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* gtristan is burning cycles trying to debug why ybd flocking code is not working :-/09:07
gtristanI think I get it09:22
gtristanI think that if there is any unhandled IOError exception withing a with claim(): ... block... it breaks the locking stuff09:32
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gtristanpaulsherwood, that took a few tries to get right :-/ sorry for the spam hehe12:43
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paulsherwoodgtristan: thanks for sorting that out... i've had several attempts to improve it myself too :)13:02
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gtristanyeah, it was a tricky one, my first patch did it but was a mess13:11
gtristanby creating a custom exception type, but this patch is more elegant13:11
paulsherwoodhow far are you now up the stack on aboriginal?13:13
gtristanhave gcc finally building again... but this time from definitions using ybd13:15
gtristanwanted to kickstart that this morning but got caught on this ybd snag hehe13:15
gtristanso, it's essentially the same build instructions I knew to work, but this time I'll have an artifact13:15
gtristanthat's ugly ^^^^13:18
gtristanoh no... it fails for lack of makeinfo ? odd that13:19
gtristanso gcc is almost there, it's been done before (twice successfully)13:19
gtristanand I'll have to see about removing the hacks at this line:
gtristanI think the lines creating symlinks at /usr/cc & /usr/c++ are no longer required, the other one not so sure13:21
paulsherwoodthis is rocket-science ;)13:22
gtristanits right down there at the bare metal yeah13:22
gtristanadding support for arches to aboriginal is interesting stuff too13:23
gtristanyou need to find the exactly right combination of gcc config arguments / kernel config options / qemu invocation arguments13:23
gtristanwhich is more tricky than it sounds13:24
gtristanthis is a conversation I had with landley:
gtristan<landley__> Finding an existing hello world and single-stepping through qemu's -s mode hooked to gdb "target remote" is sometimes required. :P13:26
gtristan<landley__> objdump -d is, unfortunately, your friend.13:26
gtristan<landley__> Once you've got _that_, skip the rest of userspace and build a kernel.13:26
gtristanhmmm, interesting hehe13:26
paulsherwoodis that channel logged? if not, shouldn't it be?13:30
gtristanno I saved that manually, I dont know how people generally feel about logging, at least it's good to put it in the subject here, so people are warned13:31
gtristanfor instance, musl libc's topic says: | Ask questions; treat others with respect; stop off-topic discussions for musl questions; do not publish logs; no sexism, homophobia, or other forms of asshattery.13:33
gtristanalright, I'll solve gcc tmw... getting late13:35
paulsherwoodyup :-)13:36
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