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ssam2seems login on is broken again07:04
ssam2I get 'OpenID failure: provider_error: return_to '' not under realm 'https://*'. ' from StackOverflow OpenID, and a 500 error from openid.baserock.org07:05
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ssam2i've reported the login problem to branchable07:22
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perrylhi, i'm currently running baserock in a chroot, and it seems to have filled up my filesystem; looking at where the chroot is mounted, there's about 9 directories corresponding to my chroot and i'm not sure if i am able to delete any of them07:58
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pedroalvarezssam2: good morning08:12
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ssam2perryl: I've noticed weirdness with how schroot manages baserock chroots, but I don't know enough about how schroot works to give you much useful advice08:14
ssam2perryl: the actual data lives in /opt/baserock/chroots/08:14
ssam2you can do `manage-baserock list` and then `manage-baserock rm` any chroots you don't need any more08:15
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perrylthat and exiting/reentering my chroot seems to have solved the issue, ta!08:31
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ssam2I've tried to collate everything useful that I can think of to do with upgrades and maintenance in one page on the wiki:
ssam2i also simplified the content regarding upgrades in 'quick-start' and 'devel-with' to avoid duplication09:29
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jjardonHi! If someone have some Free time, it would be great if you can take a look at
pedroalvarezthe topic sounds scary10:19
rjekIRC channel logger is watching you Baserock, pedroalvarez.10:20
pedroalvarez-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-10:21
pedroalvarezjjardon: they look great10:25
rjekI can see nothing wrong with them, but is scared of the +1 button in general.10:25
pedroalvarezrjek: you can always make comments without +1 ing10:27
* rjek nods10:28
radiofreejjardon: can you push your 5.1 branch somewhere? i'd like to leave it building on a jetson tonight10:28
radiofreealso maybe someone can try it on MIPS?10:34
jjardonSure, it will be ready soon10:36
pedroalvarezand aarch6410:36
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pedroalvarezI probably will be able to test it on ppc6410:37
jjardonI got this warning ehrn pulling a repo: "[] WARNING: Unable to rename cgitrc into place: No such file or directory" Is this something we should be worry about?10:39
richard_mawer, probably. I've seen a similar message when disk space was critically low, but I don't recall ever seeing ENOENT10:44
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petefothI was looking at ('Set up an EdgeRouter Pro as a Baserock MIPS development machine') and wondering whether the text after the 'The following information may be outdated.' line can be removed now11:09
mauricemoss_nowster, depending on if the kernel/bsp will be integrated into the image, this can be removed. I think it doesn't apply anymore.11:26
petefothI could rephrase the question. Is any of it actually wrtong or misleading, or is it something that is 'useful historical background'? I just belive the phrase 'may be outdatedf' is not v. helpful :)11:27
mauricemoss_nowster, you may also want to point to your github kernel repo with the two additional patches?11:28
nowstermauricemoss_: indeed yes11:28
mauricemoss_The references to Cpython and binutils should not be removed, as they are not upstreamed yet.11:30
nowstermauricemoss_: four patches now!11:32
pedroalvarezLooks like is not performing really well11:36
* pedroalvarez is investigating11:36
pedroalvarezI can't even log in11:39
pedroalvarezI assume that the people might be having problems pulling and pushing11:40
pedroalvarezlorry controller also looks stuck:
pedroalvarezoh, I managed to log in finally11:41
jjardonpedroalvarez: I had11:41
jjardon(it took a long time to push a branch in gcc before)11:41
ssam2could be IO usage. might be worth cloning iotop from source and running it11:45
ssam2since we don't have iotop in baserock, but it looks useful for debugging this sort of issue11:45
pedroalvareznetwork looks ok11:46
* pedroalvarez goes with iotop11:46
pedroalvareznothing seems to be hammering the IO11:49
* pedroalvarez stops for lunch11:49
radiofreeis it ok for me to push a branch called baserock/mesa-10.5.4-jetson (for mesa) and baserock/drm-$version-jetson (for drm)?12:04
radiofreethese will be in the repos for mesa and drm12:04
richard_mawwe don't have gerrit on those, and we've trusted you in the past to push such branches, so +212:04
