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gtristanso artifact splitting strikes again... maybe somebody here has an idea what went wrong, but it's a bit mind boggling09:36
gtristanSo I get this stack trace:
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gtristanThis is borking because while splitting artifacts in the system, it does not find a symlink which is supposed to be there09:37
gtristanthe symlink is in the artifact, though09:37
gtristanThe symlink is also a /broken/ symlink09:38
gtristanHowever, in *normal* times, this works well09:38
gtristanthe change which caused this to happen (and this is where things get stranger)...09:38
* paulsherwood wonders what gtristan is doing, to provoke this particular cockroach09:39
gtristanis adding a file to /etc/ so that the <nonstandard prefix> is now in the ld search path09:39
gtristanso that file was always supposed to be there, part of the build had hacks to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH while building because we had neglected to add it (it would seem anyway, that ld conf is in the ultimate target)09:40
gtristananyway; so what happened is changing the ld conf search path, caused the above ybd staging failure09:40
gtristanI am running a build with the broken symlink removed and hoping that it will pass, if it does then it's not a huge immediate problem09:41
gtristanbecause the symlink was always a broken one, but I'm not sure it will pass yet (/me has another ~70 builds to run)09:42
gtristanon another side note, I noticed that default artifact splitting rules dont take prefix into account either09:44
gtristanwhich means when you install many things into a non-standard prefix, or have a system with various prefixes for different purposes, by default at least; all of those files end up in -misc09:44
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* paulsherwood is not entirely surprised09:45
gtristanI'm not sure that 'prefix' is an entirely correct thing, as using it sort of imposes a convention as a rule (i.e. that a prefix has a bin/ lib/ etc)09:46
gtristanbut anyway, seems prefix is specifically meant for bootstrap09:46
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locallycompactlet's pull these in
locallycompactjjardon paulsherwood ^11:01
locallycompactpedroalvarez, ^11:01
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jjardonlocallycompact: reviewed11:26
jjardonIts probably my blindness, but can anyone spot why is failing?11:27
pedroalvarezjjardon: [TARGET] Target is /builds/baserock/definitions/minimal-system-x86_64-chroot x86_6411:34
pedroalvarezthat seems to have removed "systems" from the path?11:34
pedroalvarezI can't look deeper into this, but that might be a clue11:34
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jjardonmmm, seems to be a known bug:
locallycompactOh who will take my precious monkeys to be baptised.
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jjardonlocallycompact: Ive fire up a pipeline with that branch in definitions: lets see how it goes16:06
locallycompactjjardon, tvm16:09
locallycompactwhy is that even possible when the main ci passes16:26
locallycompactjjardon, try against lc/staging/fixes216:28
locallycompactdrops OSFS16:28
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jjardonlocallycompact:  seems deploy fails:
locallycompactsomething is screwy, that hasn't changed from master17:11
locallycompactthat code is in master17:11
* jjardon working in a patch to add deploy to ybd ci17:14
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locallycompactjjardon, I will rebase all six against that individually17:29
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