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pedroalvarezgood, looks like all the CPAN components have been lorried successfully :)11:30
pedroalvarezpdar: Hi! can you confirm that we don't need this change anymore?
pedroalvarezI believe that the file that the patch is adding, is already there:
pdarhmm, i dont remember, I'll look closer11:49
pdarA ybd question: Is there anything special I need to know about using ybd to deploy things?11:50
pedroalvarezpdar: I don't thinkg so. Just run `ybd <cluster definition>`11:52
paulsher1oodpdar: well, some deployments don't quite work11:54
paulsher1oodthere'll need to be some debugging on aws for example. some extensions need btrfs enabled in the kernel11:55
paulsher1oodalso note that stratum-splitting is not currently supported so artifacts may be bigger (in some cases significantly bigger) than morph artifacts11:56
pdarpedroalvarez: it seems to be just a formatting difference in 671. so I'll abandon it, yep12:07
pedroalvarezcool :)12:07
pedroalvarezpdar: thanks!12:07
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pdarpaulsher1ood: yep, I'm trying on aws. I am missing btrfs in the kernel. Thanks!12:14
paulsher1oodso modprobe btrfs12:14
paulsher1oodbut then there'll be something else, i'm sure12:15
* pdar will find out after some dinner12:18
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tlsaanyone seen this before: ?14:03
tlsaseems to be unable to find the writeexts extensions14:03
richard_mawtlsa: old version of morph which doesn't set the python module search path so extensions can load modules from in definitions.git14:04
paulsher1oodwhich version of morph?14:04
tlsabaserock-15.34  <-- the version with that14:05
tlsaso only a couple of weeks old, I guess14:06
SotKthat should be able to load the modules from definitions.git then :/14:06
tlsai'll try updating morph to latest14:07
SotKwhat ref of definitions are you using?14:07
richard_mawhmm, there were some features that depended on the definitions version14:08
SotKvery strange14:09
tiagogomes_what is the status of ostree-staging branch in gerrit ( SotK do all those patches still apply?14:10
* tiagogomes_ doesn't know where to start to review them14:12
richard_mawtlsa: what's the value of "type" in the thing you are deploying?14:14
tlsarichard_maw: 'openstack'14:14
* tlsa weeps14:15
tlsaafter updating morph to the latest version14:15
richard_mawtlsa: it should be extensions/openstack14:15
tlsa2015-09-07 14:14:21 [Build 1/114] [stage1-binutils] Running build-commands14:15
tlsaoh, ok14:16
tlsarelease-test* scripts have bitrotted then14:16
SotKtiagogomes_: They have major issues that I don't have time to solve right now14:17
* tlsa tries reverting morph upgrade14:17
tlsarichard_maw: thanks, it get past that now, with the old morph, so I don't need to rebuild everything \o/14:20
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pdarhiya, am having trouble deploying with ybd. I got the following outputs:
pdarcan anyone with wiser eyes help with this pleases?15:16
KinnisonSo it's erroring out with ENOENT, presumably trying to install extlinux15:16
Kinnisonyou should see if your host has an extlinux package and install that15:16
Kinnison(it's a bug that deploy uses the host extlinux)15:17
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pdarthanks Kinnison, will look at this15:22
richard_mawKinnison: aye, but to fix it we need to either produce a completely isolated extlinux sysroot, or we define a host-tools chroot system and mechanism for deploys to decide to use that rather than the host's tools15:26
Kinnisonrichard_maw: oh I know, it'll be a pain to fix15:26
rjekArticle on Debian's reproducable build project:
tlsahow do you gather up the output of cliapp's runcmd into a log?15:51
KinnisonYou can tell runcmd to store into a variable IIRC15:51
rjekfoo | tee flange15:51
rjekRuns foo, prints output to terminal and saves otput to a file called flange15:51
tlsarjek: ah, this is in python15:52
Kinnisontlsa: I think runcmd returns the stdout15:52
SotKtlsa: I believe you can pass `stdout=some_file_object` if you don't want to wait for runcmd to return too15:53
tlsaand is there a file object for the target that print() goes to?15:54
richard_mawif it's a cliapp application, potentially you'd want self.output instead15:55
tlsaah, ok15:55
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paulsher1oodradiofree: i'd like to try building the gdp on Scaleway16:48
paulsher1oodcan you remind me of the fu to do swap? 2GB probably istn't enough for qt i reckon16:49
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: attach a volume16:49
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: mkswap the volume16:49
Kinnisonswapon the volume16:49
paulsher1ooddoes it have to be a volume dedicated only for swap?16:50
Kinnisonpaulsher1ood: e.g. if your swap volume is /dev/nbd2 then you'd do mkswap /dev/nbd2 && swapon /dev/nbd216:50
paulsher1oodie can i use some of my /src?16:50
KinnisonYou need a partition16:50
Kinnisonyou *can* swap onto a loopback but it's error-prone16:50
paulsher1oodcan i add a partition to existing volume ?16:51
KinnisonOnly if it has nothing else on it16:51
Kinnisonand I don't know if NBDs can have partitions16:51
persiaNBDs can have partitions, but you have to have set them up before you mounted anything (e.g. with kpartx)16:52
* paulsher1ood notes that a single instance of ybd took 21 hours to build weston-system and genvii-baseline, s othis will not be quick16:53
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radiofreepaulsher1ood: it's on the baserock list17:11
radiofreeSwap in baserock I think17:11
paulsher1ood /msg NickServ SETPASS paulsherwood kciynvzrmrfx kciynvzrmrfx17:48
paulsher1oodffs :)17:48
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jjardonHi, does baserock systems store the kernel .config somewhere?18:31
radiofreejjardon: /proc/config.gz ?18:35
radiofreeif you're talking about what is used to build it, take a look at the morph file18:36
radiofreee.g bsp-jetson/linux-jetson-tk1.morph18:36
radiofreeso that's tegra_defconfig +- all the things listed afterwards18:37
radiofreehowever, that might not match the .config exactly (e.g enabling DRM enables all sorts of other things), so if you want the exact config look at /proc/config.gz on the device18:37
jjardonradiofree: no, I want to know in the target, thanks18:38
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