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jjardonanahuelamo: are you still working on the definitions' usr-merge branch?10:58
anahuelamojjardon, I haven't worked on that in the last few days, but I don't know if the work is finished. Besides, gnmoe system is still not working after the usr-merge11:02
jjardonlocallycompact: hey! seems the patch to move to python3 doesn't handle the changes in ybd/ correctly:
* paulsher1ood is not happy dropping python2 support11:07
gtristanAh, I almost forgot... ok pedroalvarez ... would you prefer like, 5 branches or just one ?11:07
jjardonanahuelamo: do you have any log of what was the problem with the gnome system?11:08
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locallycompactjjardon, hmm11:08
locallycompactwait what11:08
locallycompactthis is definitions11:08
anahuelamojjardon, this is the last log:
locallycompactthis is the py3 branch for ybd
jjardonlocallycompact: yeah, but Im using your ybd branch11:12
locallycompactdefinitions needs to update its docker11:12
jjardonah, ok. My fault11:13
jjardonlet  me try again11:13
pedroalvarezgtristan: you mean patches? if only five of them I think I prefer them11:13
gtristanpedroalvarez, no, I have probably around 20 patches11:13
pedroalvarezI can take 1 if you prefer,11:13
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pedroalvarezalthough I fear it will be difficult to read11:14
gtristanpedroalvarez, I mean branches, right now I have one branch for each system that we keep and maintain11:14
gtristanand one branch for the "unmaintained"11:14
pedroalvarezbranches as in git branches of definitions?11:14
gtristaneach one has first a patch to move the system/clusters in a new directory, followed by a patch for each stratum that moves with it11:14
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gtristanpedroalvarez, exactly, each branch in succession depends on the previous one being merged11:14
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gtristanpedroalvarez, want me to squash each topic branch into a single commit instead, since gerrit sucks ?11:20
* paulsherwood hates irssi briefly11:21
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pedroalvarezgtristan: might be a good idea, yes11:26
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locallycompactwhy does python say this isn't a directory when it is a directory
jmacsThat says it is a directory11:36
leemingisn't ".egg-info' a directory? so missing a slash11:37
locallycompactthis part of ybd returns False11:37
locallycompact    file_stat = os.lstat(srcpath)11:37
locallycompact    mode = file_stat.st_mode11:37
locallycompact    if stat.S_ISDIR(mode):11:37
rjekos.remove can't remove directories, IIRC11:37
locallycompactS_ISDIR returns false11:37
locallycompactand then it follows11:37
locallycompact    elif stat.S_ISREG(mode):11:38
locallycompactis true11:38
locallycompactand then calls regular remove11:38
leeminglstat... hmm is it a symlink?11:38
locallycompactdoes not look like symlink11:38
jmacsErm, are srcpath and destpath the same thing?11:38
locallycompactwhat is this doing11:39
jmacsYour paste refers to destpath11:39
locallycompactI don't know what this function is supposed to do
paulsherwoodfor a a pre-existing directory tree (srcpath) it copies or links (action_func) the files into a new tree (destpath). root is destpath when it's called normally, but there are some cases where recursion is required on subtrees, irrc11:45
locallycompactit's somehow decided that the srcpath of Cython-0.2.2-py3.5.egg-info is a regular file?11:46
paulsherwoodit's only called directly by the two functions above it (hardlink_all_files, and copy_all_files) and by itself during recursion11:46
locallycompactit's a regular file in the artifact11:47
locallycompactbut a folder in the debris11:47
jjardonlocallycompact: is this where the problem with your branch is at the moment?
locallycompactIf you just want to merge python3 use the lc/py3 ybd branch11:48
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: i'm not going to merge python3, sorry11:48
locallycompactotherwise you need the staging/010 branch of definitions also11:48
jjardonlocallycompact: oh, ok; let me retry11:49
locallycompactpaulsherwood, I need the language features to get rid of the twisted recursion in ybd11:49
jjardonlocallycompact: Is there (or will be) a migration script or something for the changes in definitions?11:49
locallycompactjjardon, there is11:50
locallycompactin the spec11:50
jjardoncool, thanks11:50
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: it should be possible to import them 'from the future' so that you can retain py2 compatibility iiuc11:51
locallycompactpaulsherwood, python is on the whole already very limiting, python 2 is just plain crippled, and there is nobody who does not have access to python311:51
locallycompactpaulsherwood, it isn't, there are three language features I'm using that are just not possible in python 211:51
locallycompactI will show you11:51
locallycompact#1, yielding from generator expressions so that you have nested data structures as a single iterator:
locallycompacti.e, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, build-essential, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, core, yielding the "thing" in question, plus the staging supports (contents/deps)11:54
locallycompactthat's not linear11:55
locallycompact#2, sorting by index to sort by build-dependency
locallycompact#3. exception chaining to figure out where validation failed in deep validation
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* locallycompact wonders how much of that got through12:02
jmacsIs there a way to get the results of a gitlab CI run in machine-readable form?12:06
paulsherwoodjmacs: can you expand on what you're looking for?12:09
jmacsI want the informationon this page:, i.e. the tests the ran, which passed, and the commit id, in YAML or JSON or XML12:11
jmacs suggests it's not possible yet12:11
jjardonjmacs: something like this?
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jmacsMaybe, if 'builds' means tests as well12:18
jmacsI'm not sure why it requires me to authenticate12:18
jmacsjjardon: That only seems to tell me whether a pipeline instance passed or not; it doesn't say anything about the result of PEP8, for example13:10
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gtristanpedroalvarez, that last one is really silly ( )14:14
gtristansuggest just merge that straight away and check out the others14:14
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pedroalvarezi feel like is not complete14:31
pedroalvarezfor example, in
pedroalvarezshouldn't that point to trove/strata/...14:32
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jjardongtristan: that branch seems to not compile:
pedroalvarez<pedroalvarez> i feel like is not complete14:56
pedroalvarez<pedroalvarez> for example, in
pedroalvarez<pedroalvarez> shouldn't that point to trove/strata/... ?14:56
pedroalvarezalso that^14:56
jjardonlocallycompact: is this where you are at the moment?
locallycompact(still loading)15:04
paulsherwoodbah :)15:04
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locallycompactjjardon, systems/weston-qt-system-x86_64.morph15:21
gtristanjjardon, pedroalvarez weird, maybe I screwed up the squash :-/15:21
gtristanI'll verify, fwiw I have built *all* of the still maintained systems on my laptop15:22
gtristanfor x86_6415:22
gtristanbefore submitting, but also before the squashing15:22
gtristanOk I think I know what happened, I built trove after moving the system but before moving the strata over15:23
gtristanwhich caused the artifacts to exist15:23
gtristanI'll fix the errors and resubmit tomorrow15:24
jjardonlocallycompact: thanks to your branch I'm discovering bugs in the definitions' .gitlab-ci.yml :)15:29
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jjardonlocallycompact: so this is the current problem, rigth?
locallycompactif it hasn't built everything then no15:51
locallycompactoh wait15:51
locallycompactI think I got past that depending on the order of cython installs because I have completed a minimal for sure15:51
locallycompactbut treat that as the main problem for now15:52
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tiagogomesThis may be of interest, although the information of how it works is sparse -
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