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locallycompactone more for this spec change?11:40
gtristanlocallycompact, just uploaded a cleaner ybd patch on btw11:49
gtristanand oops, looks like pep8 wants an extra empty line between functions11:52
gtristan(although the runner error doesnt seem to indicate that exactly)11:52
* gtristan resubmits with pep8 fix11:56
locallycompactjjardon, I made you a thing
locallycompactpedroalvarez, I know you would love to approve this spec change
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locallycompactI said we should pin dependency versions of ybd, now an update to a ybd dependency has broken every master13:52
locallycompactI will update that13:53
jjardonlocallycompact: nice, I commented in the MR14:01
locallycompactthe new one looks much better actually
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jjardoncan someone else review ? ybd master is broken at the moment because of this14:47
jjardongtristan: paulsherwood  ^14:48
pedroalvarezmaybe 2 reviews are too many? having someone that can "+2" things might be a good idea14:48
pedroalvarezalso, would it be sensible to fix the breackage instead of freezing the deps?14:49
pedroalvarez(i believe that was what paulsherwood wanted when not wanting to freeze the dependencies)14:49
locallycompactone sec14:50
jjardonlocallycompact already do that in another patch:
locallycompactI will break that out separately14:50
locallycompactok now it's just the upgrade
locallycompactpedroalvarez, if we do that by default, then if someone is using the same definitions as we are  then they will just break and not know what is happening14:53
locallycompactbut I like that the ci spotted there was a new version of pyfs14:53
locallycompactapprove this one instead for now
pedroalvareznow i wonder15:02
pedroalvarezcnn i cancel my approval?15:02
pedroalvarezi cant?15:04
* pedroalvarez adds a poo to the merge request as a note that he doesn't want to approve the change anymore15:06
pedroalvareznow i like gitlab and using poo's in Merge requests15:07
locallycompactI poo it too15:08
locallycompacthmm can't downvote my own MR15:08
locallycompactjust poo15:08
locallycompactand a koala bear15:09
pedroalvarezhahaha I totally agree15:10
jjardonit fails with this commit:
jjardonlocallycompact: anahuelamo (or anyone else) do you have any free time to review ?16:11
locallycompactlooks cool16:12
anahuelamojjardon, sure16:14
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jjardonanahuelamo: locallycompact can you review again , please ? the approvals were lost when I rebase manually against master16:55
jjardonanahuelamo: locallycompact can you review  as well?16:59
jjardonalso ?17:02
locallycompactradiofree, could you check over the first of splitting/manifest renovation17:02
radiofreeok, i'll test it over the weekend17:13
locallycompactok, it should not be a functional change17:15
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jjardonanahuelamo: can you review as well? It will help to have more runners available17:56
locallycompactthis too please
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