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* paulsherwood notices definitions/install-files and wonders what they are, and why they are there13:24
pedroalvarezfiles  to be installed with the install-files configure extension13:26
richard_mawextra stuff to drop into a deployed system for various reasons13:27
paulsherwoodthere are nearly 20,000 lines in those files... it's almost half of the definitions repo13:27
richard_mawyour point being?13:28
richard_mawmost of that is openstack13:28
pedroalvarezsome things are there because it was pointless to create another repository13:28
paulsherwoodi'm doing an analysis of how many lines of data describe our systems... and the install-files are bumping the numbers significantly :)13:29
richard_mawsounds suspiciously like gaming metrics to me13:29
pedroalvarezcount only systems/strata ?13:29
paulsherwoodi'm not gaming anything... just trying to understand them13:30
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benbrown_Seems gerrit is no longer sending me emails when stuff happens14:19
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: last email I have, from 2 days ago14:20
pedroalvarezI can have a look14:21
benbrown_pedroalvarez: ssam2 has been reviewing my lorry-controller series, but I've not been notified14:21
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pedroalvarezbenbrown_: something is going wrong with the mail server, indeed14:31
pedroalvarezwill try to fix it14:31
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jjardonpedroalvarez: hi, what is the last gdp release known to work?14:58
pedroalvarezin x86 I think it never worked14:59
pedroalvarezin armv7lhf the commit before moving to qt5.614:59
jjardonpaulsherwood: ok, thanks!15:00
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: have you received the emails now?15:13
ssam2I have received many "Mail delivery failed" emails suddenly15:14
ssam2oh, those are forwarded from gerrit@baserock.org15:14
pedroalvarezso have I.. well, from 2 hours ago15:14
benbrown_pedroalvarez: Not yet15:15
pedroalvarezright, I've managed to un "unfreeze" the entire exim queue... but it looks like the emails I've unfrozen were these emails saying that the mails weren't being sent15:17
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pedroalvarezsomeone tried to email 'do_not_reply@..."15:19
pedroalvarezI think the emails are lost... :/15:20
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pedroalvarezSome fixes for lorry-controller:
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pedroalvarezemails seems to be working again :)17:06
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jjardonHi, does baserock support other filesystems or we still hard depend on btrfs?17:13
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radiofreejjardon: what do you mean by supported?17:29
radiofreei think everything should work on any filesystem - apart from upgrades, which require btrfs17:29
jjardonbaserock used to create btrfs images only17:29
radiofreei think there was some zfs related work done in that regard17:30
jjardonso I have to add BTRFS support in the linux config17:30
radiofreejjardon: ah, i *think* you can use the new partition layout to create none btrfs rawdisk images17:30
jjardonoh, ok, I will take a look17:30
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* paulsherwood wonders if 'ERROR: INITRAMFS_PATH specified, but file does not exist' may be a bug in the deploy morph, rather than ybd21:08
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gtristanpaulsherwood, I would be inclined to guess that the file does not exist... because "Error creating btrfs filesystem"21:30
paulsherwoodgtristan: while you're on...21:34
paulsherwood11:27 < paulsherwood> /src/aby/aboriginal-controller/aboriginal-start: line 173: /root/ybd/workers/worker-0/comm1: Interrupted system call21:34
paulsherwood11:29 < rjek> Somebody isn't checking for EINTR and retrying21:34
paulsherwood(i at least have reached the aboriginal-controller step :-) )21:35
gtristanoh this, yes - I keep saying the ipc is utter crap and needs replacing :-/21:51
gtristanI did not get those errors, but it's all with echo and read in bash on pipes (or 'buffered serial ports' on the emulator)21:52
gtristanif you run 4 instances, one of them is surely going to lockup and become unusable21:53
gtristanpaulsherwood, does that happen consistently ?21:53
gtristanlike, you are blocked because you just get that error ?21:53
gtristanor it's just something happens with cntl-c21:54

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