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jjardonlocallycompact nice. Time to add some ci to the spec repo as well?06:14
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jjardonlocallycompact paulsherwood can you review ?11:55
locallycompactI approved that already11:56
jjardon:) thanks!11:56
* jjardon should have refreshed the browser tab before asking11:56
locallycompactjjardon, can you help me move some of this in
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gtristanThis relatively simple patch fixes's composition of the PATH env variable:
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paulsherwoodeek... looks like something's broken idempotence on the runners
paulsherwoodcould that have been by any chance?13:24
locallycompactThat's been happening anyway13:27
locallycompactSince at least a week13:27
locallycompactgit clone isn't idempotent anyway for some reason it isn't using clean dockers or something13:28
paulsherwoodjjardon: any idea what's changed to cause this?13:32
jjardonpaulsherwood: no idea13:38
jjardonpaulsherwood: can you aprove ?13:40
jjardonpaulsherwood: nothing has changed in the runners configuration since at least 3 weeks13:42
jjardon(well, at least not by me)13:43
paulsherwoodjjardon: i've approved it, rebased13:53
jjardonlocallycompact: do you know what happen with this pipeline?
jjardonseems its being running for the last 2 days?13:58
locallycompactjust ui bug13:59
locallycompactbuilds are finished14:00
paulsherwoodjjardon: definitely broke things. shall we revert it, or fix the breakage?14:03
locallycompactgit clone definitions error is nothing to do with that commit, it's been happening for over a week14:06
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: can you point to an example? the fails i looked at were not this14:08
locallycompacttwo days ago in !275
locallycompactand probably every other merge of mine has at least one cache_keys_v1 failure14:09
locallycompactI am pressing this retry button until it goes away normally14:09
locallycompactbut it seems to be getting more frequent14:10
locallycompactthe docker image there already has everything from requirements.txt too so it's definitely being reused14:10
paulsherwoodhmmm. we must've changed *something* to cause this breakage14:10
locallycompactor maybe gitlab started reusing dockers from previous steps and wasn't previously14:12
locallycompactor we did that14:12
locallycompactbut I don't think we did anything like that14:12
pedroalvarezmaybe is reusing the state, but not the docker container14:13
pedroalvarez(you can mount folders inside the docker containers, and they will persist outside them once they are killed)14:13
locallycompactif it has site-packages then it might as well be mounting the whole system14:14
pedroalvarezyou have started using a different docker container, maybe that one  has some of the dependencies needed?14:15
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locallycompactno normally looks like this
jjardonpaulsherwood: we are not using the new docker image yet14:20
paulsherwoododd, then. i'm about to try a patch, anyway14:23
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jjardonpaulsherwood: seems that MR failed?16:38
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jjardonpaulsherwood: I think I found the problem: MaxBuilds should be 1 so only one build is done in a runner18:29
jjardonmaybe they have changed the default as we do not specify anything at the moment18:29
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