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pedroalvarezAll right, I'm really stuck with the dependency on mysql >=5.6 from storyboard10:18
ZaraI think that was necessary for fulltext search to work correctly10:19
Zarathere might be other things, but iirc that was the main reason10:20
pedroalvarezyeah, I can't remember now what the migration 042 does, but that one also checks for mysql version10:21
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Zarabtw, if you see any unnecessary storyboard/storyboard-webclient dependencies, please let #storyboard know. I suspect we depend on more than we need to, and it'll only get harder to maintain as time goes on.10:36
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DavePagepedroalvarez / ssam2: Are you the right people to talk to about migrating ?12:29
pedroalvarezand gary_perkins12:29
DavePageYeah, he's not around currently :)12:30
pedroalvarezhe was looking at migrating it though12:31
pedroalvarezbut if it can't wait then I guess we can start doing it12:31
DavePageI'd appreciate it if you could - it looks like just a static HTTP download site12:33
pedroalvarezsetting that up is easy12:35
pedroalvarezbackups etc is another thing12:35
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DavePagepedroalvarez: Do you know how those work currently?13:17
DavePage(does the stuff on need to be backed up, given it is a bunch of reproducible builds?)13:18
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pedroalvarezhah yes13:21
pedroalvarezgiven that they took time :)13:21
persiaCan all of the builds on be rebuilt from scratch?  I thought some of them required themselves to be reliable.13:25
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jjardonpedroalvarez: time ago you asked for a way to detect execution in a virtualized environment: take a look to 'systemd-detect-virt' :
pedroalvarezthis was basically to decide between fbdev or drm backends :)14:46
jjardonI've just discovered it now :) but anyway, with linux 4.4 and the new qemu versions should be always drm anyway14:47
persiaThere are still plenty of environments one needs fbdev, but presumably whether it is virtual isn't the right check :)14:50
pedroalvarezyeah, I decided to go with a configure extension, so that you can decide the backend at deployment time14:51
pedroalvarezand stop thinking about all the possible cases14:51
persiaHrm.  I like deciding that at build time, rather than deploy time, because if you change it at deploy time, you can generate two differently behaving systems from the same cache key.14:55
* persia is coming to dislike all configure extensions intensely14:55
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