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nowsterWho'd a thunk that "attr" (and current autoconf) needs "file" around when compiling on MIPS?13:06
* tiagogomes doesn't understand this comment on morphlib/ . When ldconfig runs, there is already a stage 3 ldconfig installed13:30
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richard_mawtiagogomes: we used to ldconfig after unpacking all the chunks before a build, rather than just before making the system artifact13:34
richard_mawas such the comment is no longer relevant13:34
tiagogomesah ok, but looking at the code, that's not  the case anymore13:34
richard_mawyep, it appears to only be used when constructing system artifacts13:35
richard_mawah, no, I'm wrong13:35
richard_mawit's called in buildcommand too13:35
richard_mawbut only in staging builds, so the comment about using the wrong one isn't correct for a different reason13:36
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tiagogomeshi, I've made some commits that I believe improve debugging failed builds with morph:
* richard_maw is pleased tiagogomes updated test-shell.c16:35
tiagogomesit would break the tests if I didn't :)16:45
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richard_mawtiagogomes: reviewed17:00
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