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paulsherwoodbaserock/python2.meta:  - usr/lib/python2.7/ensurepip/_bundled/setuptools-15.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl07:38
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franredanahuelamo, do you really need everything is in the MPC repo to be copied to /opt/MPC?
anahuelamofranred, yes, I need those files to generate Makefiles for ace_tao components10:16
franredall of it or only pls and some folders?   -- bear in mind that you are going to install that in your final system10:19
franredif you add the corba stratum to any system10:21
anahuelamoI'll review it and I'll use it just the things needed. Thanks for the review!10:21
franredno probs, maybe richard_maw or ssam2 has some solution about how to add that only on build time and it does not go to the system (if it is only required for building other stuffs)10:23
ssam2if it's source code, maybe install it into /usr/src10:27
ssam2then we can delete all of /usr/src when making images that shouldn't have such things inside it10:27
anahuelamook, thank ssam2 !10:28
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paulsherwoodsomeone just asked about go in baserock... looks like it didn't get merged....
ssam2i remember that working when I tested it12:39
ssam2so maybe that would even be good enough to bootstrap a more modern version of the Go compiler12:40
locallycompactgo > 1.4 requires go jsyk12:51
locallycompactwould someone be so kind as to check these lorries
SotKshould those ".morph"s be ".lorry"s?12:54
locallycompactahh, brainfail12:54
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: fix the whitespace, then i expect someone will +212:58
locallycompactis https or http preferred/required for github?12:59
locallycompactor no matter13:00
rjekhttps is preferred by me13:00
persiaHTTPS provides checksum validation to ensure the contents match the request.  HTTP does not13:02
rjekIt's very much more robust as well as secure13:05
paulsherwoodanyone fancy fixing kbas to do https?13:05
rjekkbas should be a CGI/FastCGI, and the network protocol handled by a web server, IMO13:06
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: merged13:29
paulsherwoodrjek: that wouldn't work for some use-cases (eg, i'm a developer... i've built some stuff.. i want to serve it for my colleagues)13:30
rjekYour developer can't run a web server?13:32
rjekThat, or perhaps they should all share a kbas13:32
paulsherwoodrjek: the ad-hoc usecase has proved useful a few times already13:34
ssam2there's a python module in the standard library that can provide a web server13:38
ssam2a simple one suitable only for testing/hacks13:38
rjekadhoc use sounds like a hack :)13:38
paulsherwoodssam2: ok, but kbas is not *just* ad-hoc... it handles simultaneous uploads, downloads, is atomic etc13:40
paulsherwoodi'm happy with it bar the fact that its security is woeful13:41
ssam2but for non-adhoc cases you can put it behind a real webserver13:42
rjekA much simpler CGI plugged into a regular web server could be all of those things, except insecure :)13:42
rjekProbably faster because it could abuse the sendfile() header some web servers support13:42
paulsherwoodthis is all very well... but show me the code, please :) kbas is already serving artifacts for real. i'd be happy to improve it, but i don't have the requisite knowledge to close the gap between your statements... and an actual implementation that anyone can installe13:44
rjek(You put an X-Sendfile: header in your reply, and the web server disregards any body you provide and just asks the kernel to squirt the given file down the socket)13:44
paulsherwoodrjek: patches, please :-)13:45
paulsherwood is the whole of kbas13:46
rjekActually, I'd probably just have the CGI for handling uploads, and create a symlink farm that points to the actual file on disc, and map that into the URL namespace and have the web server handle it entirely13:46
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: did you miss a couple? Submodule 'src/compiler-rt' ( registered for path 'src/compiler-rt'13:49
paulsherwoodSubmodule 'src/jemalloc' ( registered for path 'src/jemalloc'13:49
paulsherwoodSubmodule 'src/liblibc' ( registered for path 'src/liblibc'13:49
paulsherwoodSubmodule 'src/llvm' ( registered for path 'src/llvm'13:49
rjekpaulsherwood: Is the protocol/API documented anywhere?13:49
