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pedroalvarezGood day Baserock!09:41
rjekhello pedroalvarez09:42
straycatpedroalvarez, any reason infrastructure hasn't been migrated to a new version of definitions09:43
straycati'd like a local deployment of gerrit and baserock seems the most convenient way to get one09:43
pedroalvarezstraycat: we seemed to agree that deploying our infra from master wasn't a good idea09:44
pedroalvarezso we only merge tags :)09:45
straycatso we have to have a release for me to be able to do this?09:51
pedroalvarezerm... nope09:53
pedroalvarezwhy can't you use it as it is?09:54
straycatthe version of morph i'm using does not support version 5, so i'd have to switch to an old version09:54
pedroalvarezto the version used in the latest release09:55
straycatwhich is very old09:55
straycatwe need a release don't we09:56
straycatthe import stuff is still blocked because of that09:56
straycatand now it's not possible to deploy infrastructure with modern morph09:56
pedroalvarezI've asked some times for help to do a release09:56
pedroalvarezdidn't have any answers09:57
pedroalvarezbeing able to deploy it using latest release is ok IMO09:57
pedroalvarezof course I'd like to move faster, but for things like infra maybe not09:58
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straycatdidn't get a message about a submitted change that needs to be rebased11:56
straycatit shouldn't need a rebase either, current master is the parent of the change11:59
* straycat presses rebase anyway11:59
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straycatoh i can't do that because it's already go the right parent12:00
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persiastraycat: To make sure I understand backscroll: You didn't get a message about a change that cannot be rebased because the parent is already current master HEAD?12:18
* persia suspects the system behaviour was correct, but the interface + documentation leaves much to be desired12:18
straycatpersia, gerrit should have been able to merge the change but couldn't for an unknown reason12:19
straycatin the end i cherry-picked the change onto current master12:20
straycatthen had to rebase all subsequent changes12:20
straycatrichard_maw, what's going on with  it is obsolete now yes?12:20
persiaOh, ugh.12:21
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straycatoh baserock-15.34 failed to build the current sha because of jsonschema13:08
pedroalvarezthis isn't failing in mason for example :/13:10
straycatthe branch i would like us to release has a change on top to push us to the latest morph13:11
straycatso that's probably why13:11
pedroalvarezthat sounds like I should stop creating the release artifacts13:12
straycatoh, yes, i didn't realise you'd started :/13:12
pedroalvarezI wonder what is the problem with jsonschema13:31
straycatthe problem is that it was't in the staging area by the time morph was being built13:43
straycati've pushed jsonschema into python2-core and am rebuilding13:43
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pedroalvarezI see13:53
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* pedroalvarez sends
pedroalvarezthanks straycat, ping me whenever you have the jsonschema patch ready14:11
straycatwill do :)14:12
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straycatcan haz review? ^16:21
straycatssam2, thanks :)16:23
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straycatthere's if we merge that then the release branch can probably be based off that, assuming 15.34 can build it all okay16:33
straycatwhich should mean we can migrate to v7 afterwards16:34
pedroalvarezstraycat: found this reviewing your patches:
straycatoh nice spot16:49
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straycatpedroalvarez, are you happy with that modification?16:58
pedroalvarezI am17:01
straycatsplendid :)17:02
pedroalvarezare we ready then?17:03
straycatnot exactly, i still need to build that sha from 15.34 and check the upgraded system works17:03
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straycatwhich takes a bit longer now that we also have clang...17:18
straycatideally would clang not be included at the same level as gcc and you'd choose with a flavour?17:28
pedroalvarezyes, ideally17:29
* straycat wonders how many projects hardcode gcc17:29
richard_mawstraycat: I saw a talk about this two years ago at FOSDEM. There was a sufficient number that the DD decided to write a wrapper script that would show a warning and behave like GCC's CLI.17:33
straycatha, so compiler-rt fails to build cause of some unicode error, will fix that17:56
straycatclang adds about 30 minutes to our devel system builds on x86, so that should probably motivate us to get some format changes done to allow a bit more flexibility :)17:57
radiofreepedroalvarez: are you still interested in trying gnome on a jetson?17:59
radiofreehere's xorg with tegra support
pedroalvarezradiofree: on a Pi! :)18:01
pedroalvarezI don't think I have the time now though18:01
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pedroalvarezhe wants to put gnome on a tablet :)18:03
radiofreethere are tablets with a tk1!18:04
jjardonradiofree: yeah, I saw that :)18:06
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