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gtristancan someone confirm for me... about extensions/ when we call 'extlinux --install ${real_root}'... are we using the freshly installed extlinux ?06:53
gtristanI can confirm we do not07:08
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pedroalvarezIf you are planning to upgrade syslinux there are horror histories that you might want to know..08:05
pedroalvarezStories* :)08:07
pedroalvarezGood morning08:07
pedroalvarezAlthough I think we were close..08:11
gtristanpedroalvarez, good morning...08:12
gtristanoh dont worry... this is already a horror story08:12
gtristanI have been 2 days into this08:12
pedroalvarezAre you going to share the fun with us?08:24
gtristanI have been busy chatting with devs in #syslinux sorry08:26
gtristanpedroalvarez, ok fwiw, this is my chat on #syslinux:
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gtristanpedroalvarez, ok... so here is my understanding so far, and experience with the problem08:34
gtristanfirst... I compiled the whole thing... and when running the gnome image in virtualbox... I get this error:08:34
gtristan int13_harddisk: function 42. Can't use 64bits lba08:35
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gtristanThis is debian testing, building with the same ybd setup I was using on the old Ubuntu 14.04 lts btw... I chose something more bleeding edge because it actually took a while to get things up and running with the older, more stable OS08:36
gtristanSo, looking on the web, the 64bits lba issue is something that seems addressed in recent builds of virtualbox (recent as in... weeks ago there is an experimental fix for the years old bug)08:37
gtristan <-- this bug08:37
gtristanNow, grepping around... I am thinking... what the hell is creating the LBA, and why is it 64bits ?08:37
gtristanI found some lines of code in syslinux which formats gpt and seemed to be related08:38
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gtristanthen discovered that... syslinux's extlinux binary should match the syslinux modules installed on the host08:39
gtristansyslinux devs recommend that they be of the "same build" even (ouch)08:39
gtristanSo, I have a local ugly brute force patch which makes writeexts uses ${real_root}/some/btrfs/madness/root/sbin/extlinux binary instead... to use the binary which was compiled08:40
gtristanwell... anyway... that patch works... but does not solve the problem08:42
gtristansyslinux guys are saying that nothing about syslinux should trigger 64bits lba for an image so small as 7GB08:43
gtristanso problem *should* be elsewhere (although I think that blindly invoking the extlinux from the build host is not going to work, either)08:44
edcragggtristan: not sure if related at all, but i wrote some stuff in the rawdisk.write extension that flashes the sys/extlinux bootloader binary to the mbr, and i tested that in KVM at the time08:46
gtristanedcragg, rawdisk.write has some mention of extlinux in do_upgrade(), but I dont think I'm doing that when simply deploying a freshly built image to a file... am I hitting that code ?08:50
gtristannote that using the built syslinux (4.0.6) instead of the host syslinux (6.0.3)... *does* change the error in kvm08:53
gtristaninstead of silently spinning at 100% cpu...08:53
gtristanI get the error:  EDD: Error 0100 reading sector 3602879701896396008:53
gtristanand then spin at 100% cpu in kvm08:53
gtristanso, *something* seems to be making this image seem extremely huge... somewhere08:54
gtristanoh, and on the old LTS ubuntu 14.04 system, my btrfs was too old08:54
pedroalvarezwow wow, this is a lot of fun...08:54
pedroalvarezI guess this is one of the problems of using baserock from random OSes08:55
gtristanso in the older system, I had to build images with patched so it removes the --features args to mkfs.btrfs08:55
gtristanpedroalvarez, perhaps08:56
gtristanpedroalvarez, or perhaps it's the kind of thing that is going to happen anyway, if you think you can just upgrade btrfs and syslinux, and build from a 'baserock vm' with too old syslinux08:57
gtristanand in any case, there needs to be a bootstrapping story - one cannot have a baserock vm be a hard requirement for building a baserock vm, right ?08:58
gtristanthat's a bit circular08:58
pedroalvarezsure, you can still build it right, the problem is deploying08:59
pedroalvarezit's easy to bootstrap a rootfs that you can use later :)08:59
gtristanthat seems to just be a missing link, we have all the tools there in the built system09:00
gtristanbut we are not using them to create the image09:00
pedroalvareznot always I think09:00
pedroalvarezI'm not sure but I think that not every system deployed will have the tools that are needed to be deployed09:01
edcragggtristan: if you deploy to a disk image, the partition table is MBR, and actually only if it's a partitioned image, so i guess you're probably not hitting that code09:01
pedroalvarezgtristan: so, some of these horror stories I mentioned were trying to deploy a system from a baserock vm with new syslinux09:02
gtristanpedroalvarez, right, but that is a matter of splitting up the artifacts... just because we are not deploying them in the target, does not mean we have not staged them somewhere and used them in the build09:02
pedroalvarezthat is a good point09:03
pedroalvarezyeah, we have the power of building the tools, why not relying on our built tools when deploying?09:04
