IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2016-04-07

paulsherwoodjjardon: fails to build00:12
radiofreejjardon: ivi-shell support was merged into qtwayland 5.600:21
jjardonpaulsherwood: ok, can you try the baserock/v5.6.0-15-gebba84e+ivi-shell branch (sorry, I do not have the bandwidth to try it myself)00:21
radiofreegdp needs to update itself to use it though00:22
radiofreetake that up with #automotive00:22
jjardonradiofree: I do not think so, 5.700:22
radiofreeyep, you're right00:23
radiofreesadly i don't think it's as simple as just taking a version of the patch from there and merging it on 5.600:25
radiofreei think the behaviour is different (so probably won't work with gdp)00:25
radiofreeit's worth a punt though00:25
jjardonradiofree: you mean simply update or some component need to be change because the api is different?00:25
jjardonah, ok00:25
jjardonI backported it from the 5.7 branch, only a minor conflict in the .pro file, lets cross fingers00:26
radiofreeif it doesn't just cherry-pick a version of the series based on 5.6 from gerrit?00:27
radiofreei think you need to set things like QT_WAYLAND_SHELL_INTEGRATION now00:27
radiofreewhich the gdp probably won't do00:27
jjardonyeah, you are rigth00:30
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paulsherwoodyay, gnome-system builds again :)03:54
paulsherwoodbaserock/v5.6.0-15-gebba84e+ivi-shell does not build... ../../../../include/QtWaylandClient/5.6.1/QtWaylandClient/private/../../../../../src/client/qwaylandinputdevice_p.h:62:33: fatal error: xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h: No such file or directory #include <xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h>04:00
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