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tiagogomesclicking on refs on the mason doesn't work. Is this a known problem?09:41
nowsterIt looks like newest systemd wants lzo around.09:58
richard_mawnewest newest, or latest we've got on
richard_mawwe need to update the lorry since they moved the repository to github09:59
nowsterLatest in definitions10:01
nowstercompiling now...10:02
pedroalvareztiagogomes: we have configured Mason to use the internal IP of as Trove so that we could stop using internet on them and detect reproducibility problems like this one:
nowsterAlso newer autoconf (and autoconf generated ./configure files) need "file" around to work out what binary format MIPS is using.10:03
nowsterHence, to get some of "core" to compile, I needed to move "file" into "core" and add a few build-deps.10:04
tiagogomespedroalvarez instead of doing that, why not adding a rule to drop outbound traffic if the destination IP address is not the *public* trove IP address. It is not good to have links in the public mason instance containing private IP addresses10:26
pedroalvarezthat would be a good idea, although I didn't set this up, so maybe I'm missing something10:29
pedroalvarezAll the rules are here:
pedroalvarezAlso, the configuration of mason is here:
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nowsterHmm... not lzo. It probably needs xz, which is in "core".10:48
nowsterxz is another one that needs 'file' as a build-dep (on MIPS)12:15
* nowster finds a few more chunks in "core" that haven't had shared libraries built12:25
nowster./configure tries to compile a test program, uses "file" to work out what binformat is in use, and if that fails disables building shared libraries12:32
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edcragghi, i'm slightly confused by this error 'ERROR: Deployment failed as 43f302e8cd9b088fad87ae7149c54c6197772e321e4b76caa4fabfb5d6a6d3eb.system.devel-system-x86_64-generic-rootfs is not present in the artifact cache.'13:34
edcraggit happens when i rebased some definitions i was working on onto master, forcing me to rebuild13:34
edcraggdo all built systems have to also be present in the cache?13:34
SotKif you weren't trying to deploy an x86_64 devel system that looks weird13:35
edcraggit's referring to the local cache, too i guess13:35
edcraggit was originally built with a slightly older version of morph13:36
edcraggwhy does it look weird, SotK?13:36
SotKbecause the error suggests it is trying to deploy an x86_64 devel system13:37
edcraggi was trying to deploy an x86 devel system13:37
edcraggi guess that's not usually done, i was just using it as a test system to deploy13:38
edcraggi think my initial confusion over the error message was my brain associating 'cache' with 'cache server', in which case, silly question!13:41
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pedroalvarezThere has been a change in morph that changes almost all (if not all) the cache keys of definitions.git13:43
edcraggpedroalvarez: yes i suspected that was the case, thanks13:44
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tiagogomes_random thought, I wonder whether the list of configuration extensions to run would fit better in the deployment cluster rather than in the system .morph17:02
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paulsherwoodinteresting idea21:45
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