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* tiagogomes_ ponders removing `morph diff`. It doesn't seem very useful and it doesn't work with our definitions09:56
pedroalvareztimes I've used it => 009:57
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tiagogomes_it may have some usefulness comparing two different definitions repository, but I don't think visual inspection is inferior10:22
radiofreeI had no idea there was a morph diff10:23
franred+1, I've never used it10:24
ssam2morph diff is useful to know what *version* of something changed10:25
ssam2if you use `git diff` you see 3ab3511935871 changing to 1357a87a8a787, which is meaningless10:25
ssam2where if you use `morph diff`, it should do a 'git describe' or something so you see v1.5.4 changing to v1.5.510:26
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tiagogomes_I am not sure if the is enough to justify a command for that10:28
ssam2how is it possible to look at what changed between two versions of definitions without `morph diff`?10:30
ssam2assuming you are not a robot who can auto-resolve sha1 hashes10:30
tiagogomes_Well, the command does not work with our definitions as we have multiple defined chunks: . So if the command does not work the command it means people worked out something for doing that10:34
tiagogomes_Also, ins't that the purpose of the unpetrify-ref field?10:35
tiagogomes_I also argue that `morph diff` is slooooooow. It looks to be cloning every repository10:36
VLetrmxyou could argue the detection i added broke the diff command, or that the diff command is broken for relying apparently throwing everything into the same source pool10:36
ssam2people are using it but are not using latest morph10:37
ssam2shame that it regressed, would be ice to fix that10:38
ssam2and yes, it's slow, because it has to clone every repo10:38
ssam2we could accelerate it by implementing the queries it needs in morph-cache-server10:38
ssam2i don't think we've ever agreed the purpose of unpetrify-ref, i thought we had recently, but nothing has happened since to nail it down10:38
ssam2but if we have a field that *always* contains the upstream ref name, or if the 'ref' field itself could be a tag instead of a sha1, then `morph diff` wouldn't be needed10:39
VLetrmx*nod* seems reasonable10:40
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pedroalvarezis that real?11:08
SotKI can't see at all11:08
Zarapedroalvarez: it is. took a while to load11:08
pedroalvarezoh my11:08
ZaraI noticed gtristan had mentioned it was down, in his email, so took a look11:09
Zarathe 42 is a nice touch11:09
Zarayou might see it if you refresh the page after it fails to load11:09
Zarathat displays it for me, anyway.11:09
Zarathe 42 changes at different zooms. I think it refers to the width of the sidebar.11:11
Zara(not that that's important, I just found that interesting)11:11
pedroalvarezrestarted, thanks!!11:12
Zaralooks normal now! \o/11:13
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VLetrmxoh ouch, one thing we might want to consider for runtime dependencies is that we will need to rethink python imports12:25
VLetrmxpypi apparently allows circular dependencies, they get away with this because they're all runtime and they don't need to form a DAG, they can just treat the deps as a list12:26
VLetrmxit's a problem nixos folks are currently trying to solve it seems, since runtime dependencies are specified in DAG form there12:27
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