radiofreehmm, is patching in the chunk acceptable? the only thing i need for drm
radiofreeor is it always better to have a branch for this?12:05
radiofreei suppose if you do it in the chunk the sha1 won't actually point to the thing you've built12:06
radiofreebad idea, will branch12:06
richard_mawFrom a reproducibilty perspective, I'm ok with manually applying a patch in pre-configure-commands12:06
radiofreehmm, ok, i might do that then, means we can continue to use upstream drm12:08
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jonathanmawhi guys, I've just sent a branch to gerrit to fix systemd user sessions. It comes in 2 commits, the first one "Fix linux-pam" is unfortunately rather large, but most of that is inlining pam config into post-install-commands12:38
* jonathanmaw looks to see if there are any open patches he can help with12:39
richard_mawjonathanmaw: quick reviews are aided by posting a link to the patch you want people to review12:41
jonathanmawrichard_maw: noted, but I'm not pressured by enough immediacy that I want to distract people from important stuff12:42
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pedroalvarezhm.. looks like git.b.o doesn't have IO problems, I tested ` dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/tmp/testfile bs=1G count=1` with  a result of 267.5MB/s12:58
pedroalvarezis that ok to say that IO is ok?12:58
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: well it means bulk IO is good13:01
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: it doesn't tell you anything about the performance when you issue many smaller IOps13:01
bjdooksyou might want to try something like bonnie13:01
* pedroalvarez googles13:02
radiofreehi, i'm trying to do in a chunk13:07
radiofreebut it's failing with
radiofreeit seems to be getting as far as /a and then giving up with sh: syntax error: unterminated quoted string13:08
radiofreehowever if i do sh -c 'sed -i "/NOUVEAU_GEM_DOMAIN_MAPPABLE  (1 << 3)/a #define NOUVEAU_GEM_DO13:08
radiofreeMAIN_COHERENT  (1 << 4)" include/drm/nouveau_drm.h' it works13:08
radiofree(manually, in the failed build directory)13:08
radiofreeand obviously not multi-line13:08
Kinnisonradiofree: probably YAML eating everything after the # as a comment13:09
Kinnisonradiofree: because it doesn't honour shell quoting13:09
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ssam2if that's true, you can do something like13:10
ssam2  - |13:10
radiofreeworked if got rid of the space between /a and #13:10
Kinnisonyamls tokenisation is "odd"13:11
jonathanmaware there any repos which use git-fat I can use to test how the get-repo handles them?13:12
rjekKinnison: What we need to do is come up with a new data structure language.  One to rule them all.13:13
ssam2jonathanmaw: good thinking, but I don't think we use that feature at all on git.baserock.org13:13
Kinnisonrjek: Oh Gods no13:13
petefothrjek: will it be a 'standard'?
jonathanmawssam2: hrm, get-repo has code for it, but it looks like we have no way of testing whether it's correct or works well.13:14
jonathanmawgiven that "Add a test for `morph get-repo`" don't test git-fat behaviour, either.13:15
jjardonIve built a more complete system before submit the GCC 5.1 patches (the weston-system-x86_64-generic):
jjardonpatches here:
jjardonradiofree: ^13:17
radiofreehmm i can't use tabs in my yaml, even after - | ?13:20
ssam2jonathanmaw: you could set up a repo on our internal ct-mcr-1 trove, add a binary to it, and then test13:21
ssam2i'm pretty confident that it'd work, given the code used is the same as in `morph edit`, which works with git-fat13:22
ssam2but i am by no way certain, so I appreciate you testing :)13:23
radiofreei changed the tabs to "\t\t" and now i get +ttif (bo->flags & NOUVEAU_BO_COHERENT)13:23
radiofreeit just inserts a t13:23
Kinnisondouble the backslash perhaps13:24
Kinnisonquoting for funsies13:24
* jonathanmaw notes that none of morph actually has tests that it's supporting git-fat correctly.13:24
pedroalvarezHm... so is 23.4MB/s bad IO?13:24
* jonathanmaw dives into git-fat13:24
radiofreedouble backslash ends up with +\t\tif (bo->flags & NOUVEAU_BO_COHERENT).. heh13:25
* rjek suddenly recalls the nightmare of Expect, tcl, sh, and sed all at the same time. The escaping becomes... convoluted.13:26
KinnisonAfter the joys of writing makefiles which write makefiles via shell which contain quoted shell commands, I no longer fear quoting13:31
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ratmice__hmm, slow url it seems, but one of the most ridiculous cases of escaping i've ever seen13:50
rjekEscaping like a boss: LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS//\$ORIGIN/\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\$\$\\\$\$\\\\\\\$\$\\\$\$\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\$\$\\\$\$\\\\\\\$\$\\\$\$ORIGIN}"13:54
