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paulsherwoodrdale: are you around?12:21
paulsherwoodi'm on a voyage of discovery, trying to retrofit tests for splitting...12:22
paulsherwoodand while exploring reproducibility i've noticed that i can end up with a different set of files in devel-system between one run and another12:25
paulsherwoodthe diff is
paulsherwoodi'm wondering how host python might leak into a built artifact12:25
richard_mawhow are you determining those to be from the host system? we do build all those for the openstack systems12:30
paulsherwoodoh, maybe they're not from host, then12:30
paulsherwoodon aws instance, these files are not added to the artifact ... on my laptop, they are12:31
paulsherwoodsame version of ybd, same checkout of definitions12:31
richard_mawif it turns out they are, assuming it still operates similarly enough to morph, the only way that could happen would be if something in the bootstrap process copied them in12:31
ssam2it seems odd that only the setup_requires.txt files would appear12:34
ssam2a python egg directory contains more than just setup_requires.txt12:34
ssam2is there other stuff in usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cliff-1.10.1-py2.7.egg-info/ for example ?12:34
paulsherwoodthat first paste was just the diff of `find . -type f` in the artifact on both machines12:37
paulsherwood26 extra files in a set of 77thousand12:38
* paulsherwood was *really* expecting to get the same list both times12:40
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richard_maw may be of interest here, enhanced descendant of linux-user-chroot13:04
richard_maw(which for some reason has a picture of a cat in bubblewrap in the Readme… which was taken from the flickr account of someone I share a house with)13:05
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paulsherwoodrichard_maw: yup... jjardon has also suggested that13:06
paulsherwoodbut i remain confused about this case... i don't think it can be the sandboxing per-se13:06
richard_mawit's either that, or something badly broken in your artifact cache13:07
ssam2richard_maw: what a perfect coincidence13:08
ssam2(about the cat)13:08
ssam2the main advantage of bubblewrap over linux-user-chroot would be if it gets more widely packaged, so we can just use it everywhere13:08
ssam2instead of having sandboxlib13:08
rdalepaulsherwood: i'm around - i was going to send you what i'd done with splitting tests13:28
paulsherwoodrdale: that would be lovely, thanks13:29
rdaleok, i'll go and find it13:29
paulsherwoodrdale: did you ever test on anything bigger than minimal-system? eg devel?13:29
rdaleno - a minimal system was best because in order to be minimal it needed a lot of splitting13:30
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paulsherwoodrdale: fine... however 77000 files in devel suggests that maybe it's not splitting anything?13:36
rdalethat's quite possible if it is using entire strata to assemble a system, assuming the ybd bug about including build depends in a final system has remained fixed13:37
rdaleis there anyway to revert a 'git add' command?13:40
paulsherwoodgit reset HEAD13:41
rdalewill that lose local changes too?13:41
paulsherwoodreset --hard if you want to scrap the changes13:41
paulsherwoodpls could you clarify what you mean by 'the ybd bug about including build depends in a final system has remained fixed13:42
rdalethere was a bug where if you needed a stratum such as python 3.0 to build syslinux, then python 3.0 ended up in the final system even if it wasn't specified in the strata list for the system13:44
paulsherwoodok... and 'remained fixed' ?13:48
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rdaleyes, ie didn't regress13:48
paulsherwoodwell... master can generate exactly the same files for minimal-system as your rdale/150-master-splitting branch, i think13:49
paulsherwoodwould the bug occur for that system?13:50
rdaleok sounds good - but i wouldn't expect a devel system to use any splitting rules13:50
paulsherwoodaren't there default splitting rules?13:50
rdaleyes, foo-runtime and foo-devel13:51
rdalebut if you just specify the stratum you get both13:51
rdaleand the splitting code isn't invoked13:51
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paulsherwoodis it possible to run morph outside of baserock now? if so, are there instructions anywhere?14:08
ssam2no instructions that I know of14:18
SotKdisclaimer: I have no idea if it works14:19
rdalepaulsherwood: just sent you a giant email, sorry14:23
rjekBig endian?14:25
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paulsherwoodrdale: rather than a tarball, don't you have a branch somewhere?15:15
paulsherwood(but thanks for the explanations, that's helpful)15:15
paulsherwoodSotK: thanks! i confirm it appears to be working on AWS...15:16
* paulsherwood wonders why morph starts by cloning definitions, when it's being run in a definitions checkout15:16
SotKit is too long since I worked on morph for me to give a reliable answer to that question15:17
SotKmaybe to avoid including uncommitted changes by default?15:17
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ssam2legacy really15:19
rdalepaulsherwood: i did 'git add' and found it was adding bazillions of files, hence the question about how to revert a 'git add' command15:27
rdaleso didn't push a branch in the end - it needs a bit more thought15:27
rdalealso needs rebasing on ybd master and so15:27
paulsherwoodweird :)15:31
paulsherwoodnever mind, then15:31
paulsherwoodi can take it from there15:31
rdalethere a loads of files that are generated by the test i think and i don't want to commit those, but i can't remeber exactly which ones yet15:33
paulsherwoodrdale: it's fine. i think i understand your approach, and the 'mode' stuff i've added to ybd should make it doable now without the monkey-patching etc15:35
rdaleok, that would check that splitting hasn't regressed - i'm trying to think what my test would do if you added some new splitting functionality and wanted to test it15:42
paulsherwoodrdale: if we change splitting functionality, artifact-version needs to bump15:43
rdalei suppose i was trying to test without building everything for speed optimization15:44
* paulsherwood is still working to verify that current splitting behaviour is deterministic, or at least close enough to be relied on15:44
rdaleas far as i know it should be - the build order shouldn't affect it15:45
paulsherwoodrdale: hence my questions about the strange appearance of extra files above15:45
rdaleare the .meta file different?15:46
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rdalehow are those two .txt files generated?15:48
paulsherwoodyes, to the extent that they feature the extra setup_requires.txt files15:48
paulsherwoodfind . -type f | sort15:48
rdaleok - i think i would like to see how those files differ in the .meta files then15:49
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rdalecan they be build twice from two different chunks, like awk in busybox and gnu awk15:50
paulsherwoodthose lines are the total diff of all the .meta files (ie on aws, the .meta files don't contain any setup_requires.txt lines)15:52
rdalehmm egg meta data15:52
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paulsherwoodso... turns out in the sandbox on my mac, setuptools==7.0.dev0 - whereas on aws it ends up at setuptools==15.221:48
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paulsherwoodin the former case, the extra file is being created by
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paulsherwoodin the latter, i have no idea how the sandbox ends up with that version of setuptools22:06
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