IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2015-10-04

pedroalvarezSotK: thanks! I really appreciate your contributions! I'll see your changes tomorrow and put them in production :)00:11
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SotKpedroalvarez: you're welcome :)09:42
* SotK wonders why `/json/builders/Integration/builds/_all` only returns the first build and the last 14 builds...09:42
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* paulsherwood wonders why there's no gui at or
pedroalvarezI will configure apache so that this doesn't happen again13:57
pedroalvarezI guess the screen sessions died13:59
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paulsherwood0 15-10-04 01:28:25 [195/757/757] [TOTAL] Elapsed time 01:28:2514:31
paulsherwoodbuilding latest ci.morph (includes gnome system)14:31
paulsherwoodwith latest ybd (less racing)14:32
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pedroalvarezapologies for not doing this before15:46
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paulsherwoodgreat, thanks! :)15:49
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jjardonHi, is the baserock ciat ui code available somewhere?17:49
jjardonand what is the morphology that is actually being built there?17:51
paulsherwoodcurrently genivi baseline17:52
paulsherwoodor genivi demo platform17:52
jjardonah, ok; where are the definitions of that?17:52
jjardonis there a link somewhere in the webpage? maybe I missed it17:53
paulsherwoodit's currently using a separate trove cu010-trove.codethink.com17:54
paulsherwoodi think the idea is to move its code over to gbo17:54
jjardonah, mmm, ok; and what is actually being build there? I was expecting a link to the system and strata/chunks17:56
jjardonok, what is tlsa.morph ?18:01
paulsherwoodi assume it's a cluster created by tlsa :/18:03
* paulsherwood can't find what it's pointint to18:07
paulsherwoodwe could probably override that :)18:08
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