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paulsherwoodbenbrown_: #gitano is a thing12:43
benbrown_indeed it is12:44
benbrown_rjek: I did an email13:08
rjekOh :)13:12
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paulsherwoodedcragg: thanks for the patch! i assume you've verified that other deploys (ie without subsystems) still work?14:05
paulsherwoodedcragg: pep8!14:09
edcraggpaulsherwood: i haven't, but i don't see any reason why it should14:10
edcraggthat codepath only happens for subsystems14:10
edcraggi wasn't aware that ybd followed pep8 particularly14:11
paulsherwoodit says so in the project guidelines :)14:12
paulsherwoodedcragg: will you resubmit or shall i fix it here?14:17
edcraggthere are many serious contraventions of pep8 elsewhere in ybd14:17
paulsherwoodare there?14:18
paulsherwoodi run it and nothing screams14:18
edcraggbare exceptions are one example14:18
paulsherwoodpep8 --version > 1.7.014:18
paulsherwoodsilent on ybd14:19
edcraggthat surprises me14:19
rjekThat command will be silent14:19
rjekIt will direct output to a file called 1.7.014:19
paulsherwoodrjek: no, i meant that the version i'm running is 1.7.0 and it accepts ybd sielently14:20
edcraggi think bare exceptions is a recommendation, a fairly sound one though14:20
richard_mawall of pep8 is recommendations14:21
rjekbare exceptions are a mistake14:21
locallycompactThere's lots of things in pep8 that can't be syntactically checked that ybd breaks, like bug masking14:21
paulsherwoodwe're getting off track. edcragg - will you fix your patch so the pep8 program passes, or shall i?14:24
paulsherwood./ybd/ E501 line too long (83 > 79 characters)14:29
* richard_maw notes that the pep8 tool doesn't check for everything in pep8, it also doesn't even check everything it *can* check in the default configuration14:30
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paulsherwoodthe point is that i'm running pep8 as part of ybd's ci... so this patch will break it, is all14:33
rjekpaulsherwood: flake8 is another handy Python linter14:34
paulsherwoodrjek: thanks :)14:36
* paulsherwood wonders whether adding that will will increase or reduce friction for ybd14:36
rjekAlso pylint14:37
richard_mawpaulsherwood: I think having a requirement that it pass everything in .gitlab-ci.yml without providing a way for contributors to run all your verification criteria themselves is of more friction.14:38
edcraggpaulsherwood: re-submitted, i think it's uglier, but hey14:39
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paulsherwoodrichard_maw: not sure i get your point? they can install pep8?14:49
paulsherwoodedcragg: wow... i agree with you :-)14:50
richard_mawpaulsherwood: they can, and while you are documented as saying you need to run pep8 to verify the code, people can't execute the .gitlab-ci.yml file and that's your canonical source of the verification criteria14:54
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: ack14:56
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: with a gitlab account they can trivially fork and run the same ci though :)14:57
richard_mawI disagree with the claim that this is trivial14:57
* SotK thought upstream was on github14:57
paulsherwoodis that notioinally the same? i can't test your work in my environment14:57
rjekIs it me, or does the second line not use d?14:58
SotKrjek: it isn't just you14:58
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paulsherwoodSotK: upstream is github. i'm mirroring to gitlab too...15:00
* SotK would recommend deployment.get(l, ''), so as to not try to call strip() on None15:01
paulsherwooda) so that if github got hacked i might notice15:01
SotKaha! :)15:01
paulsherwoodb) to try the extra features of gitlab ci15:01
paulsherwoodthnaks for the reviews :-)15:03
richard_mawSotK: except he's already checked that the key exists with `deployment.get(l)` (which is also wrong IMO, should be `l in deployment`15:03
SotKoh yeah, I didn't notice that15:04
* SotK disappears15:05
richard_mawafter that you can just use deployment[l] rather than deployment.get(l)15:05
richard_mawdeployment[l] is shorter, faster, and gives more useful error messages when the key doesn't exist15:05
paulsherwoodif only i could get this level of attention on all the other lines of ybd :-)15:06
richard_mawyou did once15:06
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JPohlmannSo it looks like ssam2 and I will be having a little Codethink get-together in Luebeck this weekend :)15:18
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ssam2yes indeed !15:22
ssam2we can rewrite ybd in clojure in that time i imagine  ;-)15:23
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JPohlmannMmh, Clojure15:31
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