IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2015-12-06

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gtristanSo, on the new host with debian stretch, I am generating garbage images11:49
gtristanthe vms work well, virt-manager and virtualbox both are capable of booting the 64bit baserock dev image11:50
gtristanI tried installing a 64bit ubuntu iso also, no problems there11:50
gtristanbut with an image I create on my own host... I get "can't use 64bits lba" error11:52
gtristanand with kvm, it silently takes 100% cpu forever11:52
gtristanoh, the above 64bits lba error is shown with virtualbox11:53
gtristankvm on the other hand just takes 100% cpu11:53
gtristannow, I think the problem is somewhere around extensions/ and it's calling the host tooling mkfs.btrfs and extlinux --install11:54
gtristanwell, I'll have to go home and try an image I've created with the old laptop, but I doubt a 64bit gnome image is any different from the basic baserock image, at least in that regard (system boot)11:56
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