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gtristanaha, comes back up... suspiciously at the same time as codethink irc is revived ;-)08:05
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pedroalvarezgtristan: oh yeah...08:51
pedroalvarezI probably should have announced that it was going to be down some time...08:52
pedroalvarezour hosting provider was upgrading their cloud tonight08:52
pedroalvarezEverything looks good, although they claim that they haven't finished the upgrade08:57
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gtristaneh, looks like working :)09:28
gtristanjjardon, hey... I'm trying to sort out: "DRI2: Failed to authenticate"... and to that end, I've just built mesa-demos09:29
gtristansince mesa-demos contains glxinfo,glxgears and some things which should help for debugging and diagnosing the thing09:30
gtristanbut, it requires like 5 packages annoyingly to compile09:30
gtristanrequires glew, which requires glut, which requires glu, libXmu and xorg's 'makedepend'09:31
gtristanI think we can just shove libXmu into the xorg common stratum with the other libs09:31
gtristanbut any preference on the rest ?09:31
pedroalvarezoh, i was integrating these libraries this weekend just for fun09:32
gtristanright now I'm just avoiding compiling webkit every 5 minutes and doing it in gnome.morph (of course), but I was thinking of creating a mesa-demos-common with that stuff09:32
pedroalvarez(glew and glu)09:32
gtristanoh ?09:32
gtristanoh well... then maybe we should add it to mesa-common directly ?09:32
pedroalvarezI have no opinions09:33
radiofreeNo thanks, I never have to use glu09:33
gtristanno there isnt, it's annoying actually mesa-common doesnt even require glew for the important bits09:34
gtristanbit has it as a hard requirement09:34
gtristans/no there isnt/no it's normally unneeded09:35
gtristanok so for now, lets push libXmu into the X strata containing most of the xlibs, just because... and create a separate strata for mesa-demos-common containing the glew/glu/glut stuff09:36
radiofreesounds sensible!09:37
gtristannod, no need to push that stuff everywhere09:38
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gtristanthere, fixed it...11:15
gtristanlorries: glew:  mesa-demos:
gtristanadded stratum:
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pedroalvarezgtristan: did you try to build glew from source and find out that wasn't possible :)11:39
gtristanpedroalvarez, I successfully built it from source yeah11:41
gtristanbut then found that it was impossible or a nightmare to baserock it11:41
gtristanpedroalvarez, those build scripts are so poor :-/11:43
pedroalvarezwell, when I said from source, I meant git11:43
radiofreewouldn't something like glmark be easier?11:43
gtristanI built from git, on the VM I was testing on :)11:44
pedroalvarezto me it looked like it was missing some files11:44
gtristanpedroalvarez, and I had to do 'make extensions' which did git clone... and wget... :)11:44
radiofreeif you just want GL/EGLdemos glmark2 fits the bill11:44
pedroalvarezand I found a bug report for that missing file, and the maintainer saying "wontfix"11:44
gtristanoh yeah, README file explains that11:44
gtristanradiofree, what I wanted was glxinfo and generally just some demos/small progs which use DRI211:45
* gtristan is wondering if perhaps the problem is a bad webkit build11:46
radiofreegtristan: yeah, glmark will give you that, and probably doesn't depend on glut (i can't be sure, i've only used it with wayland)11:47
gtristanthe symptom is; epiphany web browser "works", but then "DRI2: Failed to authenticate" happens _only_ when trying to play a youtube video11:47
pedroalvarezyoutube in baserock!11:48
radiofreepedroalvarez: did that ages ago :)11:48
pedroalvarezhaha :)11:49
pedroalvareznow we only have to put some games11:49
radiofreei didn't realise it at the time, but you can control that car with the keyboard, so perhaps a game (webgl)11:50
radiofreegtristan: does playing a video with gstreamer result in the same error?11:50
rjekWebGL Quake!11:51
* pedroalvarez plays11:52
gtristanMissing MPEG-4 Video Decoder11:59
gtristanwell, one thing at a time, lets find an easier file to play12:00
gtristanhmmm, gst-play-1.0 only plays audio for this ... and complains of missing codecs12:05
gtristanodd... that would mean... gst-plugins-good/bad/ugly... all either dont contain the required codecs (doubtful)12:06
gtristanor, that we've been compiling them in baserock for purely aesthetic reason (i.e. we just like to see it compile)12:07
gtristanor perhaps it once worked, and is now broken and nobody noticed, or... does not work specifically on the gnome system12:07
* gtristan reads the build logs... perhaps they are missing deps and disabling the plugins12:08
radiofreegtristan: codecs are somewhat lacking in baserock12:12
radiofreei probably should have documented the codecs needed to get youtube to work...12:12
radiofreeprobably vp8/9 was the easiest12:13
radiofreegtristan: i think plugins-good might be in there, but there's a load of other dependencies missing, so i think a lot of the codecs don't actually get built12:13
* gtristan just looking in the plugins-good list to see if there is any video format I can test out of the box12:14
radiofreegtristan: run `gst-inspect` in your vm12:14
gtristanlooks like we have our deps a bit backwards, it would at least build some more plugins if it depended on graphics-common12:14
radiofreethat'll tell you what was actually built12:15
gtristanlots of output yes, its also there in the build log12:16
gtristanI have muxers/demuxers for mpeg4 it seems12:16
gtristanbut not the codec itself ?12:16
gtristanFLX video decoder and VMnc video decoders12:18
gtristanwell, that needs beefing up I guess, I'll look into vp8/912:19
gtristanI suspect that the authentication failure will still need addressing, though12:19
* gtristan is building with vpx codecs13:12
gtristanhowever, interestingly, to build libvpx... it wants the yasm assembler13:12
gtristancurrently we build that for virtualbox-guest-x86_6413:12
gtristanany thoughts on localizing that... perhaps in build-essential ?13:13
gtristans/localizing/relocating... whatever13:13
* gtristan is currently building it directly in multimedia-gstreamer13:14
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benbrown_fyi, just pushed some lorry-controller changes to gerrit14:04
benbrown_I may have got a bit carried away with the yarns14:05
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pedroalvarezbenbrown_: hey! thanks for your contribution14:25
pedroalvarezit looks good to me :)14:25
pedroalvarezone question: why is this change needed:
benbrown_pedroalvarez: It's not strictly needed, it just made sense.  Though the tests patch depends upon it at the moment.14:27
benbrown_The "non-string list" test passes in "[1, 2]", but could just as well be "[1,2]".14:28
pedroalvarezoh, that whitespace14:31
pedroalvarezI understand14:31
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benbrown_pedroalvarez: Thanks for the review :)14:38
pedroalvarezthanks for the patches :)14:41
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