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richard_mawrjek: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh14:18
richard_mawI remember that one coming up in the libreoffice refactoring, as part of porting it to a saner build-system14:26
tiagogomes_huh!? 2015-04-27 14:32:39 [systems/openstack-system-x86_64.morph][release]Renaming networkd file from systemd chunk:                             /src/tmp/deployments/tmp4flA1s/tmpr35wqs/etc/systemd/network/ to /src/tmp/deployments/tmp4flA1s/tmpr35wqs/etc/systemd/network/
tiagogomes_/tmp/tmpEs2zDq: line 57: : Permission denied14:35
tiagogomes_is this related to the systemd upgrade/14:38
jjardontiagogomes_: that looks like a bug in the simple-network extension. What version of morph are you using?14:39
tlsawhat the artifacts field for, in the system morphology?  the minimal system has them for each stratum, but the build system does not14:44
jjardontiagogomes_: are you using NETWORK_CONFIG in your cluster file? what it contains?14:45
radiofreeif i do "name: mesa@vm" in the stratum, does the morph file have to be "mesa@vm" as well?14:46
radiofreeor can it use one called "mesa"14:46
Kinnisonradiofree: I dislike '@' in names14:47
Kinnisonradiofree: please avoid characters which might need special escaping in various circumstances14:47
radiofreei dislike it as well, but it's what was decided on a while ago (e.g u-boot@jetson)14:47
KinnisonOh dear14:48
KinnisonWell what scheme does that follow for the .morph naming?14:48
tiagogomes_jjardon, I am not using network_config14:48
radiofreehowever i can understand that, because you want to use different configure commands there14:49
radiofreein this case mesa and mesa@vm can use identical morph files14:49
Kinnisonexcept for name:14:50
tlsa <-- does not mention artifacts in the example system14:50
radiofreewas the @foo introduced because of morph edit?14:50
jjardontiagogomes_: simple-network in your system then?14:50
SotK_radiofree: I think so14:50
SotK_or more because we don't want duplicate names14:50
Kinnisontlsa: That is a massively incomplete document with at least one known lie in it14:50
Kinnisontlsa: But noone has had time to update/fix it14:50
radiofreeif i call it mesa@vm and then use mesa.morph for the morph file i guess i'll run across that "name doesn't match" bug14:51
tlsawell does anyone know why the minimal system specifies artifacts for each statum?14:51
radiofreeduplicate the morph file it is then14:51
Kinnisontlsa: Because it's selecting only specific products from the build14:52
Kinnisontlsa: to produce a minimal system14:52
tiagogomes_jjardon, it is14:52
tlsaoh, ok14:52
SotK_tlsa: strata are split into multiple artifacts just like chunks are14:52
SotK_normally they are all included, but the minimal system only wants some of them14:53
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jjardontiagogomes_: just realized /tmp/tmpEs2zDq is not the same directory as /src/tmp/deployments/tmp4flA1s/tmpr35wqs/etc/systemd/network/ . Can you add a log file in the end of the execution of morphlib/exts/simple-network.configure to check if its other extension the one is failing?15:00
rdalehas anyone had problems with not being installed in /etc. glibc.morph has a command to install it, but it isn't ending up in my final image15:01
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radiofreerdale: i haven't come across any problems, though i haven't built master in a while15:05
rjekDo I remember rightly that we have a CPAN importer like we do gem importer?  Or am I delusional?15:07
* rjek supposes both could be true.15:07
KinnisonI know we have a 'build-system' which understands Makefile.PL15:08
* rjek is planning to look into how much work SpamAssassin will be at some point soon.15:09
rjek(As well as ClamAV and an exim4-daemon-heavy-like thing.)15:09
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tlsawhy's busybox in build-essential?  If you want to have busybox, you need gcc, etc?15:16
KinnisonIt's there because it provides a bunch of utilities generally needed for building stuff15:16
Kinnisone.g. cp, cat, mv, rm etc15:16
tlsabut if you want to make a system that has busybox, but not gcc, make, etc, what do you do?15:17
KinnisonYou build build-essential15:17
Kinnisonand then use the artifact splitting rules15:17
Kinnisona'la minimal-system15:17
tlsawhere are the splitting rules defined?15:18
KinnisonThat is a very good question15:18
Kinnisonthere are some default rules built into morph15:18
Kinnisonthen there are rules in the chunk morphologies15:18
Kinnisonand then there are rules in the strata15:18