paulsherwoodSubmodule 'src/rt/hoedown' ( registered for path 'src/rt/hoedown'13:49
paulsherwoodSubmodule 'src/rust-installer' ( registered for path 'src/rust-installer'13:49
paulsherwoodrjek: sadly, no. but i'll document it if there's a chance you'd supply patches :-)13:50
rjekThere's a chance of anything.13:51
* paulsherwood is unconvinced13:52
locallycompactpaulsherwood, it's a straight mirror I reckon13:52
locallycompactwe have the original on g.b.o13:53
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: ack13:55
* locallycompact hits something14:08
locallycompactthe build in ybd just seems to stop here, doens't have the same problem locally in baserock
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: there seems to be an actual error in that build?14:11
paulsherwoodline 57814:11
paulsherwoodit's calling out to the internet14:11
locallycompactofc it is14:11
paulsherwoodinteresting that a project that is aiming for reliability is happy to do that during a build14:12
* locallycompact toddles off to irc.mozilla14:12
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anahuelamossam2, I tried to do what you told me before: "ssam2> if it's source code, maybe install it into /usr/src14:29
anahuelamo<ssam2> then we can delete all of /usr/src when making images that shouldn't have such things inside it" I don't know if I'm supposed to remove the files from /usr/src/ after I use them or if that's not needed?14:29
ssam2it's not really possible to do that at build time14:30
ssam2i'd leave it there, and worry about it at deploy time14:30
franredssam2, regarding and if anahuelamo has tested it, it seems to be possible to remove /usr/src/MPC on install-commands :?15:01
anahuelamofranred, I tested, but failed. I just push it again without removing the files at the end15:02
franredanahuelamo, oh, ok. try to prune a little bit MPC directory then if possible and sensible15:03
tiagogomesyou want `rm -rf $DESTIR/usr/src/MPC` and post-install-commands would fit better for that15:03
franredtiagogomes, it won't work, because it is in a different chunk when anahuelamo wants to remove that file15:04
franred /15:04
ssam2that definitely can't work15:04
franredyou are right15:05
anahuelamoI can prune MPC directory then, but if I can remove the files at deploy time will be better15:05
ssam2a build tool constructs a system rootfs by appending together a bunch of .tar files15:05
franredssam2, would work as a system integration command?15:05
ssam2oh, as a system-integration-command it would15:05
ssam2seems a bit of a misuse of those, but not so bad15:05
franredanahuelamo, ^^15:05
anahuelamofranred, ssam2 any help with the system-integration-command? anywhere I can look at to see how to do that?15:06
ssam2if you grep in definitions.git you'll find some examples15:07
ssam2i think it's actually called 'system-integration'15:07
anahuelamothanks for all the help!15:07
franredanahuelamo, ssam2, in ace_tao.morph add in the end something like
franredanahuelamo, I haven't test it and you won't see the action until you have these strata in a system and boot the system, though15:11
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: what's about, then? :-)15:12
locallycompactHard to say15:13
locallycompactIt might be ybd in rust or it might be some random scribbles15:14
locallycompactbuilds with cargo build / cargo run15:15
anahuelamothanks franred! I'll put it in the chunk and test now :)15:16
* locallycompact will have to accost steve klabnik about the rust boostrap thing15:18
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: before you go too far, please let's address the naming problem15:22
paulsherwoodchunk is ok for me... stratum not so. i believe we need some noun for a set of (set of) chunks to include what we currently think of as clusters, systems, strata15:23
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locallycompactpaulsherwood, sure15:27
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paulsherwoodgroup was suggested at one point15:27
paulsherwoodi don't like layer, really15:27
rjekmetapackage :D15:27
paulsherwoodyou're trolling :)15:28
locallycompactgroup has a single meaning across a lot of fields, including comp sci15:28
* paulsherwood => meeting15:28
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paulsherwoodmegachunk. chunks. chunki. chunkae. none of these :)16:44
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