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KinnisonIn cluster morphologies, can I refer to environment variables when defining values?10:45
Kinnisone.g. can I say INSTALL_FILES: $INSTALL_FILES some/manifest/always/wanted10:45
pedroalvarezHmm.. I think morph will use your environment without specifying anything in the cluster morphology10:46
pedroalvarezI don't know about ybd10:47
richard_mawKinnison: no10:47
richard_mawvariables aren't expanded like that10:47
Kinnisonbah too10:47
richard_mawwhat do you need it for?10:48
* Kinnison was thinking that it could be a good way to inject additional content into arbitrary deployments (e.g. for adding ssh keys for test deployments) without having to change cluster files or write scripting to read current values out for augmentation/replacement10:49
KinnisonIf INSTALL_FILES reacted to INSTALL_FILES_* in the environment then I suppose that'd be just as good10:49
Kinnisonthen I could add INSTALL_FILES_TESTING manifests10:49
* Kinnison ponders10:50
Kinnisonthe latter would be a fairly easy addition10:51
* Kinnison may write a patch10:51
* richard_maw is annoyed that yaml only has a way to merge data into mappings, rather than sequences and scalars10:52
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paulsherwoodi may be misunderstanding, but isn't ansible the weapon of choice for what you've described, Kinnison? i thought it allowed config etc13:30
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: pre-deployment configuration?!13:31
* Kinnison thought ansible was post-deployment configuration and orchestration13:31
pedroalvarezIt might be possible to use it for pre-deployment configuration too, but we are not doing that at the moment13:32
rjekMy impression of Ansible is that it expects a working booted system to work with13:32
pedroalvarezIt can work with a chroot13:32
richard_mawpedroalvarez: of a compatible achitecture presumably13:32
pedroalvarezyes, that's why I didn't continue researching into it13:33
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Walkerdine_I think that there might be a problem with the sata drivers on baserock for the jetson20:05
paulsherwoodi think we've been ok for SSDs so far - not sure we've attached actual disks though20:48
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Walkerdine_paulsherwood: I've had a problem only with baserock installed21:07
Walkerdine_Tested with 2 different jetsons and 2 different SSDs21:08
Walkerdine_Attached with USB works fine though21:08
Walkerdine_and more than one version of baserock21:09
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paulsherwoodsounds like you must be right :/21:25
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Walkerdine_Unless I'm missing something22:14
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radiofreeyou're probably missing something23:16
radiofreebaserock doesn't have any "sata drivers" installed, it's all in the kernel23:16
radiofreeare you powering the ssd device? does anything show up in /dev?23:20
radiofree/dev/sda should be there23:21
paulsherwoodradiofree: fwiw i'm trying 5 ybd workers on 5 scaleway machines, as a dumb distbuild network - all pushing to*23:56
paulsherwoodwill be interesting to see how it compares timewise23:56

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