IRC logs for #baserock for Wednesday, 2015-09-09

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Walkerdineradiofree: nothing shows up the link fails00:58
WalkerdineI updated the firmware on my ssd and now its working01:49
WalkerdineSo nevermind false alarm01:50
WalkerdineWhich means I gotta update my other SSD as well01:57
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WalkerdineJust kidding it worked once now it wont work again05:28
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: are you around?08:44
pedroalvarezI am08:44
paulsherwoodyou presence was requested in the genivi bit meeting this morning - did you get the email?08:45
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: an email telling me that I should attend? hm.. no08:45
paulsherwoodafaict it was sent to you yesterday 11:41 by stephen lawrence08:48
pedroalvarezfound it, received yesterday 19:4108:57
pedroalvarezI missed it, because I'm bad at filtering :/08:57
paulsherwoodnot to worry08:59
paulsherwoodin other news, my 'distbuild' network of 5 scaleway machines did the armv7hf systems in ci.morph in 11:10:2809:19
paulsherwoodversus a single machine 21:40:5909:20
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Kinnison5 way parallelism and you only got a 100% speedup09:28
jmacsi/o or memory bound, I expect09:33
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paulsherwoodi think it's also that there are only 2 systems to build, and most of the components are in both, so less room for the herd to spread out13:37
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WalkerdineNow I'm finally building an image for real this time23:48
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