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* pedroalvarez wonders if anyone knows if GDP will build with that00:02
pedroalvarezAlso, I want a gerritbot!00:03
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jjardon pedroalvarez it should, this upgrade should be api compatible, but i only tested the weston-qt system06:38
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CTtpollardchanges to qtwayland in new Qt releases can be a pain with gdp, because of ivi shell09:13
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I missed your question yesterday, sorry. The repo manifest is just an idea for another thing I'm doing at the moment, but given that I used baserock data/repos, I thought it could be interesting for some people here11:32
franredpedroalvarez, have a look to the comments I wrote about my experience using repo (I forgot that it also performs in different ways for different versions, it is not compatible between versions)11:36
pedroalvarezfranred: I was actually reading those comments when I spotted Paul's question :)11:38
pedroalvarezI guess I will only feel the pain if I start using it11:39
franredpedroalvarez, it is your call...I would recommend you to look for other options or use frepo and ask his maintainer if you have an special case ;-)11:42
ssam2the point of using it is simply to be able to explain these problems better11:43
ssam2we are trying to write a report in which we can't just paste an IRC discussion :-)11:43
franredoh, I see - good luck and have fun then :)11:44
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ssam2 is an interesting read13:42
ssam2i didn't realise you'd got that far with building gnome components13:42
ssam2i guess the real next question is whether it's faster to compile qtwebkit that way vs. on ARM hardware :-)13:43
pedroalvarezI guess one of the possible answers to that question is that is easier to get powerful x86 servers than ARM servers13:46
gtristanssam2, it would be interesting to know that indeed13:47
gtristanI am currently compiling webkit, and it's already taken quite some time :-/13:47
pedroalvarezfor armv5?13:47
gtristanlast stratum that GNOME depends on... yeah for armv513:47
gtristanI'm currently at13:48
gtristan  CXX      DerivedSources/WebCore/libWebCore_la-JSHTMLEmbedElement.lo13:48
gtristanunfortunately it's all .lo :(13:48
gtristanc++ is an overhead, but libtool seems to beat c++ as an overhead... have to try this with rlibtool or smth13:49
gtristanand I'm also (quite) sure this build will fail13:49
gtristanI only have 1GB of swap in there, and qemu tops at 250MB of ram for the versatilepb13:50
* gtristan thinks it will fail to link13:50
pedroalvarezI guess I can give it a try and build WebKitGtk for armv7 in armv7 to compare results13:53
pedroalvarezin armv7 being a jetson tk1 board13:53
ssam2I guess 'distlink' isn't really practical, you'd have to transfer so much data13:54
ssam2and write it :-)13:55
ssam2well, it shouldn't be that hard to write really13:55
ssam2mlibtool looked really good. Ideally we'd just kill libtool of course13:55
ssam2not sure how many folk are building WebKitGtk for AIX and HPUX anyway :-)13:55
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ssam2nice, GuixSD has a pretty much working GNOME now:
ssam2seems to also be able to auto-update the packages, but based on following tarball releases rather than from Git:
ssam2also impressive that, instead whinging about logind being part of systemd, they just separated it out and used it:
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* jjardon searchs for GuixSD15:37
jjardon"GuixSD uses the GNU Shepherd init system"15:38
* jjardon searchs for GNU Shepherd :)15:39
CTtpollardsounds like a job title15:39
jjardonCTtpollard: there is a qtwayland-genivi stratum I think15:40
jjardonCTtpollard: and I though ivi-shell is in upstream weston now?15:45
CTtpollardjjardon: I believe so yes15:46
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locallycompacthow do I make it so I don't have to mess on with this ssh-keyscan stuff when I'm trying to lorry things16:57
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locallycompactI've added the lorry key to my gitlab account and done all the scanning on the lorry user on the trove and it's still telling me  Host key verification failed.16:59
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ssam2have you checked ~lorry/.ssh/known_hosts actually has the correct stuff in17:06
locallycompactIt has two entries, both look kind of like hte one I'm doing now but neither of which looks like the key I added from the other site I added earlier this week17:07
locallycompactso I dunno where that disappeared to17:07
locallycompactAt least if I try to clone something from that gitlab as the lorry user on the trove it doesn't prompt to accept the key17:11
locallycompactis that the same thing?17:11
locallycompactit doesn't clone though17:19
locallycompactthere's no keys in ~/.ssh ?17:19
ssam2host keys aren't the same as what we normal call "ssh keys"17:36
ssam2they're what the *host* uses to identify itself, so you can detect man-in-the-middle attacks17:36
ssam2assuming the man-in-the-middle didn't manage steal the host keys of the real machine :-)17:37
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locallycompactI'm not confused about that17:37
locallycompacto he's ogne17:37
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