IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2015-10-03

pedroalvarezSotK: it will be useful. I didn't manage to do it myself today,  and I think it's a good idea00:27
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paulsherwoodwin 5708:56
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wdutchI've changed Deploy to Image(s) in CIAT see
wdutchnow I need to figure out how to make it show in our webview11:10
pedroalvarezwdutch: in the UI? Let me take care of that13:33
paulsherwoodis there a reason we're not using default :80 port?13:42
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* SotK resists the urge to tidy the code and just works on making the detail page useful instead14:24
* SotK utterly hates the buildbot json api15:04
SotKpedroalvarez, wdutch: Did you ever sort a way to get the defintiions SHA?15:29
wdutchSotK: not yet15:56
* wdutch doesn't plan to do it this weekend either15:58
SotKthis afternoon's progress:
SotKAnything else that should be on that page?16:32
wdutchooo very nice16:49
wdutcha link to the stdout?16:50
paulsherwoodelapsed time would be easier to grok than start +  finish16:53
SotKso start + elapsed?17:26
* SotK ponders the best way to link to the stdout, given each build has multiple logs17:26
wdutchthe log of the final step if it is successful, the step where it fails if it fails17:27
wdutchalthough that sounds like a lot of work17:27
wdutchfinal step is the most important17:27
paulsherwoodSotK: yup i think so17:29
SotKwdutch: is there ever a situation where the fail log is not the final one?17:37
wdutchbut it's rare17:38
SotKok then17:42
* SotK figures out a way17:42
* SotK also fixes the problems that happened when something was in progress17:43
SotKwdutch: it now attempts to link to the most useful log17:54
* SotK can't find any examples of interrupts to know what to use to try to pick the best log in that situation though17:54
* SotK pushes his changes to github and disappears:
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