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jjardonDoes anyone know the address of the ybd ARM cache server?14:35
pedroalvarezthat was
pedroalvarezbut looks down14:36
pedroalvarezyou can try which looks up14:37
pedroalvarezor use and morph artifacts :)14:37
jjardonpedroalvarez: I tried using morph, but Im getting error about mising modules: does morph work with upstream cliapp?14:47
pedroalvarezso, you are not using a baserock devel vm?14:51
pedroalvarezfor that error you need  pyfilesystem14:52
pedroalvarez'fs' in pypi I think14:52
pedroalvarezregarding cliapp, I don't think so,14:54
jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks, but then, how can I use morph without using a baserock vm?15:04
jjardonIm getting this error when using the ybd cache server (kbas-url: ''): any idea whats the problem?15:07
ssam2we had to fork cliapp, you can check out baserock/morph branch and add it to your PYTHONPATH manually15:10
ssam2bit of a hack though, we should do something with our fork of cliapp15:12
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pedroalvarez[14:36:51] <pedroalvarez> that was
pedroalvarez[14:36:55] <pedroalvarez> but looks down15:22
pedroalvarezyour problem might be related15:22
pedroalvarezalthough that problem looks like you don't have pemrission to do something in your os?15:23
pedroalvarezanyway, if you don't want to use a VM, you can still get a chroot, or install the dependencies as Sam suggested15:24
jjardonpedroalvarez: I tried both 0 and 1. About permissions: Maybe, but im running ybs as root so not sure what can be. I will investigate more15:25
jjardonpedroalvarez: unfortunately I do not have enough disk space to use a chroot15:25
pedroalvarezthen you won't have disk space to build :)15:26
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jjardonpedroalvarez: I was hoping to use the cache server so I do not have to build almost anything, only the BSP15:32
persiaYou still need enough space to unpack all the artifacts, assemble them into a system artifact, and then create your deployment artifact, usally measured in 10s of GB.15:40
jjardonpersia: 10s of GB for the most minimal image?15:46
jjardonie, the base systems?15:47
persiaI don't know the size of the "most minimal image".  I'd plan for 4x the expected image size, so if the image is greater than 2.5GB ,probably greater than 10.15:47
persiaIf you are using morph and lots of artifact splitting to make the image smaller, you may need a higher multiple.15:47
* persia doesn't think ybd supports defining products from chunks, but may be mistaken15:48
pedroalvarezno, you are not15:49
tiagogomes_jjardon, 1.8G for a build system, 2.1G for devel system, 25M for minimal system15:49
persiaSo, yeah, for ybd 4x is reliable.15:49
persiatiagogomes_: "minimal" depends on artifact splitting, right?15:49
tiagogomes_that's correct15:50
jjardongreat, I think I have anough then: around 8GB should be enough for the build system15:51
persiaBarely, yes, as long as you don't have to build anything :)15:51
persia(bringing us back to the beginning, where I can't help as much)15:51
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