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WalkerdineWould finding out how to add GPIO support for baserock/genivi on the jetson be something I could figure out and contribute?00:48
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gtristanusing ybd, if I make a modification to a strata / morph file... should it trigger a rebuild of that module and all modules depending on it ?04:28
gtristanah, I think so :)04:28
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Walkerdinehow do I stop baserock from complaining about uncommited changes when Im trying ot test05:44
Walkerdineoh jk I did it completely wrong05:47
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pedroalvarezgood morning!07:32
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tlsafor the UI it would be nice if you could click on a build, and in the details bit it could say something like "Caused by <a href="[address of diff]">change to definitions</a>."08:16
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pedroalvareztlsa: yes, but atm I think there is no way to guess what sha produced by the integration phase triggered the build08:22
pedroalvarezI removed the hypnotic flashing btw08:23
SotKis the sha that is passed to the build not enough?08:23
pedroalvarezyes, but (i believe) there is no way to get that sha with the buildbot api08:25
pedroalvarezalso, there might be many shas from only one integration08:25
SotKaha, so its not the "sha" entry in the build properties then? :(08:27
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pedroalvarezit is not :/08:29
SotKhow disappointing :(08:32
pedroalvarezwe could maybe change it to make it point to the right sha08:34
pedroalvarezI leave that for super wdutch08:34
KinnisonThe SHA is, IIRC, of the slave scripts repo08:35
pedroalvarezit is08:35
wdutchsuper wdutch to the rescue!08:36
wdutch* Superted theme plays08:37
* wdutch reads scrollback08:37
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wdutchIt might be possible to get the sha of definitions by writing a custom buildstep in buildbot08:40
wdutchthis is not something I have done but it was suggested in #buildbot08:40
pedroalvarezit doesn't sound strightforward08:45
Kinnisonwdutch: Can we not attach arbitrary metadata when we trigger?08:46
wdutchthis is how it is currently done08:51
wdutchI don't know how the API work regarding these 'properties'08:51
pedroalvarezI don't thing you can access to them08:52
pedroalvarezonly to the SHA of buildslave-scripts :P08:52
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wdutchthis is a problem with buildbots design philosophy. Buildbot wants to get some source from a known place and run known commands on it08:58
wdutchnot get source from all over the place and run arbitrary tests08:58
wdutchthe work around is to have an intermediate, buildslave-scripts08:58
wdutchany objections to me taking ciat up and down for some debugging?09:00
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pedroalvarezcannot we use definitons.git as the source?09:22
toscalix__pedroalvarez: when can we talk about dialogs?09:24
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pedroalvareztoscalix: in around 10 minutes :)09:24
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wdutchpedroalvarez: we could and then clone the buildslave scripts09:33
wdutchie swap them around in the way we currently do it09:34
wdutchthis seems very sensible09:34
pedroalvarez"seems", but maybe I'm wrong09:36
wdutchI will give it more thought09:36
pedroalvareztoscalix: here09:44
toscalixpedroalvarez: are you free to work on the dialogs or is there anything pending?09:48
pedroalvarezfree to work on that09:49
* Kinnison mumbles about us being a British company and thus pedro should be working on a 'dialogue box' 09:51
pedroalvarezbaserock doesn't belong to a country!!09:52
Kinnisonartefact is a neologism almost09:52
Kinnisonat least, a preference for it is fairly new09:52
* Kinnison has heard of someone expressing a distinction between the two, along the lines of 'artefact is something we made and want' vs. 'artifact is an unwanted side-effect'09:53
persiait *means* something different.  That the UK is following the inerudite western example of conflating "artifact" and "artefact" into a single word is a sad thing that ought be railed against.09:53
rjekNone of OED, Chambers, or Websters agrees with you persia :)09:58
rjekBut none are authorititive, obv.09:58
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ratmice____I think it is useless to distinguish between spellings which you cannot differentiate vocally or within context...10:58
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* ratmice____ prefers detritus for the latter definition...11:11
wdutchorchestration is using an old ciatlib11:13
wdutchpython module I wrote to define Pipelines and Columns11:16
pedroalvarezwdutch: i was wondering if it would be possible to change some Colums names11:17
wdutchnot dynamically11:18
pedroalvarezI know11:18
wdutchwhat would you like them changed to?11:18
pedroalvarezI had a chat with toscalix and looks like some of them are not really well named11:18
wdutchwhat would toscalix like them changed to then?11:19
pedroalvarezmainly the "Deploy" word11:19
wdutchwhat should it be changed to?11:19
pedroalvarezgiven that what we are currently doing is just creating an image, we can put "Image(s)"11:20
wdutchif brackets are valid characters this is no trouble to do11:20
pedroalvarezI put "(s)" because I think we can't assume we are generating only one image11:20
wdutchI agree11:21
pedroalvarezand the second change, "Integration"11:21
pedroalvarezwhat about "Definitions update"?11:21
pedroalvarezI'm not 100% sure though11:21
pedroalvarezcurrently in the ui, we have integration twice11:22
pedroalvarezone in the name of the lane, and one in the box11:22
wdutchthis means a change ciatlib, changing this will mean I need to remove the history11:24
pedroalvarezfor both columns, right?11:24
wdutchall history in any column will be gone11:25
pedroalvarezI mean, any of the two changes will remove the history?11:25
wdutchI think changing integration wouldn't11:26
pedroalvarezok I don't know how much do we care about the history at this point11:26
wdutchpeople have been grumpy about me wiping it in the past11:27
* Kinnison would rather not remove history before the end of the day11:28
wdutchthis is fine11:29
* wdutch -> afk11:29
nowsterI'm trying to push to gerrit for definitions and have forgotten... what should I have for "HEAD:refs/for/xxxxx" ?11:35
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SotKnowster: refs/for/master/$topic11:35
nowsterSotK: ta!11:36
nowsterI'd forgotten the final element11:36
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pedroalvareznew version of the ui "released"14:51
pedroalvarezyou can access now to the current build logs from the details dialog (opened when you click on a box)14:52
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paulwaters_I'm off home folks - have great weekends and see you all monday15:13
paulwaters_wrong channel :)15:13
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wdutchare we not allowed great weekends? :(15:45
* wdutch wonders how you can join a channel and 21 seconds later say something in that channel thinking it's a different channel15:45
SotKpedroalvarez: is there any plan to make pages such as useful (from the "Full builder details" link)?15:54
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toscalixSotK: there is17:20
toscaliximproving the dialogs is the remaining task of the UI17:20
toscalixPedro have a detailed todo list of improvements17:20
toscalixand yes, that table should be populated with data for every "box"17:20
toscalixwhen possible, or removed17:21
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* SotK will try to have a look at it in the morning if that would be useful19:00
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