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paulsherwoodgtristan: happens all the time, even with instances: 104:22
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pedroalvarezAfter looking at I believe that is not a bug in the deployment definition08:12
pedroalvarezI'll answer the issue08:12
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edcraggpaulsherwood: i'm integrating manifest generation at build time in ybd as requested. i just realised that ybd will only consider each package in the system if it needs to build it. if some artifacts already exist, when running a partial build, or when restarting a build, not all strata will be considered and you will end up with a partial manifest, which defeats the point. i think the only way to do it a08:21
edcraggccurately is by operating on the final system artifact08:21
edcraggi will implement it in ybd, just at the end of the build08:28
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paulsherwoodedcragg: i already did it10:27
paulsherwoodit needs a bit more work, since i'm sure that .meta and .manifest need to be pretty much the same thing, but for the moment it can generate a manifest for <target> as soon as it's finished the cache-key calculation10:29
edcraggpaulsherwood: ok, fair enough, i guess it doesn't infer version numbers from autoconf though as the original script did?10:31
paulsherwoodno... i think i'm philosophically opposed to that10:32
paulsherwoodwhat if autoconf claims a version which is false?10:32
paulsherwoodin my worldview, the only 'version' in general is what git says10:33
rjekWhat if git claims a version which is false? :)10:33
rjekBy version, I mean release numbers, not git hashes.  git hashes aren't very useful for humans.10:33
paulsherwoodrelease numbers can be wrong10:34
pedroalvarezthe world is not for humans, rjek :)10:34
paulsherwoodi for one welcome our new driverless overlords10:34
paulsherwoodrjek: if you mean 'what if our git environment gets compromised', i'm hoping that gitlab + a.n.other git server gives some hope that we'll spot it10:35
paulsherwood(assuming both are setup to reject attempts to re-write history10:36
paulsherwoodedcragg: if you're at a loose end, i could really use some help with
* paulsherwood never did understand the deployment code10:37
rjekNo, I'm saying for snap judgements release numbers are much more useful10:38
paulsherwoodhow about, for example: Upstream version 4e42b5b8 glibc-2.21 (glibc-2.21 + 0 commits)10:39
paulsherwood(ie what git says, prettified a bit)10:40
pedroalvarezI think that's what rjek meant, git can be wrong10:40
rjekI think that's acceptable.  I would be weary of "upstream version" if it has been lorried and converted, though!10:40
paulsherwoodif you mean 'wary', ack10:40
rjekerr, yes10:41
edcraggpaulsherwood: i was previously working on sandboxing deployment, depending on which you think is more important10:45
paulsherwoodedcragg: could you consider both together? deployment is currently broken for at least this use-case?10:54
edcraggpaulsherwood: ok10:56
paulsherwoodedcragg: tvm11:18
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rjek'The OpenSSL project team would like to announce the forthcoming release of OpenSSL versions 1.0.2h, 1.0.1t.  These releases will be made available on 3rd May 2016 between approximately1200-1500 UTC.  They will fix several security defects with maximum severity "high". '13:56
rjekpedroalvarez: ^13:56
pedroalvarezI''m on holidays13:56
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