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paulsherwoodgtristan: you're right, gcc -static fails05:45
paulsherwoodi've not been able to find what to install for aws or rhel05:46
paulsherwoodactually yum install glibc-static works on aws05:53
paulsherwood... progress :)05:53
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paulsherwoodgtristan: checking for grep that handles long lines and -e... /src/aby/aboriginal/build/host/ld: cannot find -lstdc++07:18
paulsherwoodcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status07:18
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rjekpaulsherwood: Now you need to find the package with the static C++ standard library in it :)09:00
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paulsherwoodrjek: yup... but which is it?09:46
rjekA quick google suggests it might be "libstc++-static"09:48
paulsherwoodNo package libstc++-static available.09:57
rjekCan you search packages?09:57
rjekWhat ever the awd RH fork equiv. of "apt-cache search stdc static"09:57
rjekDebian-likes tend to put the static versions in the -dev packages, perhaps try that?09:58
paulsherwoodyes! thanks! yum search static | grep ++10:00
rjekWhat was the package name?10:01
paulsherwoodlibstdc++48-static.x86_64 (for example)10:02
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paulsherwoodis the one i installed. but also libstdc++-static.noarch and libstdc++44-static.x86_6410:03
* richard_maw wonders how a libstdc++-static.noarch is supposed to work10:03
* paulsherwood wonders how everything is supposed to work :)10:05
rjekIt may not contain anything at all10:06
rjekOr they may have decided to include docs, licencing information, etc in it10:06
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* paulsherwood submits his second patch to meta-qt5 :)10:21
paulsherwoodwhich: no mksquashfs in (/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/opt/aws/bin:/root/bin)10:22
rjekyum search squashfs...10:23
paulsherwoodyum install squashfs-tools.x86_6410:23
rjekAre you documenting build dependancies for use on AWS/Fedora/other Pokémon?10:24
paulsherwoodi'm taking notes, yes :)10:27
paulsherwood/src/aby/aboriginal-controller/aboriginal-start: line 173: /root/ybd/workers/worker-0/comm1: Interrupted system call10:27
rjekSomebody isn't checking for EINTR and retrying10:29
paulsherwoodgtristan: ^^10:42
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