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gtristanpedroalvarez, so openstack system, in it's own directory or unmaintained with the rest ?09:38
gtristanfwiw, I have (asides from genivi which is already it's own directory): ivi, gnome, weston, trove09:39
pedroalvarezHm.. I think anybody will be willing to maintain it09:40
pedroalvarezI don't think *09:40
gtristanunmaintained notably contains ceph, chef, cxmanage, java-build, nodejs, ocaml, qt4,qt5, swift, web, xfce, zookeeper09:40
jjardongtristan: where did you put the minimal and build system ? In a baserock folder?09:41
gtristanjjardon, those are still all at the root09:46
gtristanin strata, systems, clusters09:46
gtristanconsequentially, I used this script:
gtristanTo pick up whatever strata should be moved into a subdir (whatever is not shared)09:47
gtristanjjardon, ivi system has gtk3 or not ?09:48
gtristanjjardon, looks like it's missing from the system, but implicitly required by some strata09:48
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gtristanseems we have a few strays that way; I thought it was a rule that everything needed to be specified in the system right ?09:50
gtristanoh no, we also have these uglinesses hanging around... like: strata/ocaml-language.morph refers to strata/ocaml/ocaml.morph09:52
gtristaninstead of strata/ocaml-language/ocaml.morph09:52
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jjardongtristan: gtk3 should not be needed; what stratum is pulling it? Still difficult to track runtime deps when building the system morphology09:56
gtristanjjardon, I had it before... hold on...09:58
gtristanjjardon, strata/secret-service.morph09:58
gtristanjjardon, if you want an ivi without gtk3, I think in the absence of 'variants' features, you duplicate what you need and build a separate stratum --without-gtk or such10:00
jjardonnah, let's include gtk3 with a comment in the system morphology; I will send a patch10:01
gtristanFor now I leave gtk3 in common grounds, otherwise it lands only in gnome/10:02
gtristanpedroalvarez, jjardon ... so as a matter of neatness... I'm thinking to make an exception for qt510:07
gtristanweston, ivi and genivi all use various qt5 stratum10:07
gtristanbut qt5-sdk for instance, is used by nothing except the qt5-devel-system which I put into unmaintained10:08
gtristanI think in this case, don't ditch the qt5-sdk ?10:09
gtristangenivi uses qt5-tools-qtwebkit, but nothing else10:09
gtristanso instead of shoving that into the genivi subdir... keep it around ?10:09
jjardonqt5-sdk is qtcreator10:10
gtristanI think in a module split world, we would want qt5 components all part of the same definitions module10:10
gtristannot spread out into various consumers of it10:10
jjardongtristan: it was splitted to not build qtwebkit all the time10:11
jjardonand at some point genivi uses a patched version of qtwayland, so we need 2 different strata for that; Im not sure its the case anymore10:13
gtristanwhat's that ?10:15
gtristanjjardon, fwiw, genivi uses the main qtwayland, if you're interested about that10:17
gtristanjjardon, do you love python3-core ?10:17
gtristanor is that just some kinda special case lying around10:17
gtristanjjardon, because my scripts and grep have that listed as a special exception for trove systems10:18
pedroalvarezwe need it for the trove10:20
pedroalvarezit was created for that usecase10:20
gtristanpedroalvarez, yeah, ok that's why I'm asking, in that case I leave it inside trove/strata10:20
gtristanand remove clutter from root strata directory10:20
gtristansee the rule is not exactly clear, that's why I'm asking these things, however the workflow I would envision would be that: Trove system maintainer whips up python3-core (for example), and say if some other module maintainer is interested in consuming that, it's proposed to the maintainer of a module they both consume, I guess this would belong close to foundation/core10:22
gtristanthe foundation/core maintainers would then consider if it makes sense to them to maintain that, and downstream trove system maintainers could drop it once they use a foundation module which includes it10:23
gtristanso, in any case it's not bad to start with "strata which is only referred to by weston, goes in the weston subdir" as a sort of rule10:23
gtristanbut for qt5 strata, lets keep em all together10:24
gtristanpedroalvarez, one thing I have not figured out, is what to do with the installer systems ?10:26
pedroalvarezlot of things :P10:36
gtristanpedroalvarez, hahah10:43
gtristanpedroalvarez, I have a sequence of branches10:43
gtristanand I did not deal with extensions10:43
gtristanI feel like, if you can live with the extensions not split into subdirs, thats great for me10:44
gtristandeployments I'm going to handle completely differently anyway10:44
gtristanpedroalvarez, what is the medium of the day for branch reviews ?10:44
pedroalvarezbranch reviews? erm.. it hasn't changed yet10:45
pedroalvarezstill gerrit10:45
tiagogomesjjardon, I rebased PR #25910:58
gtristangerrit, alright10:59
pedroalvarezwow, 45s to load gitlab11:17
pedroalvarezshouldn't we just host it?11:17
locallycompactI would like to host it11:52
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* locallycompact is lost with splitting13:21
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locallycompactcan you recursively yield generator expressions in python?14:01
locallycompacthmm yield from is quite nice14:14
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paulsher1oodtiagogomes: wrt #259, i still don't understand what the problem is that you are fixing here. pls can you raise a bug with a reproduction?14:46
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