IRC logs for #baserock for Monday, 2018-07-23

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noisecellgood morning!07:24
noisecellit looks like is down for me, is it for anyone else too?07:25
noisecell<noisecell> it looks like is down for me, is it for anyone else too?08:46
noisecellironfoot, paulsherwood, benbrown_ ^^ ?08:46
paulsherwoodfraid so08:51
ironfootoh my rocks08:54
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ironfoot<g.b.o> ironfoot: I'm dying up here...09:03
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ironfooti couldn't do anything else than a hard reboot09:05
noisecellwow, what is the state of the machine? do the logs say what did happen?09:05
ironfoottrying to get some info now. the hosting provider dashboard says it has been using 100% for at least 12 h09:07
ironfoot100% of the cpu09:07
noisecello.O' --09:09
noisecellironfoot, in any case thank you very much for rebooting the machine!09:09
ironfootthank you for telling us it was down :)09:10
ironfootmany errors the 19th, the same one many many times:
ironfooti'm not convinced that is the root cause09:25
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