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jjardonhi pedroalvarez , about ; happy to do the change, but I though we always pass that in the build-commands step?09:52
pedroalvarezI don't understand09:53
pedroalvarezis a manual build, right? we are not passing anything09:53
pedroalvarezyou mean that is in the environment, and then being used?09:54
pedroalvarezI personally investigated why the build of boost was that slow, and checked that it was using only one core09:56
ssam2maybe boost's build system ignores them if they are set in the environment10:01
ssam2which is what pedro is saying :-)10:02
pedroalvarezhmn.. so Makefiles normally read that from the environment?10:03
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jjardonpedroalvarez: only double checking, thanks for the info! new patch coming!10:06
ssam2`make` honours it from the environment10:06
ssam2does boost use `make` ?10:07
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pedroalvarezboost generates ./b2 script, so looking at the source I can't figure out if it does.. :/10:09
jjardonha! I think they have their own build system! "jam - make redux"10:13
rjekJam is Perforce's isn't it?10:14
rjekAh, yes10:14
jjardonthis is completely new for me10:14
rjekI've used it before10:14
rjekIt's quite old10:14
jjardonrjek: yep:
pedroalvarezchecking that it builds10:21
pedroalvarezjjardon: are you going to continue moving things from genivi strata into a ivi-common stratum?10:37
jjardonnot at the moment10:38
jjardonI dont want to put genivi specific stuff there10:38
pedroalvarezmy point is that some things you might want to include are in genivi strata10:42
pedroalvarezbtw, found another error10:42
pedroalvarezalthough everything builds fine now10:42
* pedroalvarez hopes his sleepy brain got this one right10:43
jjardonpedroalvarez: well spotted!, there is actually another error to make that commit buildable (even the end result is the same): testing new series now11:10
jjardonpedroalvarez: the only "generic" thing would be the audiomanager, but for now seems its only being used by genivi11:10
jjardonpedroalvarez: AGL is deciding between using it or use a modified version of waht tizin-ivi used to use (based in pulseaudio)11:11
pedroalvarezit built for me, so I''m curious about what error you are talking about11:11
jjardonpedroalvarez: genivi-demo-platform should depend in cpp-common-libs after the fist commit of the series, before moving amb11:12
pedroalvarezargh! missed that11:13
pedroalvarezalthough maybe boost was only there for AMB11:13
pedroalvarezwho knows :S11:14
jjardonpedroalvarez: other question; do you know why audiomanager is build twice in the genivi stratum?11:15
pedroalvarezjjardon: different versions. GDP depends on an earlier version of it, so we have to build it on top again11:16
pedroalvarezthis all can be fixed, but lack of time..11:16
CTtpollardwhat version?11:16
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: note, with GDP I mean our integration of GDP11:17
pedroalvareznow you are here, what version are you using?11:17
pedroalvarezour baseline I think provides 7+11:17
pedroalvarezbut in GDP we are using 6 ish11:17
CTtpollardwe've got 7.0 working in the yocto GDP11:28
CTtpollardnot sure what's in the current head of baseline though11:28
jjardonpedroalvarez: note that I was saying its being build 2 times in genivi-demo-platform stratum11:29
jjardonnow you said that, its actually build 3 times, as its build in genivi stratum as well11:29
pedroalvarezjjardon: aah, then, one of the 2 you saw is actually building only a plugin, or something like that11:31
jjardonah, I think Im getting confused with audiomanager@gdp and audiomanager-poc11:31
jjardoncan not it all be done in a single chunk?11:31
* pedroalvarez ponders enabling storyboard mail notifications for every user12:43
pedroalvarezjust in case they haven't enabled them yet12:44
ZaraI recommend configuring the settings based on how annoying the user is.12:44
pedroalvarezZara: I wonder if users are subscribed by default to the stories created by them12:46
Zarano, and they should be12:49
Zarait's something I wanted to work on this week :(12:49
Zara(There should be some logs in #infra about it, and the notifications spec should be up to date on the current status)12:51
Zarabeyond that... it's on my todo list for the next fortnight, but that list is already massive. we might be able to get some help on it next week, depending on what happens at/before the infra bug stomp12:52
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jjardonZara: how issues are closed in storyboard?13:38
jjardonfor example, I want to close this as done:!/story/513:39
Zarajjardon: if you set all the tasks in a story to 'invalid' or 'merged', it should automatically change the status of the story13:40
Zaraso that one should be in the 'merged' list already13:40
Zaraand not display in the list of stories by default13:40
jjardonwhere is that "merged" list?13:41
Zarajjardon: you can either see it from the project view for any of the projects listed13:41
Zaraor in the search bar at the top of stories13:41
Zarathere's a 'story status: active' by default13:42
Zaraif you change that to 'story status: merged', it should work13:42
Zaraand similar for 'invalid'13:43
jjardonah cool13:44
jjardonmaybe would be more clear if you can see the actual status of the story in the story page?13:45
pedroalvarezyeah, that should be easy, and clarifying13:45
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jjardonZara: ^ should I open a bug somewhere?14:20
Zarajjardon: sure,!/project/457 is the upstream14:20
jjardonZara: thanks, done:!/story/200054314:24
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