IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2015-04-26

jjardonrjek: it fails in libgpg-error, so it builds up to foundation for now00:23
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jjardonFixed, I guess the only remaining thing is to update some problematic chunks00:44
jjardonThats was easier than expected :)
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radiofreejjardon: awesome!07:30
radiofreejjardon: is the branch pushed? I can test it on arm07:31
jjardonnot, yet, I built locally because 5.1 was not lorried yet. I will clean the branches and send for review when I come back from the match09:09
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rjekjjardon: \o/09:48
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KinnisonMy concern with gcc 5.1 is only wrt. our marginal platforms such as MIPS09:52
KinnisonIf we're confident that it'll work well for those platforms then awesome work09:53
rjekI'm told that lots of the fixes for "modern" MIPS systems are in later GCCs, so it may reduce the faff.10:07
persiaIndeed: lots of fixes for non-x86 seem to be landing in 5.x, with few backports to 4.x10:08
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