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pedroalvarezgreat, fix released for parallel make of wayland-ivi-extension11:15
pedroalvarezIncluded it with this patch
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: merged11:35
pedroalvarezhopefully mason will fail less now because of that component11:48
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: pls could you send a documentation fix to describe V8 in ?13:21
* locallycompact tries to remember what changed13:24
pedroalvarezyeah.. looking at the change to the schema, I couldn't figure out how the definitions format would be, and how it is supposed to work13:25
pedroalvarezthe only other thing I had to look at is ybd changes for version 8, but they weren't helpful either13:26
locallycompactyes, that wouldn't help me either13:28
pedroalvarezhopefully you understand the new format  :)13:28
locallycompactpedroalvarez, the clue is to just run migration #8 against g.b.o and see the difference13:30
locallycompactbut I'll document it now13:30
pedroalvarezI've heard that it takes some time..13:31
locallycompacto yes13:31
locallycompactbut still need it to test morph works13:31
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locallycompactpedroalvarez, Does this make sense?
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pedroalvarezlocallycompact: It's still not clear to me, could you add an example to the stratum example in that same file?14:22
locallycompactdo any of those have submodules14:30
locallycompactI'll just add one14:31
locallycompactpedroalvarez, how about now
pedroalvarezmuch more clear now14:35
locallycompactpedroalvarez, bonk14:45
pedroalvarezok, I think that's ok now14:49
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: ooi, in .gitmodules can name and path differ?14:50
franredpedroalvarez, yes, they can14:51
pedroalvarezaha, good14:51
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pedroalvareza Repo (Android repo tool) manifest.xml for components of a baserock minimal system:
paulsherwoodinteresting... what's it for? :-)17:34
franredurgh...I wouldn't advise to use repo tool for anything17:36
franredmy experience with it wasn't pleasant17:36
paulsherwoodmaybe it has improved?17:40
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franredmaybe. problems I found 1) do not allow you to modify  and push xml manifest from its location and it kind of let you use branchs but 2) it mess your repositories if you update the manifest and don't clean the repos before. It didn't handle the change very good.17:44
lc_I agree17:45
franredI remember flatmush made frepo tool to allow you to do this cleanly and it was a good improvement (in the end we didn't use it because I wrote all the ci scripts to handle the repo madness and we didn't have a valid use case to switch but we would do it)17:46
ssam2useful info, thanks17:49
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franredand if you hard code the sha1 in the xml is as much pain as changing the sha1 in the morph files17:50
franredssam2, :)17:51
franredand it didn't give you much information if something went wrong, it just did it and the you have to find the mess.17:53
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rjekHello.  How does lorry inform somebody when an upstream project rewrites history (changes a tag, rebases master, etc)?  I understand that it refuses to actually go through with the mirror if it detects this, but what happens next if it does?18:08
lc_The hidden lorry controller UI will indicate things like this in its failed jobs but I'm not sure there's much visible otherwise18:10
rjekWhere can I file feature requests? :)18:11
lc_Good question18:11
* rjek looks for somewhere to file a feature request for somewhere to file feature requests18:14
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* rjek politely declines18:36
paulsherwoodheh. mailing list?18:40
rjekI will probably do that after lunch18:41
pedroalvarezHeh, feature requests..  :)19:08
pedroalvarezWhat would you want it to do ooi?19:15
rjekSend an email would probably be enough19:18
rjek"I have stopped lorrying *FOO* because of the following shenanigans"19:18
pedroalvarezFor gbo at least, more than a thousand lorries, various failing for various reasons19:26
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rjekpedroalvarez: Well, I'd quite like to know that I've stopped receiving updates because upstream have done something stupid21:11
rjekie, rewrite history21:11
rjekUnable to reach upstream is probably something that's only worth mentioning if it's been a couple of days of outage21:11
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jjardonIn case someone need it: Qt 5.6 upgrade is in gerrit22:24

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