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jjardonif anyone is around, can you take a look to this to lorry gcc 5.1?
jjardonthanks! unfortunately it fails to build in stage2-gcc:18:42
jjardonIn file included from ../../gcc/c/c-lang.c:22:0:18:42
jjardon../../gcc/system.h:201:19: fatal error: string: No such file or directory18:42
jjardoncompilation terminated.18:42
jjardonFixed that, lets see whats next!19:16
pedroalvarezjjardon: I'd like to know if we can remove the GMP workaround:19:52
pedroalvarezI can check that once you have a branch for the upgrade ;)19:53
pedroalvarezIIRC this workaround breaks cross-bootstrap, if the new version doesn't need it, then the upgrade will make me happy19:55
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jjardonmmm, compiling gcc (pass 3) complaind because makeinfo is missing (its trying to compile the docs of gmp, not sure why yet)21:57
rjekjjardon: GCC 5.1?22:25
rjekPlease make this work, it is within my interest :)22:25

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