tlsaah, build-essential.morph has a products section15:19
tlsaso it looks like there is already a way to do what I want :)15:20
jjardonpedroalvarez: are you ok with the new patch in ?15:21
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pedroalvarezjjardon: veto removed15:23
rdaleah, i've found out why i don't have /etc/ in my minimal system. it is because it used to be part of fhs-dirs, but i moved it to glibc instead, and glibc isn't part of the build-essential-minimal products15:25
richard_mawrdale: some of glibc's artifacts are, if is in an artifact that isn't included, this should be fixed15:25
rdalei'm not sure that i fully understand the artifact splitting rules15:27
richard_mawThe design is unintuitive. There's some built-in rules to match the names of chunk artifacts, you can explicitly assign a chunk artifact to a stratum artifact, and you can define your own name matching rules.15:30
* richard_maw wishes he had time to go back and re-do how it worked to allow split rules to be in a different file or something15:30
pdarIm using a bserock openstack in onenode. When generating an instance the15:31
pdareth0 ip doesnt get set15:31
pdar has anyone seen this?15:31
richard_mawpdar: by instance do you mean a booted VM or something else?15:32
rdalerichard_maw: build-essential-minimal only has glib-nss, and i would have thought it needs a lot more than that, over and above the missing
pdarrichard_maw: booted vm15:32
richard_mawpdar: what kind of virtual machine are you running?15:33
richard_mawrdale: what leads you to say that?15:34
rdaledoesn't it need the glibc libraries, even for a minimal system15:34
pdarI have a bserock openstack on baremetal and Im dpeloying a baserock image to the openstack and booting that15:34
richard_mawrdale: I mean what leads you to say that it's only including glibc-nss?15:35
* radiofree -1's jjardon's CI patch15:36
richard_mawrdale: has some extra assignments15:36
richard_mawglibc-libs should be being included in the build-essential-minimal artifact15:36
richard_maw(I'm aware that glibc-nss appears to be assigned twice, I need to find time to resolve that confusion)15:37
rdaleah ok, i didn't spot that15:37
tlsais the cloudinit-support stratum needed for systems that can do cloud-init, or is it just needed to be able to deploy systems that can do cloud init?15:37
straycatjonathanmaw, does look okay to you now?15:40
jjardonradiofree: thanks for the review, patch updated15:40
richard_mawtlsa: I think it needs to be included in systems that can do cloud-init15:40
jonathanmawyep, looks fine to me. will +1 on gerritt15:41
tlsarichard_maw: ok, thanks15:42
tlsahmm, cloud-init build depends on build-seesntial, python-core, python-common, and foundation.  Is there any way to determine what its runtime deps are?15:43
richard_mawyou're probably best off including all its build-depends as runtime depends15:43
tlsathat's quite a lot15:44
Kinnisoncloud-init is a non-trivial integration tool, it likely runtime-depends on an awful lot of stuff15:44
tlsamaybe I can do without cloud init15:44
Kinnisonyou only want cloud-init if your systems are to be instantiated in fleets in OpenStack or similar cloud infrastructures15:44
tlsaok, so, looking at the build-system-x86_64, it has both strata/bsp-x86_64-generic.morph and strata/bsp-x86_both-tools.morph (lines 15 and 41)15:51
tlsabut those stratum seem to have 2 of the same chunks:15:52
richard_mawboth-tools doesn't have a kernel15:52
tlsanasm even has the same ref15:52
richard_mawit doesn't need bsp-x86_both-tools15:53
tlsaeither that or strata/bsp-x86_64-generic.morph can have 2 chunks removed?15:53
* tlsa does not know what was intended there15:54
* richard_maw neither15:54
richard_mawthe usual approach is to have a bsp stratum which includes the kernel and bootloader15:54
richard_mawand only depend on one of those in the system15:55
jjardonrelated to this conversation:
richard_mawboth-tools exists because we need the bootloader in our chroots if we want to deploy a system15:55
richard_mawit's a bit of a mess15:56
richard_mawjjardon: no15:56
* radiofree thinks a "use latest morph" script would be nice15:57
richard_mawjjardon: we have different config enabled for x86_64 and x86_32, so even if we're using the same refs, we still need the strata to have different morphologies15:57
jjardonrichard_maw: AFAIK, no when I made the patches15:57
Kinnisonssam2: Did you ever get a reply from branchable about openid?15:57
jjardonlet me recheck now15:58
radiofree"2015-04-27 16:00:21 Warning! `strata/x-common/util-keysyms.morph' referenced in `strata/x-common.morph' does not exist"16:00
radiofreejjardon: ^16:00
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radiofreewhat should i do there, remove util-keysyms from x-common?16:03
