I will try email the mailing list and CC everyone that have ever contributed13:52
jjardonpaulsherwood: mmm, no contributors from outside Codethink (at least for master); Is still needed to send an email to everyone? I guess Codethink kept the copyright on those cases13:56
flatmushcodethink has copyright by default for any work done in working time13:57
flatmushso shouldn't be needed13:57
benbrown_There are out of hours commits from non-codethink emails14:01
paulsherwoodflatmush: what benbrown_ said14:01
paulsherwoodcodethink expressly encourages personal contributions, and those contributions are not (c) codethink14:02
jjardonyeah, there are some personal email addresses though, so maybe is still worth asking14:02
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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/license->master: WIP: Add MIT license) #80 changed state ("opened"):
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