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gtristanjjardon, pedroalvarez I pushed a fix and gerrit review thingy for the module-splitting branch11:04
gtristanbut it did not trigger any build on gitlab...11:05
pedroalvarezhehe, not a bug11:08
gtristanjust wasnt sure how jjardon got it to try yesterday11:09
jjardongtristan: I pushed it manually in gitlab;  Im trying again now:
gtristanthanks jjardon !11:13
jjardongtristan: no luck:
pedroalvarezthat should be a fix in .gitlab-ci thingy11:19
pedroalvarezwe should stop building the unmaintained ones11:19
gtristanwhat happened11:20
gtristanit still refers to openstack ? I thought I grepped for that today11:21
gtristanjjardon, this is at deployment stage ? where something in extensions/openstack makes some assumption that systems/openstack-???.morph exists ?11:22
gtristanor at startup, where your strict mode turns a warning into an error ?11:23
gtristanOh !11:24
jjardongtristan: oh, check you .gitlab-ci refers to the correct location of the systems; let me fix that here11:24
gtristanI forgot to remove it from ci.morph11:24
gtristanjjardon, two things to fix: remove openstack from ci.morph, and update that gitlab-ci thing to not build unmaintained systems11:25
jjardongtristan: building
gtristanjjardon, I handled it and pushing a review, OK ?11:28
gtristanPushed new review which fixes ci.morph and updates paths in .gitlab-ci thingy11:29
jjardongtristan: brill, Ive just started a build using that instead11:32
pedroalvarezgtristan: thanks for that :)11:33
jjardongtristan: seems to still fail:
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locallycompactI turned the recursive submodule fix into a standalone library with a test in it.
locallycompactIt could accomodate more git trivia15:37
locallycompactybd ci
pedroalvarezfirst ybd test \o/15:39
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: not sure i agree with your comment15:50
pedroalvareztrue, is out of ybd codebase :P15:50
* pedroalvarez is just joking15:51
paulsherwoodyes, fine. but ybd is tested, quite thoroughly, and has *some* tests already15:53
paulsherwoodeg the cache-key tests which that build appears to have passed15:53
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