radiofreeyour patch moves util-keysysms to x-common while also deleting the util-keysyms chunk16:04
jjardonradiofree: yeah, patch coming16:05
ssam2Kinnison: not yet, no16:06
jjardonradiofree: thanks, we should thanks straycat to add that warning in morph!16:08
radiofreeyep! thanks straycat!16:08
* radiofree begins the great fetchening16:09
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radiofreeis ok?16:15
radiofree`ssh whoami` seems to be hanging16:15
pedroalvarezI've been trying today to figure out what is going on with g.b.o16:16
pedroalvarez(without rebooting it)16:16
jjardonrichard_maw: yeah, they are exactly the same16:18
richard_mawjjardon: doffm_ has a patch that for some very sensible reasons only needs to add the config to x86_6416:18
* richard_maw thought it had already been merged, since he clicked the submit button days ago16:19
radiofreepedroalvarez: is ssh working for you?16:20
pedroalvarezradiofree: nope16:20
pedroalvarezis not even working from console (ssh localhost)16:21
pedroalvarezit just hangs16:21
pedroalvarezthe journal has some "systemd-journald.service stop sigabort timed out. Terminating" messages16:22
pedroalvarezover and over again16:23
jjardonrichard_maw: reading , seems it would not be a problem to add that config to x86_32 (only 3 lines); I think its worth taking in account all the duplication we save16:23
richard_mawjjardon: then we differ in opinion16:25
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radiofreepedroalvarez: it was working for me before, i pushed a couple of things16:27
radiofreedoesn't seem to be responding at all now though16:27
pedroalvarezanyone against a reboot?16:27
pedroalvarezI'd prefer to identify the problem though16:28
radiofreeoh well i got ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host pretty quickly that time16:28
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pedroalvarezew, other systems on the same cloud have similar problems16:32
radiofreepedroalvarez: i'm not against rebooting it if it solves the problem, but i don't have the authority to +1 that decision16:32
pedroalvarezyeah I was asking for -1's though16:32
ssam2open a ticket at DataCentred as well, in case it's something they aren't aware of16:33
radiofreeoh bugger, new mesa depends on mako16:33
jjardonradiofree: yeah its in openstack-services16:33
jjardonstart to think where we should put it :)16:34
jjardon(and mako depends on python-setuptools to build, that its in python-core)16:34
radiofreei'm sure mesa-common ends up depending on python-common somewhere...16:34
jjardonradiofree: python-common should be renamed, everything there looks very cloud related (I can be wrong)16:35
radiofreei don't particularly want to build-depend on python-common for mesa anyway16:35
radiofreejust for mako16:35
radiofreeand obviously i don't want to depend on openstack-common for mesa...16:36
pedroalvarezssam2: will do16:36
jjardonradiofree: this should be enough for now:
radiofreejjardon: i want to get these patches merged at some point...16:37
jjardonId put mako in pytyhon-core16:37
radiofreebut mesa only wants mako from there16:37
radiofreei'll apply your patch for now though, since it'll be enough to test mesa/mesa-vm16:37
jjardonmesa want mako, and mako want python-setuptools that its in python-core anyway16:38
jjardonI think its only a build dependency though, so no need to change the system morphologies16:38
radiofreewhy do i need x-common?16:39
jjardonradiofree: sorry, thats part of my testing here: ignore that16:39
radiofreeok, thanks for the patch, i see you came across the same problem then16:40
jjardonradiofree: I think this is the best approach for a final patch:
radiofreeand remove from openstack?16:41
jjardonradiofree: ups, yes, of course16:42
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* pedroalvarez sends a couple of patches for pxeboot.write
*** bashrc has quit IRC17:00
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richard_mawpedroalvarez: reviewing17:07
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: ta, the second patch might not be good enough though17:08
pedroalvarezhm.. gerrit is also going slow17:09
* richard_maw ponders extending simple-network.configure to be able to generate network config for the kernel command line17:13
rdalei noticed that simple-network.configure is systemd specific, and yet it is included with systems that have busybox-init17:16
richard_mawrdale: it is *not* systemd specific17:19
richard_mawrdale: it also provides /etc/network/interfaces config17:19
rdaleah ok17:19
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straycatrjek, the import tool doesn't support cpan right now18:21
rjekstraycat: Boo! :)18:24

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