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richard_mawtiagogomes_: it would definitely make more sense than in the system, they are defined in the systems for legacy reasons07:38
richard_mawtiagogomes_: though I'd prefer if they were defined in the chunks and aggregated as well, since if you include a component, you probably want to configure it07:39
tiagogomes_on the chunks, maybe it would make more sense to inline them in a `deployment-commands` section, instead of referring to a list of configuration extensions to run07:56
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richard_mawwell, yes and no08:08
richard_mawfor simple stuff deployment commands would be the right level08:08
richard_mawbut if it gets interesting, you want a way to share the code08:08
richard_mawand it would also imply the need for them all to be shell scripts08:09
richard_mawunless we decide to write them out to a file and exec them08:09
tiagogomes_if they are really chunk-only deployment commands, no sharing will be needed08:16
richard_mawah I misunderstood, I thought you wanted `deployment-commands` in the clusters08:19
tiagogomes_I am talking about the case where some chunk needs to have information from the cluster env variables to be able to configure itself. For example, a web service that needs to know which port to listen to08:19
richard_mawtiagogomes_: do you anticipate it needing these values at build time, or just deployment time?08:19
tiagogomes_at deploy time, because the user may want to tweak them08:20
richard_mawgood, I'd be nervy of the desire to specify build-time variables08:20
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paulsherwoodare there any gerrit admin wizards here?08:53
paulsherwoodi'm wondering if the baserock contrib documentation is generally applicable08:54
paulsherwoodin particular the commit-msg hook thing - is that always required with gerrit etc?08:55
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paulsherwood(i appreciate this is slightly off-topic, i'm trying to help AGL)08:55
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: ^^ ?08:55
SotKpaulsherwood: it is always required I believe08:56
paulsherwoodok thanks08:57
richard_mawit's not strictly necessary, as there is a way to push without it… but you don't want to do that, as when you need to send a follow-up patch, you need to specify all the replacement commits manually08:58
edcraggi thought the one used in baserock was a fairly standard hook09:09
edcraggyou can add commit IDs manually, surely09:09
SotKI'd guess so09:09
richard_mawthat is also an option09:09
edcraggwhen i first looked at the contributing page i was confused by the section on submitting to definitions (system branches etc), but it seems that this isn't really necessary09:19
edcraggunless i'm missing something09:21
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JudeHi all, I have a question that i need help with. " Is there a specific baserock definition for building  i.MX6 boards' kernel files into SDKs or can one use the same definitions used to build on other boards like Rcar H2 ? "12:28
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richard_mawI guess that question's for me, since I wrote the SDK stuff12:40
richard_mawlet me reload some context12:41
Judeokay, thanks richard_maw12:42
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richard_mawok, unless you're messing with the userland significantly (which isn't usually kernel work), you can re-use the existing sdk stuff by replacing the "systems/devel-system-armv7lhf-highbank.morph" in clusters/sdk-example-cluster.morph with the system definition for the board you want12:44
richard_mawJude: however, our SDK work was more focused on handling userland applications development, so I'm not sure whether ""SDK"" as defined by your question asker matches up with our definition12:45
richard_mawthere's a *lot* of assumed definition of SDK in that question, which doesn't necessarily hold for other contexts12:46
Judethanks for your answer richard_maw. I will get more info from the asker.13:01
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paulsherwoodrichard_maw: highbank? wouldn't wandboard be better?14:13
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richard_mawpaulsherwood: probably, or a Jetson one, we've just not had cause to change it since situations changed.14:19
paulsherwoodwandboard is imx6, is all :)14:25
Juderichard_maw: in that case, does this still stand "replacing the 'systems/devel-system-armv7lhf-highbank.morph" in clusters/sdk-example-cluster.morph'  or do i need to change highbank to wandboard?14:29
paulsherwoodJude: if you are actually doing this work, it would perhaps be better to create new definitions (specifically bsp, system and cluster) named to suit the board you are targeting14:39
paulsherwood(and base those on the information from the existing examples as a start point)14:39
Judepaulsherwood: We are not doing this work. The asker wanted me to find out for him, how to go about this. Thanks for your clarification, i will pass this one to him. :)14:41
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