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locallycompactwhere's the guide for doing trove magic like pushing lorries to the ront15:31
franredpedroalvarez, ssam2 ^^15:36
locallycompactAlso, is the lorry.key the one used by lorry-controller to git pull? I'm getting Host key verification failed when I added to my user on the gitano I'm trying to pull from15:41
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ssam2not sure how good it is, it's barely maintained15:52
ssam2host key verification isn't to with lorry.key15:52
ssam2it's to do with the systemwide/lorry user's trusted host keys15:52
ssam2you need to add the host key of the remote system to ~lorry/.ssh/known_hosts15:53
ssam2which you can do manually, or using `ssh-keyscan`15:53
ssam2seems the move_to_top thing isn't documented15:54
ssam2the 'Monitoring the Lorry Controller' section describes the magic port15:54
ssam2port 1276515:54
locallycompactYeah I have that part15:54
locallycompactsay the lorry part again?15:54
ssam2what don't you understand?15:54
ssam2or do you want me to paste the backlog?15:55
locallycompactI need to add15:55
locallycompactthe host key of the remote gitano15:55
locallycompactto /home/lorry/.ssh/known_hosts15:55
ssam2running ssh-keyscan somehow, as 'lorry' user, should do that15:55
ssam2or just ssh to the remote machine as lorry user, that might give you a 'do you trust this host key' prompt15:55
ssam2which you can then answer 'yes' to15:56
locallycompactok keyscan did something15:56
ssam2for the move_to_top thing, call `curl -X POST -d repo=foo/bar http://localhost:12765/1.0/move-to-top` I *think*15:56
ssam2the api really needs documenting for that15:57
locallycompactIt says Form field path was not given15:58
ssam2the Curl thing? I might have it a bit wrong, not done it for a while15:59
ssam2oh, s/repo/path/ perhaps15:59
pedroalvarez curl -X POST -d path=delta/openssl-new http://localhost:12765/1.0/move-to-top16:00
locallycompacththat was it16:00
pedroalvarezreal example ^16:00
locallycompactIt still can't authorize with the remote gitano though16:00
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