gtristanon the other hand, this system builds a webkit that I cannot run, amazingly fast :)09:06
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* gtristan looks at 9fe18e5209:31
gtristanlooking at the mkfs.btrfs lines, it shows that we are already disabling btrfs features which older syslinux cannot handle09:32
gtristanAnd now, I have debian testing... with even newer btrfs - perhaps I need to disable more features09:32
gtristanI notice that the error is different booting up if I comment out the --features lines and --nodesize line09:33
gtristanwell, different... that is to say there is no 64bits lba error, only an SYSLINUX version line followed by nothing09:33
pedroalvarezI remember tiagogomes doing some progress on deploying using syslinux 6.03.. but I failed to find any of his work09:34
gtristanthat should 'just work' assuming that A.) You upgrade syslinux in bsp strata and B.) You invoke extlinux as ${real_root}/systems/factory/run/sbin/extlinux09:35
gtristanthe binaries themselves are very 'simple' stuff, by that I mean they dont load modules or anything, it's all math and sizes and such09:36
edcraggdoes the correct binary just need to be copied to the right place in deployment then?09:48
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gtristanedcragg, you mean for syslinux upgrade to work ?09:57
gtristanthe thing about syslinux, is that it distributes modules required to boot... and it also has a tool (extlinux binary) which is used to install a bootloader09:58
gtristanthe extlinux binary... and the modules installed at make install time, are supposed to *come from the same build* of syslinux09:59
gtristanpeople in #syslinux say that it may have 'worked' for slightly varying versions of 4.x, but will certainly not work for say, 4.x extlinux bootloader with 6.x modules10:00
gtristanwhen we boot a baserock image, we currently have the host extlinux install a boot loader which will encounter the syslinux modules that were built in the build system10:00
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gtristanGood news10:08
gtristanpedroalvarez, after all that fiddling, I find that using the built syslinux's extlinux, AND building a btrfs-progs v4.0 locally (matching the baserock version) - results in a bootable image again10:09
gtristanpedroalvarez, which means, I think it's a safe bet to say that if we *did* use the built tooling for the image deployment, we would not have this problem10:09
pedroalvarezgood news indeed/10:09
pedroalvarezthen some people will say: "Then you can't deploy an arm system from x86!!"10:11
gtristanCan you today ?10:11
gtristanthat's not what we demoed in korea though, which is a nice approach to that problem10:12
gtristanbut indeed10:12
gtristanpedroalvarez, I think if the cross-environment really works, then it should not be a problem10:12
gtristanif you are cross compiling, that means you have built the host tooling for the target system which runs on the host10:13
gtristanthat is the level of tools you want to use for the deployment, I think10:13
richard_mawpedroalvarez: aye, which is why I want to be able to specify a system to deploy from, so you can say "deploy this ARM system using tools from this x86 chroot"10:13
pedroalvarezgtristan: note that I said "deploy", not build10:14
gtristanpedroalvarez, yes I know... and when I say the "built tooling for the image deployment"... I am being a bit loose there10:15
pedroalvarezgtristan: oh right, I forgot your real suggestion10:16
pedroalvarez(monday morning, sorry)10:16
radiofreehad an e-mail about the baserock-flashing-script in ubuntu10:23
radiofreeit doesn't work because the version of fdisk there doesn't support GPT partition tables, could anyone with a bit of free time change the script over to use `parted` instead?10:23
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ssam2if nobody has time, could you file an issue in or send a mail to the baserock-dev list radiofree ?10:45
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ssam2here's a thought for the day:
nowsterhas someone put kimchi in the fridge?10:49
franrednowster, wrong window :)10:49
nowsterat least it wasn't leaking (unlike the smell from the tupperware box)10:50
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persiaradiofree: On fdisk: parted works, but also gdisk, if one wants less of an API change.12:20
edcraggthat's true12:22
edcraggvariously also called gfdisk12:23
edcraggreally any sensibly recent fdisk should support GPT though12:24
edcraggif the jetson supports booting from an MBR partitioned disk, then that would be another easier option12:25
persiaDoes the jetson support EFI?12:29
radiofreepersia: is gdisk sufficiently ubiquitous?12:36
radiofreei.e "apt-get install gdisk" will do it?12:36
persiaradiofree: apt-get and yum work.  I've been using gdisk for nearly 5 years.  I don't know how common it is everywhere.12:37
radiofreeit's on fedora by default (along with a version of fdisk that actually works with GTP...)12:38
radiofreewell it still doesn't have the "g" command12:39
radiofreewhy am i using gpt anyway, does a dos partition layout work on a jetson? i don't see why not?12:39
radiofreejonathanmaw: you had some trouble with the flashing script on debian right?12:39
radiofreedid changing "g" to "o" resolve it12:40
jonathanmawradiofree: something like that.12:40
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tiagogomes_github:jmacarthur/openjdk-binary :|18:09
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